Hebei guys always dream of a pear tree. After 27 years, they came to the place in the dream and accidentally found their biological parents.

If time can return to 27 years ago, I will definitely pull your hand tightly and not let go …

At the end of December 1995, the streets of Santai County, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province were bustling, and there were various vendors on both sides of the street.

It was the time point of the collection. On the lively and hustle, the dark and bustle was black, and at a glance, he couldn’t look at the end.

A father pulled his child in front of various stalls. The child looked at the age of about six or seven years old and was curious about anything on the roadside.

After a while, his eyes were attracted by a toy stall, and he ran away from his father’s hand and looked at it.

His father shouted behind him: "Slowly run."

At this moment, the crowd was crowded, and his father thought that the child was okay to play there, so he stopped to stay and see the goods on the roadside.

The little boy was very strange about toys. He was happy to look back and find his father to buy one for himself. The moment he turned his head: "Huh? Dad?"

He started shouting loudly: "Dad, where are you? …"

It didn’t take long for the throat to be dumb, the people who came and went on the rally were noisy, there were all kinds of shouts, and the voices of the little boy were annihilated in the crowd.

He couldn’t move, so he was waiting, thinking that his father would come to him after a while, he waited, the figure was shaking in front of him, but none of them were familiar.come?"

After a while, a strange man stopped beside the little boy and took him away.

The crowd gradually became thinner, and his father bought some fragmented objects, eat food, and planned to go to find his son in front.

He looked around, and didn’t see the familiar figure, thinking that his son was playful, and ran ahead, and continued to look forward, and shouted: "Xiao Bin, Xiaobin …".

But when he walked to the end of the street, there was no booth, and he didn’t see Xiaobin.

He turned around and walked again. He didn’t see it. His father began to panic. As asked as he saw a little boy wearing a flower jacket and black pants, he asked.

But there are a lot of children on the road, and no one pays attention to this anxious father.

He started to ask a stall and a stall, hoping that his child can suddenly run out and hug him and say, "Dad, I want to eat that."

He asked all the way to a small stall selling toys. The owner compared his father: "Is the child a little higher than this stall, it is a small flat head, the cheeks are red."

My father looked a little browsing: "Yes, right, do you remember where he went?"

The store tried to recall: "The little baby was playing here for a while. He saw it and liked it. I asked him about your parents? He turned his head and ran away."

The store pointed to a direction. My father looked at himself from returning from there. Didn’t you see anyone, did you go home?

He returned home at the fastest speed and saw his wife and daughter ask Xiaobin if he went home?The wife said no.

My father was completely stunned and panicked: "I was disappeared with him in the rally. Let’s go out and find it."

The three of them looked around the streets of the rally, watching the sun was about to fall.

In a bun shop at the end of the daughter, a man had a man who had bought a bun with a child here. According to the description of the little boy, he was very similar to Xiaobin.

But Xiaobin followed that person in a bus.

The family was lost home and didn’t want to admit this obvious fact -Xiaobin should be trafficked.

The mother cried directly in the bed, and the father sat there regretted that he had a mouth, and the daughter also cried there where her brother went.

The father’s name is Yao Anxin, and the little boy is Yao Bin.

Yao Bin was born in March 1989 and lost his father in December 1995. Since then, Yao Bin has no news.

After New Year’s Day in 2022, the streets of Wen’an County, Langfang City, Hebei Province were lively. Liu Jun stood in front of the window and watched the vehicles from the people downstairs coming down. Everyone’s face was full of happiness, and everyone had an attribution.

Liu Jun will insomnia every New Year’s Day, and once he falls asleep, he will be bound by a nightmare.

The scene in the dream was fragmented. After a while, he saw a child standing on a familiar and strange street, waiting for anyone.

After a while he came to the door of a family, and stared blankly at the pear tree in front of the door.

After a while, he heard a man’s heartbreaking shout. He couldn’t see the man’s face and the name he shouted clearly. The child suddenly cried. He heard the child calling his father.

