Henan’s leg -free woman was praised by the pregnancy. After the netizens learned the truth: Great fart, too selfish

A woman in Henan lost her legs in an accident. After marriage, she still firmly assumed her responsibility of being a mother. Her pregnancy was praised by netizens. However, some netizens were angry: "Great fart, too selfish."

Henan woman Wu Qin is a child who grew up when she grows up by a single -parent family. After she accidentally lost her legs, she was immersed in sadness for a long time.

The appearance of her husband made Wu Qin willing to believe that there is still hope in life.

Later, Wu Qin became a mother under her husband’s care. She sent her life during pregnancy to the Internet and shared her happiness with her netizens.

Seeing this, many netizens began to praise Wu Qin’s greatness. After all, a person who lost his legs became a mother, and he needs to overcome many difficulties, but some netizens think: "Great fart, too selfish."

Seeing this, the family members were afraid that the words of netizens would hurt Wu Qin. They quickly guarded the comment area and let netizens pay attention to their own way of speaking. In their opinion, Wu Qin’s bravely facing life is not easy.

Prior to this, Wu Qin’s father was a truck driver, and her mother was an ordinary housewife. Because her father was busy at work, she rarely had time to see her father when she was young.

His father was too stressful to work. He drunk himself when he didn’t work, and he always started Wu Qin and his mother.

It turned out that Wu Qin’s father had a male light and daughter, and always wanted his wife to have a child, but his wife bleeding after giving birth, which hurts her body very much. Doctors do not recommend that their couples want their children.

Whenever he thought that his wife could not be pregnant, he always felt that his wife owed him and often started to his wife.

As Wu Qin grew up, Lao Wu’s attitude towards Wu Qin and his mother still did not change. His mother could only divorce Lao Wu.

After that, Wu Qin was dependent on her mother. She often comforted her mother. Her father could not take care of their mother and daughter, but she must rely on her own efforts to stop her mother’s grievances.

When other children are still eating and drinking, Wu Qin hurry up to read and study all time, so that his performance stabilizes five or six in the whole year.

In this way, Wu Qin spent all his time from elementary school to high school. She has a lively and cheerful personality, excellent academic performance and stable, and often speaks in front of all teachers and students of the school.

At this time, Wu Qin’s future was bright. She had thought about her admission to college and earned money to take care of her mother after graduation. Unexpectedly, a car accident took all her hope.

Later, for a long time, Wu Qin could not accept the fact that he lost his legs and stayed in the room and refused to come out every day.

Seeing this, her mother always sat next to Wu Qin and read her favorite book for her most. This gave Wu Qin a lot of comfort, but she still resisted very much about going out.

Soon after, a man moved near Wu Qin’s family. The man was similar to her and had the same unfortunate family as her.

Once, when the man asked Wu Qin’s family to borrow a ladder, Wu Qin saw the man.

In the process of chatting with Wu Qin’s mother, Wu Qin learned that the man was a decoration worker of a company and had no bad hobbies.

After the man borrowed the ladder, he brought her a basket of fruits to thank Wu Qin’s mother. These fruits were just picked from the mountain.

Over time, Wu Qin felt that after the man lost his parents, he could still hope for life, and at least there was a mother around her, let alone abandon himself every day.

After that, after Wu Qin’s wound recovered, she actively did rehabilitation training every day. In the end, she could walk with her two remaining legs.

When Wu Qin walked, in order not to stain his legs, he put himself a large plastic bag.

At first, when the villagers saw Wu Qin, they always began to worry that she had lost her legs. If she lost her mother in the future, it was difficult to live.

The conversation of the villagers was heard by Wu Qin inadvertently. She was sad and felt that the villagers said very reasonable.

Immediately afterwards, Wu Qin began to find a way to work to make money. In her mind, her only job that could be competent was to brush the bowl.

However, Wu Qin has found a lot of restaurants that need to be brushed. These restaurants feel that her physical condition is not suitable for work and is unwilling to accept her.

Until Wu Qin met a couple selling rolling noodles, the couple was a foreigner. When they first arrived in Henan, they often couldn’t find a job and often tolerated hunger.

When the couple saw Wu Qin, they remembered that they were young when they were young, and agreed to brush their bowls to their small restaurants on the spot.

When Wu Qin took the first month’s salary and handed her salary to her mother, she was happy like a child.

But Wu Qin looked up at her mother and found that her mother smiled, and her tears began to fall down.

Wu Qin often meets the neighbor men every day when she gets in get off work. The two are chatting while walking. The more they chat, the more they feel that the other party and their own fate will soon become a good friend.

One year later, Wu Qin and the man got a certificate of marriage. Their wedding venue was not large. The people attending the wedding were less than three tables, but the wedding was particularly warm under the arrangement of the two of them.

After marriage, Wu Qin saw a happy family of three on the street, and she had the idea of wanting to have a child, but she thought of her physical condition, and hesitated whether to give birth.

When her husband and Wu Qin went out after dinner, Wu Qin looked at other parents to bring his children, and soon understood Wu Qin’s thoughts.

With her husband’s support, Wu Qin was pregnant with a child. After she had a child, she always stroked her belly subconsciously, which made her feel extremely happy.

During this period, her husband regularly accompanied Wu Qin to the hospital for examination, and carefully recorded the state before and after the inspection of Wu Qin.

On one occasion, Wu Qin finished cooking at home. When her husband returned home, he sent the scene he checked in the hospital to the Internet.

After seeing it, some netizens felt that Wu Qin was willing to overcome physical and economic difficulties to adhere to having children. She was a great mother.

However, some netizens learned that Wu Qin’s family condition, thinking that she not only had a general family condition, but also had a difference from ordinary people in an image. This could easily make her children feel inferior.

