Girls should pay attention to SPA | What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

Pregnant women can do SPA. SPA is a common beauty and health method, which is conducive to improving the body’s resistance. Pregnant women can whiten the skin and replenish skin moisture, but pregnant women avoid skin allergies.

SPA’s toner may cause skin allergies on the face, which will affect the fetal development and specific precautions.After pregnancy, the skin is more sensitive than usual, so be careful to do face pulling, kneading and other actions. Pregnant mothers should remember to tell the beauticians to move.But do n’t do it well. Pregnant moms want to keep the skin moisturizing. They can usually eat more fruits and vegetables. These foods are very helpful to keep the skin hydrating.

If you feel dry when you sleep at night, you can add a humidifier at home, which will improve.It is also possible to appropriately apply some emulsion for pregnant women.A small amount of skin care products can be used during pregnancy, and the ingredients should be simple.It is recommended that pregnant women use skin care products for pregnant women.When the selection of essential oil products, when pregnant women are doing SPA, they need to choose essential oils under the guidance of professionals to avoid affecting fetal growth.

Do not drink alcoholic drinks 3 hours before SPA.There are many movements that massage in the abdomen during the SPA, and avoid meals within an hour and a half.

However, drinking plenty of water before and after SPA can promote blood circulation. Drinking plenty of water can promote acceleration of metabolism and help detoxification.However, it is not suitable for any type of SPA. You can inform the hydroterist’s own physical condition in advance. If you have heart disease, hypertension, skin allergies, etc., do not conceal it. The spa therapist will recommend the treatment for you.In addition, SPA is not recommended within 3 months of pregnancy and more than 7 months.

Doing SPA is not absolutely taboo for pregnant women.When doing SPA, pay attention to the pressure of water temperature and water column, avoid soaking in hot water that exceeds the body temperature for a long time, and avoid hitting the abdomen on the abdomen.If you care about whether you are "moving your fetal gas", it may be better not to do SPA, so as not to cause psychological burden.

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