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"Dear pregnant mommy"

Congratulations on you 25 weeks pregnant

25 weeks of fetal fetal development

Mother’s article


Under normal circumstances, the mother has increased by about 6.4kg.The fetus weighs 570g, which is 70 grams heavier last week.

Diet advice:

1. At this time, mothers can eat more brain -healthy foods such as walnuts, sesame seeds, peanuts, and provide sufficient nutrition for fetal brain development.

2. Food variety should emphasize diversification, staple food (rice, noodles) 350-400 grams, about 50 grams of miscellaneous grains (millet, corn, beans, etc.), 50 grams of eggs, 220-250 ml of milk, 100-animal food 100-150 grams, 50 grams of animal liver 2-3 times a week, 400-500 grams of vegetables (2/3 of green leafy vegetables), often consumption of bacteria and algae foods, 100-200 grams of fruits, 25-40 grams of vegetable oil.

Nutrition element supplement: dietary fiber

The importance of dietary fiber: As long as the pregnant mother takes a sufficient amount of dietary fiber every day, so that they can play the maximum function in the body and help maintain the cleanliness of the body, so as to prevent the following diseases and make the mother healthier.The health of pregnant mothers is the best environment for breeding fetuses.

Lack of dietary fiber hazards: The food that pregnant mothers eat every day will produce waste or toxins that cannot be absorbed after a series of digestive process.

1. The intestinal pressure is increased, and diverticulum disease occurs.

2. Extraction of cholesterol and blood sugar concentration in blood.

3. Increase the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

How to supplement dietary fiber: Through six categories of food, you can find the traces of dietary fiber, but the difference in content is very large.Vegetables and fruits have the most content in dietary fiber, and there are many other bean products and nuts. It is recommended that it can be eaten in appropriate amount daily.

Mom change:

Mom may feel a little tired now. Due to the increase in my (fetus), the abdomen is getting heavier and the back pain is even more obvious.In addition, as the abdomen continues to increase, at this time, there will be some dark red stretch marks on the stomach and breasts, and the pregnancy spots on the face are also obvious.Sometimes I feel that my eyes are dry, astringent, and afraid of light. These are normal phenomena, don’t worry too much.

Fetal article:

my growth

Fetal changes:

1. Mom, my (fetus) weight is increasing steadily, there are about 570 grams, the skin is thin and has a lot of wrinkles, almost no subcutaneous fat, the whole body is covered with a thin layer of fluff, it looks like a little old man, it looks like a little old man, But the proportion of the body has been referred to.The surprise was the taste buds on my mother (fetus) tongue. Do you know?I also like to like sweets.

2. Mom me (fetus) is more agile than your imagination.Now you can easily grab your feet, and you can keep it.I opened my eyes for the first time now, but except for gray in my mother’s belly, nothing can be seen.If my mother uses a flashlight to look at her belly, I will respond to the light.


Dad’s responsibility:

As the weight increases, the mother must be more reluctant to exercise.At this time, dad can do the role of supervision and sparring.Mothering proper exercise can control both weight, but also improve resistance, improve pregnancy discomfort, and is more conducive to supplying oxygen to fetuses.After getting up in the morning, after dinner, accompany her mother to chat outside and walk while walking. It is a very good thing for the mother and child.


Dream of pregnancy: The dream of pregnant mothers may be stronger now.Pregnant women’s dreams are usually more vivid than ordinary dreams.According to Freud’s theory, dreams are a manifestation of subconsciousness, not foreseeing the future.


1. Preventing diabetes during pregnancy, do not be too nervous for pregnant women who have already appeared in urine and sugar. Under the guidance of a doctor, you should properly control your diet or medication and strengthen the monitoring of the fetus. Under modern medical conditions, pregnant women with diabetes can also give birth.A healthy baby.

2. The condition of changes in the condition of hypertension of pregnancy may be quite fast. Even in the late pregnancy arrangement in the late pregnancy, the expectant mothers still have to pay attention to it. Once the above symptoms may be significantly weight gain and edema worsening, they will be medical treatment immediately, severe weight and treatment, severe weight and treatmentPatients are usually hospitalized.In fact, childbirth is the only way that can truly terminate the continuous deterioration of pregnancy and hypertension. Therefore, sometimes based on the health status of pregnant women itself, it has to let premature babies be born early.

Other precautions at 25 weeks of pregnancy:

Snoring: Do pregnant women affect fetal development?This is a problem that many pregnant mothers care about.Even if you never snoring before, snoring will start after pregnancy, especially in the second half of pregnancy, the more and more powerful nasal blockage is the main reason.If the pregnant mother snores seriously, they should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.

Examination during pregnancy:

1. At 25-28 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to do hepatitis B antigen, syphilis serum test and German measles examination.

2. The abdomen of pregnant mothers has increased significantly and is inconvenient to move.The mental tension or anxiety before traveling can easily cause adverse effects on pregnancy, and it is also in danger of premature birth.Unless you have to do it, it is better not to travel now.

3. 20 weeks, 24 weeks, 28 weeks, 30 weeks, 32 weeks, 34 weeks, 36 weeks, 37 weeks, 38 weeks, 39 weeks, and 40 weeks of each production inspection once, the content is a routine production examination.

4. When you do glucose screening at 24-28 weeks, the doctor may take one more blood to check if you are anemia.In pregnancy, your blood capacity surge, and the total number of red blood cells will be diluted -this phenomenon is sometimes called physiological anemia, which is a very common symptom in the middle and late pregnancy.If the blood test shows that you have anemia, the doctor is likely to recommend an iron supplement for you.

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