Graduates at the age of 24, from itching to rash, originally suffered from neurodermatitis

Neurotitis is a type of skin inflammation. The seizures are relatively sudden, and patients will feel more itchy, and it will become more itchy. It is more common in young people.


Neuroderocylitis is a skin disease with local severe itching.Patients are constantly scratching because they are unbearable.The skin of the affected area gradually thickened under the continuous scratching and showed moss -like lesions.

Not long ago, Mr. Zhang at the age of 24 came to me because of neurodermatitis.

Mr. Zhang, just graduated into the society, and had too much work pressure. After a period of time, he suddenly had a little itching around his neck.At that time, I didn’t care much about it. I thought it was a mosquito biting and did not pay attention. The itching was intensified, and the post -neck was found to have more rashes at the back of the neck. Then I went to the hospital for treatment.

Irregular medication causes dermatitis to recur.

A week later, Mr. Zhang’s itching sensation was significantly reduced.Since he was cured, he stopped the medicine on his own, and his daily life was irregular. He didn’t pay attention to his diet. As a result, he repeatedly posted dermatitis. At present, he stopped dermatitis and recurred.So come to me to see a doctor.Itching at night affects sleep. It can be seen that moss -like pimples appear in the neck, accompanied by scratches, and the pigment is mild.

The symptoms of Mr. Zhang were mainly manifested as: neck itching, many red rashes were found at the back neck, and were diagnosed with neurodermatitis.Itching every night affects sleep. It can be seen that the neck is moss -like pimples, accompanied by scratches, and the pigment is mild.

How to treat neurodermatitis?

The pressure of college students who just graduated is the main cause of neurodermatitis.The anger is unusual, the heart is restless, and the sudden changes in the living environment will make people’s condition worse and recur.In view of the current itching of Mr. Zhang, affecting sleep, repeated onset of the disease, and not healing, so I will use the Nedeon ointment for the outer land to give him the whole body, oral deedr, and treat it with Lianwei vitamin B.In addition, I also instructed Mr. Zhang to take the medicine on time and check again a week later.

In addition, if Mr. Zhang wants to recover as soon as possible for neurodermatitis. During the treatment process, you need to pay attention to restrict alcohol and spicy diet, avoid itchingEssence

After a week of retransmit, Mr. Zhang’s neuroditis improved significantly.He said that after taking the medicine for a week, his skin was no longer itchy.After the condition improved, I told him to continue taking medicine and review regularly.Four weeks later, Mr. Zhang went to the hospital again. His neurodermatitis was already good, and it had no effect on normal work and life.

Neurotitis is a chronic itching skin disease that changes to the main characteristics based on paroxysmal itching and moss -like skin.Emotional fluctuations, excessive mental tension, and anxiety are the good factor of neurodermatitis. They often occur on both sides of the neck, Xiang, elbow fossa, cricket nest, 骶 tail, wrist, ankle, and are also found on the back of the back, eyelids, eyelids, eyelids, Limbs and vulva.

The disease is a chronic disease, with a long course of disease and severe symptoms. It is easy to recur after cure. Pay attention to medical treatment in time. Do not repeat itching to prevent secondary folliculitis and lymphitis.Some patients are prone to anxiety and depression. They should do a good job of guidance of psychological emotions, do a good job of health education, solve the patient’s heart knot, and establish confidence in the treatment.

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