Girlfriend is pregnant, the guy wants to get married before graduating from the senior year, but his father

With the arrival of the graduation season, college students are about to enter a new stage of life, but graduate Xiaobin has fallen into a problem …

Hello everyone, I am Xiao Bin, this year, my girlfriend and I have been dating for three years. Everyone in my family knows that I like her very much. We have hardly quarreled. I have a good temper, but she has a good temper and gentle.We are getting married.Recently, I discussed with her that they would not be married in the senior year, and I could add the second class credits, because my university did not voluntarily do much and the credits were not enough, so I could not graduate.I just want to get a marriage certificate before graduation.My girlfriend found that she was pregnant at the end of April. It happened that May 27th was the third anniversary of our together, and we wanted to get a certificate in May.

So, we told the parents of both parties. As a result, my dad was very angry and said that I was young and not good at it. He wanted me to take care of my career first. I have arranged for me to study abroad after graduation.Home.My girlfriend’s house is not bad. I said before that I would take her to dinner at home. My dad said that he was busy and had no time. Then I couldn’t help it.

You can get married, but you wo n’t pay a penny at home, and you do n’t have to pay for the money. Do n’t want to take away the property at home. All your brothers!

Because I was a single -parent family, now this brother was born of my dad and stepmother.My stepmother has no right to speak, and I listen to my dad.

I was angry when I heard it, and ran away from home.

At that time, I should have been out of the house for a month. After that day, my dad broke all my living expenses, and my girlfriend kept crying after knowing it. I was still pregnant now. I don’t know what to do.Now it is really incapable.So, I talked to my roommate, and my roommate talked a few words along I.I am also emotional, and I transferred the words of my roommate to my dad. The content is probably …

I think about it now, and I really didn’t have my mind at the time.Then my dad came and scolded me. I said at the time that I took this girl to see you. He said no and hung up the phone.

That night, my dad was so angry that he went to the hospital. He had hypertension before. I went to the hospital to see him, and he didn’t want to see me.Fortunately, I was discharged from the hospital for three days. The doctor said that during this time, my dad had to stabilize.

Unexpectedly, things would be so big, I am very painful now. I want to shout and ask everyone, is I doing it wrong?But I really like this girlfriend. After she knows that my dad is hospitalized, she also tells me that our affairs can be slow. She is really good. I am thinking about how to convince my dad now.How should the way down?Marriage is definitely not a result now, but in the future, I still want to marry this girl.


My family knows that I am in love, and he has also met my parents, and my parents like him very much.My parents are in the field, and I still don’t know that his parents don’t agree.But I never knew he didn’t tell his family. Now it ’s mainly depends on him, I do n’t know how to deal with it …

Selected audience message

Enron Listening Tao: Your dad may care more about that you have not got married, and your girlfriend is pregnant.I think your father and son can sit down and communicate well, and communicate the tangled between the problem clearly.

Jiajia: Lady, in fact, your parents’ arrangements for you and your arrangements for you are not well coordinated.Many parents have a long -term planning for their children. Children may not know that everyone should communicate.

Little Sugar: I want to say a few words to the boy’s father. As a father of a single -parent family, in fact, many times I have also assumed the role of a part of the mother. In fact, I should talk to my son more, communicate more, and put my concerns and ideas.Worried about putting in the front, not to say that things have happened now, to blame the results.Furthermore, express your attitude.In fact, it is also a warning for us as a parent. We must say our own ideas.

Gary: Many parents do not know their children very much, so they generally choose to use their own way to treat their children. Maybe this father gets a certain status and wealth through his own efforts, so he thinks that the child can copy it to copyHis life, then this is also a manifestation of children.

As a child, you should talk to your father. Since you love that girl very much, and if you have your own ideas, then you stick to it, as long as you think this girl is worth it.If you go forward, your parents will understand you.

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