In the dream he wanted to make a sound but couldn’t make it out.

The shadow of childhood is lingering so far, and Liu Jun knows that the child in the dream is himself.

Liu Jun is 33 years old this year. He grew up in Wen’an County since he was a child, and his parents had no loss to him.

But he has no sense of belonging since he was a child.

This is not his home. He has known that he is not a parent’s child since he was a child. He came to this house one day.

Even if Liu Jun no longer remembers his appearance, that person is a person who has a human -faced man.

In addition to dreaming of children and pear trees, he often couldn’t break away from the moment he was abducted.

When he was crying that day, when he couldn’t find his father, a uncle stood in front of him to comfort him, and he also took out delicious temptation to seduce him. He couldn’t help but follow him.

The moment he arrived, he was suddenly held on a bus. He cried and was about to cover his mouth.

There was even a fierce man who threatened him with a fruit knife. If he dared to make a sound, he took a knife and scratched his mouth on him.

Liu Jun, who was a child at the time, was very afraid.

He sobbed and asked where to go. The bad uncle did not tell him, only let him settle down, and led him home for a while.

In this way, he came to Wen’an County and was thrown in a family.

He still remembered the back of the uncle who threw him here with money and turned away, so far he was frightened.

He was so trembling in Wen’an County.

In 2018, Yao’s family in Santai County, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, Yao Anxin sat next to the bed and looked at the wife lying on the bed.

Since the loss of his son more than 20 years ago, his wife’s body was good and bad. He was not so old, but his hair was already full of white hair.

Sister Yao Bin couldn’t stop crying next to her.

Yao Anxin held his wife’s hand, and his wife had no strength to speak now: "His father, Xiao Bin."

Yao Anxin also burst into tears: "His mother, I understand." The wife reached out to pull Yao Bin.

"Mom, you can rest assured, we will definitely reunite with Xiaobin."

The wife nodded, and she shed tears in the corner of her eyes to let people go.Crying sounds. Yao’s house.

For many years, the Yao family has never given up searching, but there is no result.

In the vast China, where to find Xiao Bin’s whereabouts, they didn’t even dare to think about whether Xiao Bin was still alive.

They used to post a tracing notice on the street, and they had registered online after the technology was developed. There was no news.

In the end, the mother was holding a regret that the mother and child fate with her son for less than seven years ended.

No one can understand the pain of their separation. The traffickers separate them, and they just split the original happy family into a broken look.

At the end of January 2022, Liu Jun’s friends went to his house as a guest, and saw his frowning look. Thinking of the old friend’s mood every year at this time.

Liu Jun’s wife sat beside him to comfort him but didn’t know how to speak.

The living room was quiet, only TV wowed.

Friends noticed that there was a show called "Baby Going Home" on TV, and suddenly thought of something.

He pulled his friend’s hand excitedly and said, "Little army, do you go and try that?"

Liu Jun looked at the direction of his fingers was TV, and his eyes were full of doubt.

Friends explained: "You also go to this column to register, let professionals help find relatives, I believe you can find your home."

"Is this program reliable?" Liu Jun looked at his wife again.

Wife and friends want Liu Jun to reunite with his family as soon as possible to unlock the knot that has been trapped in his heart for more than 20 years.

The wife said, "Try it, in case? After all, so many people have found their loved ones through this kind of family -looking show."

Liu Jun nodded, and there was no other way now.

His wife quickly took the computer, searched the website of the show group, and entered Liu Jun’s information after registering.

However, Liu Jun was too young when he disappeared, and the trauma of his childhood shadow made him more vague about his childhood memory. He only remember the street, the pear tree in front of the door, and crying.

If there is too little information, I don’t know if it is feasible.

At the end of February 2022, the staff of the column group contacted Liu Jun, saying that he would do his best to help him find the lost relatives.

Although it has passed for more than 20 years, they believe that as long as they work hard to pursue, they will always be as expected.

