Fruits that are not eaten by IVF mothers

Introduction: The diet of expectant mothers must pay attention to the diet after transplantation of embryos. The same is true for eating fruits. There are some things. Pregnant mothers are best not to eat.Next, I will tell you eight kinds of fruits that cannot be eaten. I hope you all look at your wife for their wives:


One: Pregnant women eat hawthorn can shrink the uterus, which will cause pregnant women to abortion.

Two: Especially female comrades with a history of abortion, do not eat hawthorn when you are pregnant again.This is most likely to cause miscarriage.

Three: Although pregnant women like to eat sour things during pregnancy, they must not eat hawthorn. They can be replaced with other fruits, such as: sour cherry, apple, pomegranate.


One: Apricot is recorded in the Compendium of Materia Medica. Apricot has the function of slippery tires, so pregnant women cannot eat.

Two: Apricot is a thermal substance, it is easy to get angry.

Three: Apricot eating more can also cause hemorrhoids, causing stomach problems.So pregnant women cannot eat.


One: Guiyuan is a thermal fruit, which is easy to get angry. After eating, it will increase fetal fever.

Two: Guiyuan is a wounded, causing abdominal pain. When women are pregnant, they cannot be eaten.


One: Pregnant women who are allergic to pineapple cannot be eaten.Eating too much is easy to get angry.This will cause fetal heat.

Two: Pregnant women with stomach problems and intestinal diseases cannot eat pineapple, which will cause ulcers and fever and eczema during pregnancy.


One: Although durian is known as the king of fruits, the nutritional value is very high, but pregnant people cannot eat. Pregnant women eat durian can cause blood sugar to rise, which is not good for pregnant women.

Two: Eating durian is easy to constipation.

Three: Durian is the best thing for treating cold bodies, but pregnant women will gradually heat the body, increase fetal heat, and affect the normal development of the child.


One: The reason why pregnant women cannot eat peaches is because eating peaches will aggravate the heat of the body, which will cause fetal movement.

Two: Taozi can easily form constipation symptoms when eating too much.

Three: Taozi eating more will increase the stomach and intestines, cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, and the nutrition in the stomach in this way will be lost without saying, and it will also make the pregnant woman feel uncomfortable.


One: Plum is sticky substance. It is easy to hurt the stomach and rot his teeth.

Two: Li Zi will cause allergies to allergic constitutions, so pregnant women cannot eat


One: Papaya is also one of the fruits that are prone to abortion of pregnant women, especially green papaya.

Two: The body is a cold pregnant woman, and diarrhea will cause diarrhea after eating.

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