Some netizens pointed out that Wu Qin had children in order to have a family of three, and gave birth to children regardless of the consequences.

The words of netizens deeply stabbed Wu Qin and made her a little unconfident. Before she saw netizens commented, she also felt that she could bring happiness to her children.

After all, Wu Qin and her husband, because of their parents’ discord, caused them to suffer huge psychological pressure. They better understand that the father of the father should understand each other and avoid being harmed by their emotions.

The Wu Qin and his wife are also the first parent. They may have no experience in some things. However, no one is a parent at life.

In order to avoid some of the remarks of Wu Qin’s comments in the comment area, her husband always deleted these words while Wu Qin did not pay attention.

For a while, Wu Qin has been a little surprised. I do n’t know why the comment area is blessing them, and they still lament that they are still a lot of good people where they live.

Until Wu Qin discovered that her husband held her mobile phone in the middle of the night, checked the comment area message one by one, and deleted some comments.

Not only that, the family also took the initiative to leave a message in the comment area out of the protection of Wu Qin, reminding netizens not to hurt others.

Recently, some netizens discovered Wu Qin’s experience and told their own stories in the comment area, hoping to support Wu Qin firmly.

It turned out that netizens’ mothers had pediatric paralysis. Due to the weakness of leg muscles, they could only sit on a wheelchair and bring netizens to the world in 1990.

Under the teachings of the mother, netizens treated others and worked hard. Later, they were admitted to the career editor and formed a happy family. Not long ago, they just followed the family portrait with their mother.

However, a netizen mentioned below this comment that he did not agree with Wu Qin to have children. In his opinion, Wu Qin even had difficulty survival and should not let the child suffer with her.

In fact, Wu Qin is a person with an independent personality and has the right to choose whether he is born or not.

As the Internet is becoming more and more developed, many netizens can see the situation of others get married and have children on the Internet before experiencing things such as getting married and having children.

Among them, some people have a happy family after they get married and have children.

This made some netizens see this. While yearning for a happy life, they also began to worry that they would become a group of people who were unsatisfactory.

There are also some netizens who have seen more unhappy families on the Internet. They feel that having children when personal economy and physical conditions are limited.

This idea makes sense. After all, before the parents, at least give their children to give their children the need for basic life, and avoid threats to the survival of new life.

At the same time, there are still many netizens who have made too many contradictions from their parents from an early age, which has caused them to have a psychological shadow.

In order to avoid making children unfortunately, these netizens always want to choose to have a child when they can be prepared at the spiritual and material level.

Many years ago, many people had heard the story of the pony crossing the river. When the pony asked the buffalo river to the depth of the water, the buffalo said that the river had just reached his ankle.

However, when the pony asked the squirrel river, the squirrel said that the river was very deep. It had a companion drowned in this river, which made the pony scared the river crossing the river.

However, when the pony drumped the courage to cross the river, it was found that the depth of the river was just right, and there was a certain difference from the buffalo and squirrel mouth. At that time, the children felt that the pony had done it right.Try yourself.

As the children grow up, the content they contact is constantly affecting them.

Especially during the child’s school, there will always be a child asking why OnePlus is equal to the question of two. Some teachers have encouraged children to study relevant information and let them truly understand this equivalent.

Some teachers may just tell the children simply. This is a recognized result in the world. Just remember to remember.

Especially during the child in middle school, when they raised their questions about different disciplines, the English teacher told them that this was grammatical and fixed.

The mathematics teacher will tell them that these are formulas and theorems and have been verified by their predecessors. At this time, they only need to apply it, and they do n’t need to understand what process to get this conclusion.

Even when students do Chinese reading comprehension, they must consider the questioner about this question, and what answers they want to write.

When the light people arrived at the workplace, the old predecessors told them that some experiences were summarized by the predecessors through continuous trial and error. What they had to do was avoid these lightning areas, instead of jumping into the pit again.

Over time, young people will always consider what the consequences will bring about the incident before they do one thing, which makes them hesitant.

Some young people today hesitate to choose whether to have children.

After all, some young people have to repay the mortgage and car loan, and others to take care of the old people who are sick at home. This has put them under great pressure. In their opinion, their lives have no room for trial and error.

When Wu Qin entered the sight of netizens, people who were good at weighing the advantages and disadvantages saw that Wu Qin’s life had various problems, and each problem was enough to let her give up her child.

However, in Wu Qin’s eyes, these problems cannot affect her hope of life.

Someone lived in the room where the wind was everywhere, and still chose to love life. Although they were ordinary people, they were not ordinary. They deserved our respect.

When we lose their ideals at a certain stage, we should also support others to pursue ideal rights so that they can better enjoy the process of chasing ideals.

You know, the most important thing for life is not the end but the process. We should dare to try some new things to make our lives more colorful.

The picture comes from the Internet

As an adult, we must also create a good living environment for ourselves and our family through our own efforts.

When we find that others actively respond to national policies, we must also support them appropriately so that they can contribute to increasing the country’s population.

Over time, we should pay more attention to the lives of ordinary people. When discovering that others encounter difficulties, use actual actions to support them so that they can get our effective help.

The picture comes from the Internet

During our online online, we should pay attention to our words in the comment area of others, especially when others are not violating the public order and good customs when pursuing happiness, we can encourage and support them.

Before we make a decision, we can properly refer to the experience of others, and we must also leave ourselves the right to explore the world, so that our life can have more possibilities.

When we meet people with difficulties in life, we can help them find relevant departments and ensure that their basic life can be guaranteed.

Today, we should support others to have the right to pursue a happy life, especially young people around us. We should encourage them to contribute to the society while grasping the dominance of our lives.

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