Frequent sweet drinks are easy to fail

On a hot summer, a glass of ice sweet beverages are a good way for many people to quench their thirst.However, a large number of previous studies have found that sweet beverages are related to various heart metabolic diseases.Recents

Drink sugar -containing drinks to endanger heart health

The study was included in the British biological sample library incorporated into nearly 210,000 adults with unintentional baselines. During the follow -up of 9.9 years, 4,328 people had heart failure.

Multi -factor analysis shows that during the medium follow -up 9.9 years, compared with people who do not drink corresponding drinks, the risk of drinking more than 2 liters of sugary drinks or artificial sweetener drinks per week increased by 22%.And people who drink more than 1 liter of pure vegetable juice a week, the risk of heart failure is reduced by 10%.In addition, the intake of pure vegetable juice and sleep duration have obvious interaction in risk of heart failure.

Professor Frank, professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard University, analyzed a number of studies of sugary drinks and found that if you drink 1-2 cups of sugary drinks every day, it will increase the risk of type 2 diabetes by 26%, increase 35%non -fatal myocardial muscleThe risk of infarction or sudden death increases the risk of stroke by 16%.According to data tracking of the third Nutrition Health Survey data in the United States, 14.6 years show that the risk of cardiovascular death for those who consume the most sugary beverages is twice that of the lowest.

An article published in "Cycle" states that the toxic effect of sugar "fatal" can lead to metabolic syndrome -the liver converts sugar into fat, raised triglycerides, causing insulin resistance, which leads to metabolic syndrome, and also leads to metabolic syndrome.Raise blood pressure and increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke.Artificial sweetener drinks are not safe

It should be noted that drinking artificial sweetener drinks is also a risk factor for heart failure.Therefore, artificial sweeteners may not be a safe alternative to sugar.

High -sugar diet is harmful to health, alternatives -artificial sweeteners such as sugar, sweetin, Asba Sweet, Anspelli, and trichlorotonose.Super -processed foods, such as sweet beverages, snacks and instant foods or dairy products, all contain artificial sweeteners.

A forward -looking study of "British Medical Journal" for 100,000 French adults shows that artificial sweeteners in food and beverages (especially asbaba sweet, acetylsulfonal potassium, and trichlorite) risk cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events riskIncrease 9%.And as the amount of consumption increases, the risk of cardiovascular events will increase.Therefore, researchers believe that artificial sweeteners may be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, and should not be regarded as a healthy and safe alternative to sugar.

Not long ago, the World Health Organization also pointed out in a statement that the systemic assessment of existing evidence showed that "the use of sweeteners has no long -term help to reduce fat in adults or children."In addition, the evaluation results show that long -term use of artificial sweeteners may have potential adverse effects, including increasing risk of dystrophy, cardiovascular disease, and even increase risk of death.Use boiled water, tea, etc. to replace sweet drinks is healthier

At present, the World Health Organization has been recommended. For children and adults, it is strongly recommended that free sugar (free sugar defined by the World Health Organization refers to the single double sugar added to the food, as well as honey, syrup, syrup, and honey, syrup,The intake of natural sugar in the juice is controlled within 10%of the total energy intake; when there is conditions, it can further control the intake of free sugar to less than 5%of the total energy intake.

The American Heart Association issued scientific suggestions that children should ban drinking low -calorie sweet drinks.

In addition, a study of Harvard University shows that diabetic patients often drink sugar -containing beverages significantly increased premature death and cardiovascular disease risk.Drinking coffee, tea, low -fat milk and boiled water can reduce the risk of premature death.Studies have shown that among patients with type 2 diabetes who often drink sugar -containing beverages, the incidence and mortality of cardiovascular diseases are high.Drinking more sugary drinks a day will increase the total cause of mortality by 8%.

On the contrary, those patients with diabetes such as coffee, tea, low -fat milk and/or boiled water have decreased due to mortality, cardiovascular disease and mortality.If you use a coffee instead of sugary drinks every day, you can reduce the risk of death by 18%, and 20%of the risk of cardiovascular death;; Bai boiled water, all due to the risk of death and cardiovascular death by 16%and 20%, respectively; on behalf of low -fat milk, the risk of death and cardiovascular death was reduced by 12%and 19%, respectively.Therefore, drinking less sugar drinks for health.Reprinted, please indicate the source health Times WeChat public account. The cover picture of this article and the picture in the text comes from the copyright gallery reporter || Yan Sheng edit || Yan Hongbo

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