Give money, why don’t you want to have children now?

Recently, we can often see the news. Somewhere has issued policies to give birth to two children how much money. Various preferential policies are to increase fertility.

Now, some companies have followed up. Today, I saw a news: Ctrip announced that it invested 1 billion to encourage employees to give birth, and each child sent 50,000.

But this 50,000 yuan is not for you at one time.

First of all, you have to work for 3 years, and second, you will reward you for 10,000 yuan a year, and you can finish it in five years.

Although, in theory, you can have a few children.

You can give birth to 10 in one breath, so that you can get 500,000 rewards for the company.

But the question is: ten children in the family, how much area of your house, how many meters to eat each month, and how many dishes do you buy?Ten children, don’t do anything, don’t sleep, hurry up and move bricks.

I have to say that the top 100 billion in front listened to it, but the 50,000 yuan of each child behind. For employees who were preparing to have children for pregnancy, this was a benefits.

But for couples who did not want to have children, this money was really not enough to change their minds and give birth to a child.

There may be this possibility to give birth to a child to reward 500,000.

Ctrip is just a microcosm. In fact, we look at the policies of various places. There are also this common problem.

Rewarding only for families who originally wanted to have children, for them, they can reduce the burden of losing. After all, compared with the time that a child consumes, compared with the energy consumed by a childEssence

But for those who have no willingness to have fertility, they can’t play a role in stimulating fertility at all.

Now that I am talking about this, I have seen that the major bloggers on the Internet have talked about why young people are unwilling to have children now, so I will talk about my opinion.

It is just a family say that if there are different opinions, or if you need to add, you can leave a message in the comment area, let’s discuss together.

First of all, let’s not talk about the cost of raising children first, first say one thing: get married.

Although it is now the 21st century, European and American countries are very popular with unmarried fertility. The two are men and women and friends. They are not married, but there can be three or four children, and some are still in junior high school.

I often watch the American Sports League. Many stars are like this. Some have broken up with their girlfriends. I have to pay a high amount of support for each month.

But we are China here. The overall society is still more traditional. Is there any such thing as unmarried?Few, if the couple accidentally accidentally had an accident, the spark of love collided, either be killed, or Fengzi married.

Most Chinese families are married before they get married.

Therefore, the number of marriage at the beginning of each year will also directly affect the fertility rate.

The peak of the number of first -married people in my country was located in 2013 and reached 23.8596 million.

However, since 2013, the number of first -married people has declined year after year. In 2021, the number of first -marriage people in my country was only 48.5%8 years ago, and the first time has fallen below 12 million.

This is reflected in the birth rate, and of course there will be problems.

What do you want to do?It is to get young people to get married, and the number of first -married people will be raised.

So, how can young people get married?

Let’s talk about houses, colorful gifts, hardware or something.

Because this is not the most important.

What is the most important thing?You must have one object first, no matter whether this object knows in your life, you two are in love.

I still arrange a blind date for you. The premise of your marriage must have one object.

Otherwise, can you marry the air?

Seeing this, smart friends can guess, I will suddenly turn to a turning point here to hold a blind date conference.

So today, I will be lazy again, and it has been a day.

But I’m sorry, today I am energetic, and my fingers are very silky when I hit the keyboard, so I am not lazy. Let ’s talk more today.

The premise of having a child is that you have to get married first.

The premise of marriage is that you have to have an object first.

So what is the premise of the object?

This is really hard to say. After all, Wang Ba looks at the right eye, maybe in the eyes of this person, you are useless, but in the eyes of another person, people treat you as a treasure.

That’s right, but why do young people seem to be willing to fall in love now?

there are many reasons.

Each single stand is a factor that affects everyone’s fall in love.

Like 996, the work pressure is too great, there is no private time.

Like what now has less salary and high consumption, one person has been able to make up for it. Two people always have to romantic romance?But poor, I can’t talk about love at all.

These others seem to have said.

Then let me talk about my own observation: female fist.

Note that this is a female fist, not feminism.

We certainly support feminism.

However, we must resolutely oppose the banner of feminism and shouting and killing. It can create the contradictions between men and women, tearing, and provoking the sexual confrontation.

Everyone has seen the recent news, the storm caused by the subway girl, and then Hangzhou Normal University, Beijing Vocational College of Political Science and Law, and Sichuan Metro Stealing sneak shot, the other party will sue.

