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Pregnant women can drink tibetan tea. The key is: the correct traditional Tibetan tea with excellent drinking quality.

Not all tea products are suitable for pregnant women. If you drink it randomly, it may affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses.The better experience in the world may not be the experience itself, but the experience of inheriting experience.

According to the experience of [Pinzang Tea House] for more than ten years, many pregnant women in tea cannot be drunk, except for the excellent quality of traditional Tibetan tea.Traditional Tibetan tea can be said to be the most inclusive tea. It can be consumed by the elderly, children, pregnant women, or patients. Daily drinking traditional Tibetan tea not only does not harm pregnant women’s bodies, but also can supplement nutritional elements for pregnant women and babies.In fact, for thousands of years, the ethnic group of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau has been inseparable from the traditional Tibetan tea in daily life. In his life, "no tea has no tea" in his life, and pregnant women are no exception.

Tibetan medicine believes that people living in the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau lack fresh vegetables, fruits, staple foods, lamb, and hypoxia … seriously threatened healthy survival and reproduction.Drinking traditional Tibetan tea helped them overcome the difficulties of all kinds of natural environment. They were almost "three times a day, one meal a day", "I would rather have no food for three days, no tea for a day", "No tea a day without tea"It is stagnant. There is no tea without tea for three days. "

In the "History of the Han Tibetan History" in 1454 (the author is Daruka Baba Sangbu, and the post -Tibetan Ye Ru people), the taste, color, and functions of each kind of tea are in detail.research.Among them, the role of "Tibetan tea" is recorded as follows: can treat saliva, madness, hemosis, gallbladder, magic disease; remove bile fever, calm and heat, be foolish, detoxifying … and even tea for other categoriesReverse research: A tea called "Zana Du" "drinks people with stomach problems and wind disease".

Historically, there are few traditional Tibetan tea with excellent quality.Play the ultimate role.Prior to 1960, the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau in history was long -term in the society of agriculture and animal husbandry, and the people of gem and nurses accounted for about 95%, and social power accounted for only about 1%.For people of different social classes such as Nunnu, the quality of tea they drink daily is very different. The wealthy and nobles are based on clear tea (high quality level), and the middle and lower classes are mainly blending milk (low quality level).In other words, the characteristics and effects and somatosensors of different levels of quality of tea are far from each other.

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It is worth noting that the modern crowd under the plateau, choosing and excellent traditional collected tea as daily tea, is a more reliable way to maintain tea.Because in modern times, the quality of traditional collection of tea has evolved greatly, just like the "epidemic prevention mask" in the early stages of the new crown.The consequences may be "cups".Therefore, the correct experience and more reliable cognition, the correct choice and drinking are more reliable experience.

The facts of the traditional Tibetan Tibetan tea from the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau have proved that drinking traditional Tibetan tea during pregnancy will not only produce side effects. Add an appropriate amount of brown sugar to the tea soup, and have a good effect on the mother of the mother.Modern medical discovery: Drinking traditional high -quality tibetan tea can effectively solve the condition that some pregnant women will have constipation and hemorrhoids.Due to the relatively decreased activity of pregnant women, gastrointestinal activity also slows down, and the feces will stay in the intestine for too long, and the water will be easily absorbed, causing the stool to be constipated and eventually develop into hemorrhoids.In order to give the fetus sufficient nutrition, the blood in the pelvic cavity of the pregnant woman will increase, and the uterus will gradually expand. In the process, the rectal anal vein will be compressedThe anal vein is likely to cause congestion, and it is easy to form hemorrhoids.

In addition, if pregnant women have a pregnancy reaction such as nausea and vomiting during their homes, work, and travel, they can relieve traditional high -quality tibetan tea through the correct drinking, safe and healthy.[Pin Tibetan Tea House] In the more than ten years of sharing experience, many pregnant women have a healthy "Tibetan tea baby". Welcome to verify.

High quality traditional collected tea is a typical high -altitude reproduction of full -plant tea, full -season tea, full fermented tea, old and young women and children, all -clock can be drinking all over the weather, and pregnant women.It is very different. It is essentially different from the low -altitude tea tree products, non -complete fermented tea products, and non -breeding tea tree products.It is warm and moist, and is a biological tea with a very physiological balance.However, in the past three decades, the ecological conditions and tree species of the raw materials tea source, the production system of the production process, the economic purpose of the production system capital, and the market demand of the consumer class at all levels have evolved.The characteristics and efficacy of Tibetan tea are evolving … So, [Pinzang Tea House] It is recommended that tea friends who have just come into contact with "Tibetan tea" mostly communicate with layers and experienced senior tea friends.The characteristics of cognitive traditional high -quality Tibetan tea will definitely have more and more real "interests" gains.More than ten years of experience tells us: the correct experience and comparison are more reliable cognition.

Historical facts have proved that "there is no tea one day, and there is no tea if there is no tea." This is the function of traditional tea in the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau.Its classic life history is really outstanding in the history of human tea. It is very suitable for the world where modern immunity is becoming more and more important.I am in [Tibetan Tibetan Tea House], for more than ten years, we have excelsted, excellent and best, concentrated on the traditional high -quality collected tea, and shared classic nourishment tea …


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The correct experience and more reliable cognition. To understand the more knowledge of "traditional high -quality collected tea", please pay attention to the relevant content of [Tibetan Tea House], and you can also add contact for further communication.


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