Girl’s abdominal pain was diagnosed with "stone girl". The parents collapsed and regretted. What is the difference between Shi Nu and ordinary people?

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Women are called semi -heaven, women’s role in society cannot be replaced, and women assume the role of breeding human offspring.

Women also play a role in regulating men’s psychological state, because after men and women get married, two people can complain with each other and relieve stress.

Women, like men, are often troubled by disease. Some diseases are caused by incorrect living habits, but some diseases are congenital problems, which are more difficult to solve.

A girl often had abdominal pain after 20 years of age. She had not been in menstruation for a long time. The parents were very strange. As a result, she found that she was a stone girl when she was checked in the hospital.

Shi Nu means that women’s reproductive organs such as uterine development are abnormal and cannot complete the fertility process.According to the records of traditional Chinese medicine, the stone girl is divided into 5 types, which are normal in other aspects, that is, the development of reproductive organs such as uterus is abnormal and cannot be sexual life.

1. Sail, this kind of female vaginal development is abnormal, and the vagina is like a barrel with a blessing line. It does not go straight and lacks elasticity.Essence

2. Tattoos, this woman is also an abnormal vaginal, and the vaginal gap is particularly small, like a thin line, and the male penis cannot be inserted, so it cannot complete sexual life and fertility.

3. Drums, this kind of woman’s vagina is in the state of locking, that is, the hymen is particularly thick and very tough. Just like the drum skin, it cannot be destroyed at all, the sexual intercourse cannot be completed, so it cannot be given birth.

4. Horn, this kind of woman’s clitoris is particularly long, just like men’s penis, that is, with penis and vagina.Although this kind of woman also has organs such as uterus and vagina, it is often not possible to secrete eggs normally, and various malformations appear in the vagina, so sexual intercourse cannot be performed.

5. Pulse, such women do not have a uterus, or the uterus is not fully developed, so it cannot be sexual intercourse and naturally cannot be given birth.

Moreover, some uterus does not have a complete development of menstruation, and it is often irresistible, and the medicine is not cured, and the leucorrhea is abnormal.

Women with abnormal development of reproductive organs are not only unable to give birth, but also often have symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

Because their arteries and veins are normally transporting blood to the uterus every month, these blood cannot be discharged from the body along the vagina through the uterus.

Except for using surgery, there are no other ways to help these women solve problems.

1. Amenorrhea, many women will be amenorrhea, and stone women are polymanent. For example, women with hymen -locking vagina are difficult to cure. Unless surgery is used to open the hymen, expand vagina, or rebuild the uterus.

2. Blood deficiency, only if the blood in the body is sufficient can there be sufficient blood to discharge into the uterus, and then complete the menstrual process.

Some women are weak and are either overwork or insufficient nutrition or suffering from certain diseases to cause physical ischemia. As a result, menstruation or even amenorrhea cannot be performed because of blood deficiency.Traditional Chinese medicine for nourishing qi nourishing blood is needed.

3. Blood stasis, because the body is cold and other reasons, the blood cannot be discharged, then it will cause no blood in the uterus to use menstrual bleeding. At this time, the drug that needs to be used to promote blood circulation can be usedCan have menstruation.

4. Qi deficiency, blood running requires gas promotion. If qi deficiency, blood operation is weak, it cannot reach the uterine site, and it is amenorrhea.

At this time, you need to replenish qi, such as Chinese medicine soup medicine or Chinese medicine containing ingredients such as astragalus and yam.

5. Qi stagnation, if the stagnation of gas can not promote blood operation, it will also lead to amenorrhea. At this time, it is necessary to use drugs with relief liver and qi to promote blood circulation, such as Chaihu Shupi liver pills and Shu liver regulating gas pills.

Women often have stagnation of liver qi due to depression, which leads to qi stagnation and blood stasis.

Eating less cold foods, often eating cold foods will cause blood circulation to slow down. After a long time, it will affect menstruation, symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, and even affect fertility.

Therefore, cold foods usually do not eat ice cream during menstruation, do not drink cold drinks, and do not eat cold dishes.

Keeping a comfortable mood, women often feel depressed and cause heart and spleen. If even liver qi depression, if the heart, liver and spleen function abnormal, it will affect the blood circulation.

Because the main blood, spleen blood, and liver hiding blood, we must always keep your mood comfortable and avoid depression and irritability, so that menstruation can be normal.

Increasing diet nutrition, when the nutrition is less than a hundred, the qi and blood deficiency will occur. Therefore, it is necessary to increase diet nutrition and eat more blood supplement drugs, such as the liver of animals.

Do not have a miscarriage. Some women do not take protection measures during sexual life. As a result, they become pregnant without moving.

Repeated abortion will cause the uterine wall to become thinner, abnormal uterine function, and even have to remove the uterus due to the problem of uterine perforation. As a result, menstruation cannot be available.

The body is your own, and your body can avoid some uncomfortable symptoms and even endanger life safety.

As a woman, pay special attention to this problem, usually arrange diet scientifically, strengthen rest, and do not frequently live in husband and wife.

If there are some congenital diseases, it is necessary to receive modern scientific treatment in time, the operation is surgery, and the medicine should be taken.

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