There are no female fists in it, and they deliberately make gender tear, even hate.

Generally, young girls around the age of 20 and female college students are particularly easy to believe in this set of rhetoric and be brainwashed by such female boxing logic.

If you think about it, you are actually not looking at her in the library, but you are just a daze, but people say that you peep at her: the man below, really disgusting.

You are on the subway, you do n’t do anything. As long as your mobile phone is pulled out, you feel that you are sneak shots: dead perverts, really disgusting.

Many women’s fists, they actually hate only ordinary Chinese men. If you are a rich man, if you are a foreigner, they will immediately go up and post it.

But the question is: Where is so much money and so many rich and handsome?Most men are ordinary people.

Therefore, people don’t look at you at all, how can they fall in love, how can they get married, and even have children?

She even looked at her and felt disgusting. She had to go back to write a small composition to spray you to death. How can you build a happy family with her?

Therefore, female boxing, really want to crack down on, many female boxers, who shouted at her mouth, but they all have business in their hearts, but they just make money and eat traffic.

If, the dating stage is solved smoothly, you two are combined with each other, you are not female fists, and the other party is not a masculinity. You two are in love, you and we are finally married.

Well, the house and colorful ceremony have become the two mountains in front of you.

Regarding the house, I have gone back to the house, and there have been many real cases on the Internet. How many couples have talked for many years. Finally, I did not buy or get married. Cai Li talked about it.

If you bite your teeth and pay the down payment, you finally bought a set of your family, and the two parties of the gifts are very harmonious, and there is no embarrassment.

Okay, congratulations to you successfully.

When you get married, you can finally consider having a child.

Then you need to focus on two problems here: the cost of raising children and taking care of the child’s energy.

Raising a child, from childhood to large, dressing and eating, students’ diseases, all kinds of students, various media, in third -tier cities, this number is 485,000, second -tier cities double, first -tier cities double, 2 million.

This is just the most basic. If you buy a school district house, go to private school, study abroad, you will go to the sea.

This is just the most basic.

There are still there, how much is the pressure on employment now. If the child is not easy to find in the future, do you have to help arrange?

He needs to get married in the future, do you have to repeat your two mountains of your house and Caoli?

When you get married, your parents took out the hard -earned money for a lifetime and helped you, but the young people now, like our father, save money every month, just to save money for their children.Intersection

Two days ago, I sent my mother a pendant. It was not expensive and only thousands of dollars, but my mother felt that I would spend money. What was wrong with this money? I said that she could not be returned before she put it on, and also worn it.I like it especially.

This is the biggest difference between young people and parents.

In the future, can you help when the child needs you to help?

Is it painful to think about it?This is just a child. Now it is encouraged to have a second child. If you have two children, please take 2 more pains.

This is the cost of raising children, and money can be rudely measured with money.

But the next one, take care of the child’s energy, is not that simple.

Some people say that my child is born and can throw it to my parents to take care of it.

This is certainly possible. Many young and young are doing so now.

But if the child is old, after school, do you still let your grandparents come to tutor your homework?

It always needs parents to take responsibility. At this time, do you have so much time to control him?

You work at nine to five every day. It ’s okay to work, but it’ s okay, but if you are 996, you will have enough overtime every day. How can you have time to take care of your children?

So 996 is going to be taken out again.

Do you think 996 hurts only young people now?

No, it is the next generation.

Because 996, there is no time to fall in love, so I will always be alone. I do n’t have to think about it.

Even if it takes time to get married, because 996, men stay up late, sperm vitality has decreased, women are tired when they are tired, and they do n’t have any time to think about that. How can they have time to create the crystallization of love?

Okay, even if the crystallization is created, because 996, I am busy dying every day, and I do n’t have time to take care of the children at all. I simply never give birth.

Of course, there are many many problems without having a child, but sometimes I am thinking about the news when watching the news: What is the use of sending money?Tens of thousands of dollars are too small, and hundreds of thousands are not willing to send.

If we say that if we say that there are children in the family, both parents can enjoy before the child is 18 years old: go to work at 9 o’clock, leave work at four o’clock, and take three days a week.

Then you see, they still have no children.

There are many reasons why you do n’t want to have children, but you do n’t want to make articles on the money.

It could not solve the problem at all.

What do you say?

What other ideas, you can discuss in the comment area.

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