They spent a few days, according to Liu Jun described, they did not see information on the platform.

But the show team comforted: "It may be that your family did not expect this way, or it may have been released on other websites. After all, there are still many programs that look for relatives."

With the precedent of a family -finding show, Liu Jun’s friends often brush Douyin, fast hands, and some people are looking for loved ones. Thinking that Liu Jun may try to post news on various short video platforms.

He quickly told Liu Jun that Liu Jun was very moved, and his friend broke his heart for his long -term wishes.

My friend told him: "As long as you can be good, find your home, you can set it down."

Liu Jun and his wife went to search for any related posts on other family -looking websites to wake up their memory.

His wife took the phone to help him take a video, patting Liu Jun and couldn’t help but cry.

He was sad and doubtful, can he find his biological parents?Has his parents found him?Why not come yet?

It is regrettable that they found all the platforms they could find, and they could send everything, and there was no news after a long time.

They also imagine that there are too many possibilities, and their parents may not use their mobile phones when they are older. These platforms will be very strange to them.

But what he didn’t dare to imagine was the situation where his parents were not in the world, so he would never have a home.

When the Liu Jun family was in a hurry, the column group of the "Baby Go Home" did not give up helping Liu Jun to find relatives.

In addition to the pear trees in front of the door, Liu Jun’s locked information also explicitly stated that he must be from Sichuan.

Sichuan Province includes dozens of cities, hundreds of counties, and autonomous prefectures. It is a big one to find a pear tree in such a large piece.

They narrowed the scope. If the urban area is unlikely, in the county and villages, they are afraid that this pear tree is gone now.

They first went to each county to find people who lost their children more than 20 years ago, and then the consultant had planted pear trees.

After all, there are still a few people who have lost their children.

Slowly, there were eyebrows, and everyone finally focused on the three counties in Mianyang City.

The column group came to Yaojiagou Village, Jianping Town to ask who lost the child.

At that time, the people in the village that Yao Anxin had lost their children was clear and witnessed the decadent of the family.

As soon as someone came to ask, the enthusiastic enthusiastic in the village said: "Yao Anxin’s family lost, more than 20 years ago, he was pitiful, so the little child was abducted."

The column group followed the people in the village to Yao An’s house.After seeing the pear trees in front of the door, they knew that this family was right.

Sister Yao watched a group of strangers when she opened the door, and the column team showed their intentions.When Sister Yao heard that she had a younger brother, she hurried to call Dad Yao to come over.

The two heard the program volunteers in the house telling the cause and effect. Yao An held the hand of Sister Yao nervously. They couldn’t believe that when they had not found their younger brothers, they turned out to find their home first.

It was already May 2022.

When Liu Jun was working, he received a call from the show group, saying that he found home for him.

Liu Jun put down his work and opened his wife’s phone: "Wife, I’m going home."

The two hurriedly let go of their hands and rushed to Sichuan.

The hearts of both sides are trembling, and they are very looking forward to this hope not to fall out, and they can’t stand disappointment and endless.

When the Liu Jun and his wife rushed to Yaojiagou, it seemed to awaken some of his memories. He seemed that he could find the direction of his home without being guided.

When I arrived at the door, I saw the long pear tree overlapping with dreams.

He turned around, the door opened, and a woman helped an old man out.

At that moment, Liu Jun thought that this was his home.

Yao Anxin looked at the man outside the door. Although it has been more than 20 years, he saw Yao Bin’s childhood shadow from the person in front of him. This is his child.

There is always a sense of induction between family relationships. It has an invisible line. The two ends of the line connect parents and children, which will let people who are not far far away travel.

For the sake of insurance, the program team asked the father and son to do a parent -child identification. The moment the result got the result, the family cried with headache.

Especially when Liu Jun knew that his mother was gone, it was even more endless regret. Why didn’t he find it early.

Why is Yao Anxin who has not lived in endless guilt for so many years.

Only the traders who are destined to be good carelessly carelessly.May there be no trafficking in the world.


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