Girlfriend’s pregnancy is the beginning of downgrading consumption#This music has never disappointed me

The boyfriend did not let the pregnant girlfriend eat instant noodles every day. After breaking up, she suspected that she was too realistic.

Coco is pregnant, but her boyfriend moved her from a neat rental apartment to a dilapidated house. The cocoa with pregnancy did not find it. This was just the beginning of their consumption downgrade.Under the hands of the two, the old house quickly rejected the new machine. In order to make money as soon as possible, Xiao Fei started to return to takeaway early and returned to takeaway.

But the nervous bar and he seemed to be born with this industry. Either he was sprinkled with takeaway or was hit by a car.The embarrassment of life made Coco a little bit of self -care, but Xiao Fei was still optimistic.He rescued a fainted girl on the road. After running, he went to the doctor to pay for medical expenses. After a long time of time, he waited for the girl to wake up. Watching the life -saving girl girl was very grateful, but she was poor at all.Then, he gave himself a micro -business product to Xiao Fei, and greeted him to enter the industry as a micro -business together.

When he heard that he had never been in the industry, Xiao Fei suddenly forgot about the lesson of health products. He agreed to return home with a box of women’s supplies, and was determined to start a business as a boss.Coco’s women’s supplies who looked at a box of three -proof products instantly understood that Xiao Fei was a fooled again, but she did not want to fight the enthusiasm of her boyfriend’s entrepreneurial entrepreneurship, followed by the stall on the overpass, and a few nights passed.When you go out, you ca n’t make money. They can only eat instant noodles.

The instant noodles with a seasoning flavor with a pregnancy -induced flavor quietly shed tears.Xiao Fei did not realize how outrageous he was letting his pregnant girlfriend eat instant noodles. He had no heart and said that he had realized the desire to eat instant noodles every day in advance.

Seeing that she couldn’t help her boyfriend, she could only be self -reliant. She found the work of the nightclub waiter, and it was very hard to send water to the water.Xiao Fei still carried a box of bosses who became rich overnight, but the urban management was not cocoa, so he was not used to the magnificent ambitions of his eyes and low hands.

Xiao Fei had to pay a fine to make a call to find cocoa support. Five hundred yuan was the salary that Coco had just got, and she wanted to add nutritious living expenses to the child in the belly.However, it was so gone. She couldn’t help laughing at the greasy instant noodles. Perhaps in Xiao Fei’s eyes, she and her child were worthy of this bowl of instant noodles.

Pregnancy makes Coco’s body softer, and you can also keep a dust -free color standing under the strange light light.When a guest saw her, she took the initiative to send her home, thinking that it could save the expenses of Coco but did not refuse.But this scene was watched by Xiao Fei, and she felt that her girlfriend was on a strange man’s car to slap herself.

When I got home, he quarreled with cocoa and accused her for pseudo -gold.

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