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Xiaobian opens the webpage as usual

I didn’t expect to see the question below

The message below was even more shocked by Xiaobian

Pregnant mothers who are still smoking, please come here quickly!

I should quit smoking during the pregnancy stage

The nicotine and metabolites contained in tobacco not only affect the quality of the eggs, but also cause a decrease in the amount of luteum secretion in pregnant women, causing the pregnant eggs to obstruct the bed.The pregnancy eggs that cannot be effectively died soon, and spontaneous abortion in the early pregnancy.Therefore, women who smoke should abstain from smoking for at least 3 months before starting to prepare for pregnancy.

What should I do if I get pregnant without quitting smoking?

Since the facts that have not been able to quit smoking before pregnancy can no longer be changed, don’t be too anxious.What pregnant mothers have to do now are to quit smoking immediately!

If your smoke addiction is not great before pregnancy, as long as you quit smoking immediately, inform the obstetrician of your exposure, cooperate with regular production inspections, evaluate risks in a timely manner, and eliminate various abnormal pregnancy conditions. There should be no major problems.

If your smoke addiction before pregnancy is very large, a few packets of cigarettes are smoked every day, please contact obstetricians to discuss whether you need to terminate your pregnancy at the same time as you quit smoking.

Smoking during pregnancy will affect the child’s life

Smoking during pregnancy, nicotine in tobacco and carbon monoxide contained in its smoke will enter the placenta with the blood of pregnant women, reduce the blood oxygen content, cause hypoxia in the fetus, cause delayed development of the fetus, and even abortion and premature birth.According to statistics, the premature birth rate of smoking women is twice that of non -smoking women.

Cyanide in tobides will be combined with sulfur amino acids in pregnant women’s body, which will lead to a decrease in the content of vitamin B12 in pregnant women, which will affect the growth and development of the fetus, and even the mental intelligence of the newborn.

In addition, smoking during pregnancy can also cause certain damage to the fetal lung function and respiratory system, which causes the baby to increase the risk of children with children after birth.

Of course, there are also some women who smoke as usual during pregnancy. Although no fetal development is abnormal in pregnancy, there will be long -term adverse factors. For example, newborn after birth is prone to dysplasia, and it is prone to respiratory health such as bronchitis and pediatric pneumonia.question.

Therefore, women must prohibit smoking during pregnancy, and do not contact places with second -hand cigarettes.

Xiao Bian’s appeal

at last

Xiaobian called for female friends who are still smoking

Quit smoking first and then prepare for pregnancy

If you get pregnant unexpectedly

Please also quit smoking immediately

Pregnant mothers who are already smoking smoking

Some healthy snacks can be prepared in the bag

Such as nuts, fruits, etc.

During the occurrence of smoke addiction

You can eat small snacks, walks, etc.

To divert your attention and help quit smoking

Source: Shanghai Baoshan official WeChat, Baoshan disease control

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