Her husband died unexpectedly, should a pregnant wife give birth to a child?Someone came here the truth

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The child is the evidence of the love of husband and wife and a beautiful crystallization.When he was still in his stomach, he was liked and looking forward to his parents.This is enough to show that the parents attach importance to their children, but if the husband dies, do you want to leave your child?

Ms. Chen’s husband died of a car accident. Except for more than 5 months of children in her belly, she did not leave a word.After her husband died, she was full of two sounds.The in -laws asked her to give birth to the child, and they raised it, otherwise they would not survive.Parents asked her to induce labor because a woman would have a hard time with her child, and they did not want her daughter to suffer.And she is still hesitating, on the one hand, she considers her in -laws and her death.Because the child is her only thought now, if the labor is induced, there will be no thought in the future.

But she was hesitating, she must not consider herself, and she must not consider it for her children.How can I raise my child to grow up. Without a father, will the child be mentally unhealthy?You see, no matter what this choice does, it seems to be wrong.Some people come over, they are the remains, mothers, and family members, and they give the answer.

"I love my mother very much, but I also want to know the taste of being loved by my father"

Someone came over and said that when his mother was pregnant, his father died.Mom gritted her teeth and gave her to her. After she was born, her mother became a father and mother, and her grandparents were also good to her.During this period, my mother remarried, but because of her relationship, she was separated again.She loves her mother very much, and her mother is very great, and she pulls her alone.But irrational, when seeing that there are dad around others, they also hate why their mother gave birth to himself so selfish.Although I love my father, my father’s lack is an emotion that I can’t make up for a lifetime. I want to know the taste of being loved by my father.

This is important. If you can, do you want to be born?There is no dad as soon as he was born, and people around him looked at himself with compassion.I don’t know the feeling of being held in her arms from my father since I was a child. Is this fair for children?From the perspective of the child, if he can’t give him a complete family and complete love, you must think twice.

"I love children, but I also lost my life"

A person who came here was a mother, and she bravely gave birth to her husband’s relics.But for so many years, I have lost my life.Because her husband is not the only child, her in -laws regardless of her and her children.For so many years, she is both a father and mother.Because the child does not have a dad, it is very sensible, but it is too sensible, making people look sad.I love children very much, but if you return, I don’t know if I will regret it.

This mother is also very real, because only people who are a mother know how hard it is to pull the child.No husband can rely on, when he is sad, he has no shoulders, and he is worried that the child will be wronged.

"She is difficult to live alone"

The aunt of netizens was like this, and he said that the aunt was very hard.Often holding a child alone, holding a very heavy thing.Some female neighbors will help when they see that male neighbors generally dare not help, because there are many or wrongs in front of widows.Single women, it is difficult to bring children, and it can be seen from the wrinkles on the face.As a family, I don’t want her to give birth to a child.

What people come here are truthful.In the final analysis, if you are willing to give birth, you will give birth.If you don’t want to give birth, don’t, this is the freedom she chooses.No one can blame the high moral system because the child’s guardian is her.

Netizens, what do you think?


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