From articles, pregnancy to happy dreams

The heavens of warm Xiaoda

Leader Lin Luyun said, "I want to strike today."

I returned: "The team leader wrote hundreds of words of strike."

The team leader came with a very classic words: "Your article is already pregnant, and the students are out of birth. I have not yet."

I laughed: "The good image described."

Writing an article is indeed the same as pregnancy. You must have it in your stomach to say a 123. Each article is a small "life" that he has bred itself.

Teacher Taozi gave birth to a twin, and Chenchen also had twins; the seventh seven -seven three differences published an article. Qing Xu updated the public account article every day, and I was brewing an article every week.

This article is really the same as having the same work as the baby to have a baby.

Think about it, and happy to think of what wakes up from the dream in the morning.

In the dream, Xiong held his hand in a mountain to play with the mountains. The scenery was extremely beautiful. When he was tired, his shoes were broken, so he rest on the side of the road.

I said, "What should I do? The shoes can’t go away."

Xiong Da patted his chest and said, "Don’t worry, have me."

After speaking, I stretched out my hand and pulled me into my arms. In a blink of an eye, we walked in the air in the air. There was a sense of dizziness in the plane.

Xiong Da could fly, and even the fear that even thoroughly reduced the height, he secretly looked at the feet from the arms of the bear’s fluffy … so high!But it’s really beautiful, all of which are beautiful, I can’t help but enjoy it.

There was a whisper in the ear in the high altitude. I looked up at the warm and powerful embrace of the bear, full of security.Look at the beautiful scenery at the bottom of your eyes, and can’t help giggling happily.

Maybe it’s too loudly, waking up from the dream.

I opened my eyes and looked around, and it turned out to be on the bed. It turned out that I had just had a happy dream. The happy and real flowing was flowing in my heart, and the dream began to extend to reality.

Is this dreaming into reality?

Strange, when I was sleeping last night, I was obviously depressed. How did I have such a happy dream?

This is a problem -free problem. The most important thing is that now I think of that dream. I still can’t stop being happy, I can’t stop joy.

Have you ever done dreams that make you remember?Or happy or strange, or romantic or sad, or horrible or lingering or childish, welcome to talk to me.

I am Nuan Nuan Xiaozhi, a writing enthusiast who wrote my heart with my heart, grateful to meet together.

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