Grandpa dreamed of the reincarnation of his grandson is the python, and the grandson became the official of the Qing Dynasty.

Grandpa dreamed of the reincarnation of his grandson is the python, and the grandson became the official of the Qing Dynasty.

He is a genius militaryman. He has a prescription and has influenced countless younger militaryists.Many militaryians will avoid their strengths and avoid their weaknesses according to his method of governing the soldiers, read his war books, and look at his fighting deeds.He is the prime minister in the late Qing Dynasty and Zeng Guofan.

Before the great man fell into the world, the fairy dreamed of dreams and dreamed of the story of Xiangzhao.For example, Emperor Hanwu’s mother Wang had a dream day before his birth, and soon he gave birth to Emperor Hanwu, becoming an eternal emperor.

A magical dream happened before Zeng Guofan was born, but it was different from Emperor Hanwu. Zeng Guofan was a dream made by Grandpa.When Zeng Guofan was about to be born, his grandfather dreamed that a big python wrapped around the pillars of their house.Zeng Guofan was born.Zengfu’s up and down, he loved this child, exhausted everything, and taught him to read and write.As Zeng Guofan grows older and bigger, a strange weakness also appears.That is, he is afraid of chicken feathers, and the ancient book says that the type of dragon and snake is afraid of chicken feathers. This is even more convinced that he was reincarnated by the python.

However, Zeng Guofan did not reincarnate the python as a myth.On the contrary, Zeng Guofan’s achievements are just for the hard work of the day after tomorrow. They will not study twice once, and they will not be three times until they understand.It can be seen that the reason why Zeng Guofan filled in the ink in the late Qing Dynasty was the consequences and perseverance.

Zeng Guofan almost participated in various important periods of reform and movement in the late Qing Dynasty, and actively participated in the Westernization Movement.Not only is he shining in military politics, he is also a writer. His word is strong and powerful. From his calligraphy, he can see that he is living. He has founded the Xiangxiang faction specializing in research and inheritance of ancient texts. This pair The research and protection of ancient culture in my country has a very great role.

It seems that the success of the great man is not relying on myths and legends, but his unremitting efforts and the willpower of ordinary people.

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