From 12 weeks to 34 weeks of pregnancy, the mother of 3 twins recorded the entire process of belly changes, which triggered the resonance of Baoma

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Many women have liked to record their physical changes since pregnancy, or they are in their physical condition every day.Such a record is not only conducive to pregnant mothers to observe their health every day, but also make their entire pregnancy more meaningful, and the experience of being a mother will be more profound.

Today, let’s take a look at a record of a trigger’s mother from 12 to 34 weeks of pregnancy. In the process, she recorded the entire process of belly changes.I believe that many pregnant mothers can find resonance.

The mother is from Denmark, named Maria, and she also attracted a lot of women’s attention on the Internet because of her record.Because we can see from the photos he recorded, her belly is bigger.

But unlike other ordinary pregnant women, her belly will be much larger, especially in the end, she even needs to support the surroundings with her hands to stand up.

Because this mother was not a child, but a trigger.And Maria was not the first time to get pregnant. Before that, she had a very cute son.And when Maria heard that one of the three children she doubted was a girl, she became more excited and happy.

However, such happiness and happiness did not allow her to reduce her pain during pregnancy.Because her belly was getting bigger day by day, in the later period, her belly even began to be covered with blood, and she seemed to be cracking at any time.

However, not only that, after Maria was finished, she found that her belly was as big as during pregnancy, not only very large but also drooping.This not only made her very sad, but also made her very worried about her health.

Fortunately, her husband continued to comfort her and gave her a lot of encouragement, so that Maria slowly recovered her belly through her own efforts.After being sent to the Internet, it caused a lot of resonance with the mother’s mothers, because women are really not easy to get pregnant. This kind of body is already the lightest change.

In fact, it is not only the trilogy mother in life. I believe that many women will happen after giving birth.After production, the meat on the belly has not decreased, and the whole belly has a drooping phenomenon.

1. Use the beam belt in time

If a woman wants to recover as soon as possible after giving birth to a child, they should use the belly belt in time.Because this can not only prevent the skin of the abdomen, but also allow maternal cesarean women to avoid wounds to bring side effects to their bodies in the later stage.

2. Persist in proper exercise

Appropriate exercise after giving birth can promote the consumption of female body fat, thereby achieving the purpose of lean belly.Many women may only rest in bed during confinement and do not get out of bed.

In fact, this method is also unscientific, because after giving birth, it is necessary to adhere to proper exercise. Only by combining labor and rest can restore the body faster.However, it should be noted that you must not be excessive or excessive when doing exercise, which will bring a greater burden on the body.

3. Adhere to a scientific diet

In addition to exercise, scientific diet is also very important.Women do not replenish nutrition after giving birth to children, but to match vegetarian vegetarianism and try to focus on light.Because only this fat is not easy to advance, the body can better recover every part of each part.

After the birth of a child, the fat on the belly will increase.But as long as you insist on the scientific way to restore your body after giving birth, I believe that the meat on the belly of women will slowly disappear and make their own figure become slim again.

So what has your belly like after pregnancy?Welcome to leave a comment in the comment area!(Com with the figures derived from the Internet, invading and deleting)

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