Have you ever experienced the baby vomiting blood?

At this time last year, this cute elf sprouts in my belly.Many people say, envious you, there are such cute sons!I listened to Mei Zi in my heart, but I only know the bitterness behind this.Think about it, this year came like this, I was proud of myself.

At this time last year, my aunt was postponed, and I thought I might be pregnant.So I went to the hospital to test the blood.The doctor told me that I was pregnant, but the blood value was not high, let me review it.At first I didn’t understand the doctor’s intention, and I was only immersed in the surprise of this little life.After a week of review, the doctor said that my progesterone was low and needed tires, and the B -ultrasound showed that the baby’s position was in the corner of the uterus, that is, in the corner of the uterus, it was easy to develop into ectopic pregnancy.At that time, I had a blank mind. I checked my mobile phone by myself. I knew that I needed a major surgery if I knew that the horny pregnancy was needed. I also checked the experience of many pregnant mothers. Some of them gradually moved back to the middle of the uterus.When I went out of the hospital, I couldn’t help crying in the car. My husband has been comforting my doctor just tells you the worst results, and we will review it next week.The next week, I really spent the year.My psychological quality myself is very poor, so this week is long and terrible for me.

After another week, I went to review. I was nervous when I took the report, and it felt like dragging the whole world.As a result, I was very happy, and everything returned to normal.Next, I was very careful.I don’t think he can lose him anymore.

In the second month of pregnancy, I vomited it, and I couldn’t eat anything uncomfortable, but for the sake of the baby, I tried to support it, I vomited, and vomited, so I was infinitely circulating.In the first three months, he kept quietly and be careful.Gradually, the body recovered, and it was time to work.

By the fourth month, it suddenly had a fever.The family was in a hurry, and I was nervous in my heart. After the physical cooling overnight, I finally had a fever. On that day, I felt his first strong and powerful fetal movement.It feels extremely happy.

After one month after another, it soon reached the nightmare -like pregnancy.One morning for more than seven months of pregnancy, I suddenly felt uncomfortable, especially on the face. It felt difficult to speak and it was difficult to make expressions.I think it’s strange. My husband saw me, and immediately took me to the hospital.The doctor said that you are paralyzed.Boom, my world feels collapse.Looking at myself in the mirror, crooked mouth, like a stroke old lady.Even eating is difficult, my tongue is numb, and her words are vague.I feel that I am finished.I asked for leave with the school and started to go on a long path of treatment.

Because I am pregnant and my body is special, I can’t take hormone medicines, and I rely on acupuncture to stimulate my facial nerves every day.There were also a few people there, but they were controlled by me, but they were controlled by medicine.But I am more serious every day than.In the worst time, the rice could not be chewed, and half of the tongue was not conscious.A root needle pierced my face, it was painful and uncomfortable, but I felt more uncomfortable. I felt that I was too unfortunate. How could I be so miserable.

Day after day, my husband took me to acupuncture every day, but there seemed to be no obvious progress.Watching my patients see each other one by one and encourage me to support it, I can’t say bitterness in my heart.

In the last month, I started to take the moon.My face is a little better, and I can only say a little better.But I am also happy, at least there are hope, isn’t it?But life is always like this. When you feel that you have suffered suffering, it always feels that your suffering is not enough.

Because of the lack of amniotic fluid, I was hospitalized.Thirty years old, my husband and I stayed in the hospital and felt extremely desolate.Dad cried at home.I was in the hospital and couldn’t help crying, but I could only bear the baby of my belly!

In the first month, I gave birth to my baby and saw his flesh, and I was very excited, and finally I was relieved.Baby name is six or six, I hope he must be smooth.Later, my baby was hospitalized for three days because of jaundice. I couldn’t help it anymore. I was almost hysterical at home. Not only was my baby who was distressed, I also felt distressed to walk all the way. Why is life still unwilling to let myself go.Yes, I started to be extreme.

In the confinement, my face started to start.I always shed tears in the bed, watching my baby’s mood began to be clear again.I once felt that I had a tendency to depression.I became hysterical, unreasonable, weird.I asked my husband, what should I do if I would be good for a lifetime?I am a teacher and eat by my mouth and my face. I like this, how can I continue to teach.Who wants to give his child a teacher like a stroke?The worst plan I have made is to bring children at home and be at home for a lifetime.Fortunately, I have a husband who does not dislike me to endure my husband everywhere. Although he has no great ability and no sweet words, he has always accompanied him quietly.My face also moved over time, and I gradually got better.

Now that my baby is five months old, although my face is still a little sequelae, it is almost good.Everything seems to return to peace again.But this year’s experience has a great impact on me, making me a completely outsidant delusion.I try my best to take care of my children, but there are always such conditions on the road of parenting, so I often think too much and be too nervous.My girlfriend said that after giving birth to a child, I changed my personal.Hey, probably being oppressed by life, so now I am always worried.However, I will adjust it as soon as possible. If I still want to continue joking with me, I just want to say, please come to me alone!snort!

I hope my baby will always be healthy and happy.

I would like to do this to those you who are in the torment. I hope to be an example of encouraging yourself. You see who is so miserable to survive, what am I afraid of!Come on, Sao Nian!


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