Healthy Yiyang: Can young children eat Cordyceps sinensis?

1. Can young children eat Cordyceps sinensis?

It is better not to eat Cordyceps sinensis, because supplementing can be nutritious and bring unnecessary diseases.Cordyceps sinensis is a tonic and can supplement nutrition, but it is only for adults. Children have no pressure and nutrition can keep up. There is no need to eat Cordyceps sinensis.The way of eating Cordyceps sinensis is very simple. People generally make water or stew soup. It is the most suitable for stewing soup with old hens.Cordyceps sinensis is very precious and nutritious. It should not be eaten too frequently to avoid excess nutrition.

Cordyceps sinensis is not suitable for children to eat. Cordyceps sinensis is a drug that many people are familiar with now. Such drugs have a good effect on disease treatment. Especially while improving some physical diseases, it is very helpful for improving human immunity.Children cannot eat, and children do not eat Cordyceps sinensis. Those who have poor constitution (asthma) for children over 5 years of age can be supplemented.

2. What fruits can children not eat

2.1, mulberry

Although mulberry itself still has a relatively abundant nutrients, there are many of them inhibitors. These substances will affect the digestive enzymes in the often band, causing the digestive enzymes in the intestine to be damaged and hemorrhage.After eating a lot of mulberry, there will be bad complexion, rash, chest tightness, nausea, vomiting and so on, so don’t give your children well.

2.2, mango

Mango is called tropical fruits. The nutritional value is very high, and it is also good for children’s profit. However, because there are irritating substances in mango, eating mango is prone to allergies.If you do n’t know much about the history of children ’s allergies, if you eat mango blindly, it will easily lead to the recurrence of old diseases.

2.3, apricot

From the perspective of nutrition, there are many nutrients and anti -cancer substances contained in Xing itself. However, apricot itself is armal fruit, which is a bit disinfected. If you eat too muchIf you eat too much apricot, there may be a situation of evil fire. In addition, the acidity of apricot is very unfavorable to the teeth, which will also affect the absorption of calcium, which will affect the child’s bone development.

3. What vegetables do children eat

3.1, pea

Pea is a nutritious food with 23%to 25%of protein, 57%to 60%of sugar, and 45%of crude fiber. It also contains a variety of minerals, vitamins and trace elements.In particular, there are many trace elements such as copper and chromium in peas. Copper is conducive to improving the baby’s hematopoietic function and helping bones and brain development. Chromium is beneficial to the metabolism of sugar and fat, and can maintain the normal function of insulin.

3.2, potatoes

The nutritional content of potatoes is very rich. The protein content of 100 grams of potatoes is about 2 to 2.5 grams, and the protein quality of potatoes is good. It is close to animal protein. It contains special adhesive protein.Can help cholesterol metabolism.In addition, potatoes have eight types of amino acids necessary for the human body, and also contain a variety of vitamins, of which more vitamin C content.

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