Great blindness of pregnancy!Those things that must be known during pregnancy

When you are pregnant, there are too many things you need to know.Today in October, I will tell you what you must know during pregnancy.Knowledge of knowledge during pregnancy has begun, prepared, GO!


Torch examination before pregnancy

What is Torch?It is the first letter combination of four pathogens, that is, toxoplasma, rubella virus, giant cytoplasm virus, and herpes zosperthyll virus.During the early pregnancy of expectant mothers, these viruses may cause adverse consequences such as miscarriage, dead tires, fetal malformations, low intelligence, and slow development.If you find that there is IgM positive in TORCH (infection), you need to cure and then get pregnant. Generally, you can cure in 6 weeks.


Don’t miss it in the middle period of Tang’s screening, but don’t take it too seriously

Donald syndrome is a 21-triceamite syndrome and congenital fool. The "Don screening" during pregnancy also includes two other non-rectifier chromosomal malformations.Many expectant mothers are high risk in the medium-term Tang screen. In fact, this does not mean that there are really problems. Tang Si’s false positive rate is still relatively high. Of course, Tang Si low risk does not mean that it is okay.Can’t check it.Compared with the early Tang sieve+NT, it is still more reliable.


Diabetic screening during gestational period, you have to do it without disease

Many expectant mothers believe that diabetes can only be obtained by pregnant mothers who are particularly fat or have diabetic people at home. They are so young, beautiful and slim. They must be fine and do not need to check.In fact, gestational diabetes is a unique disease after pregnancy. Even if there is no diabetes at home and slim, it may be obtained, because diabetes during pregnancy is mainly caused by elevation of progesterone and decreased insulin sensitivity.Therefore, after pregnancy, everyone needs to do diabetes screening, that is, after 24 weeks, drink sugar water and draw three blood tests.


Don’t miss it

For the first time during pregnancy, the abnormality (the obvious large malformation of the fetus) is a system B-ultrasound for 18-24 weeks.The system B -ultrasound can see the tension of the tire’s digestive system, cardiovascular system, skeletal system, and nervous system, such as the rough shape, position and other structures of various systems. If there is obvious deformities, it will not be allowed.Therefore, you must not miss the B -ultrasound!

However, B -ultrasound is across the belly with ultrasonic appearance, and then it is impossible to find all problems.We only need to do what we can do, and avoid it.

PS: The four -dimensional B ultrasound is the system B ultrasound that adds a time dimension, and expectant mothers can understand. The medical significance is actually not worse than the system B -ultrasound. October fungus is not recommended to be a prospective dad.And for a long time for the fetal baby ~


Fake contractions, real contractions, pregnant stupid

The uterus is an organ (muscle organs) composed of muscle, and muscles will shrink.The irregular minor contraction of the uterus is physiological contractions, that is, pseudo -contractions; and a regular, obvious, contracted that can open the uterine mouth, is an effective contraction, that is, the real contraction, that is, the real contractionEssence

True contractions often occur every 5 to 6 minutes, each time it lasts more than 30 seconds, and it becomes more and more painful.The kind of contraction that hurts for a while, does not hurt for a while, only hurts for a few seconds or it is very painful, and it is not painful. It is a fake contraction. It will not let the children come out. The expectant mothers need not worry.

If the expectant mother hurts 3 times in 20 minutes, she must go to the hospital quickly!

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