Guo Biting attended the event with Zuo Zuo. Guo Biting wore a white dress and was full of femininity.

Guo Biting can be called a beautiful entertainment actress. Recently, the news of her suspected pregnancy was uploaded on the Internet.

This also makes everyone feel that when Guo Biting attended the event with his family, Guo Biting wore a white flared sleeve skirt. The horn sleeve dress looked slender, fluttering, and dark black hair.It is scattered on the shoulders, exuding an elegant temperament, and his lips are full of smiles.

And beside Guo Biting, her husband was responsible for bringing the baby to Zuo, and Xiang Zuo was very intimate. He kept taking care of the baby throughout the process, and did not let Guo Biting intervene.Zuo, a brisk smile on his face, this is like love.

Many people speculate that Guo Biting was pregnant because her lower abdomen was obviously bulging, and her waist and abdomen were not as slender as in the past.

For the news of whether Guo Biting was pregnant, some netizens doubted it earlier.

The reason is that in the costumes that Guo Biting recently appeared on, it seems that all of them are loose sweater jackets, etc. There are no tight skirts, slim dresses and other items that highlight the curve.The gentleness comes, showing a glory of a woman.

For the news of Guo Biting’s suspected pregnancy, netizens also talked about it. Some netizens thought of some social phenomena because of Guo Biting. Now many companies do not want Baoma, so they must have a job before pregnancy.

However, Guo Biting has joined the giants. It doesn’t matter if you have money to do anything. Rich people are often a higher sense of family responsibility. Guo Biting, who was very careless, did not come out for film and television works after marrying Xiang Zuo.Live the life of Mrs. Kuang.

In her life, the single -day loop of day after day seems to be related to her daughter and husband. She is picking up her daughter every day and spending a sweet love life with her lover.

In fact, before encountering Xiang Zuo, Guo Biting was a pure girl with a goose egg face, very gentle and beautiful, and her long hair fluttered.For "National Goddess".

She has a beautiful and gentle appearance, which is loved. The school flower image of the school flower contributed in the "Little Times" trilogy has become a synonym in school flowers in the minds of countless people.

Later, when Guo Biting and Xiang Zuo Xiangzuo fell in love, many netizens were shocked, because in everyone’s thoughts, Xiang Zuo’s face value was not good at Guo Biting.

However, even though their face value does not match, Xiang Zuo has a good family world, and his mother likes Tai to like Guo Biting, who is very very likely, and laughed at her hope not to cut her hair. The interaction between her mother -in -law is enlightenedI feel very warm.

Some people once felt that they had a low marriage between them, but Guo Biting never had such a lover who had abandoned herself. She also admitted that the two people were very close. When she was with Xiang Zuo, she was full of love, and to Xiang Xiang to Xiang Xiang, and Xiang XiangxiangZuo respects her.

Guo Biting looks like a love brain, and his life is very firm. After getting married, he began to retreat as a good wife. Her life has so many important characters: being a good daughter -in -law, a good wife, she has no career, only family, only familyBut he does not rely on your family, or he is happy.

At the beginning, Yang Mi was a bit "love -brain" when she became popular. She got married at once regardless of her rising period of career, but after a few years after marriage, her husband Liu Kaiwei almost became her idle furnishings.High -end.

And Guo Biting seems to rely on the giants. When he enters the giants, he is like the sea, but now he is more feminine.

It is a kind of happiness in love and career. Only love brains or career hearts can also seem to be able to come to happiness. I hope Guo Biting will be a double child.

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