Her husband suffered from infertility, but the result made Xiaosan get pregnant and used the Douyin homepage to search "…

In order to let me go home, my husband and in -laws planned a shocking conspiracy, which almost put me on the ground.

I went to the hospital to see my father -in -law that day, and unexpectedly discovered the conspiracy of my husband and in -laws, and found that the father -in -law was hospitalized before he was hospitalized.I called my husband to ask which ward in which ward, but my husband never answered me, and finally I had to find it myself.Find the room where the father -in -law is located.

At the moment I was about to enter the door, I saw the picture where I made me five tears through the glass window in the middle of the door.The father -in -law was lying on the hospital bed, and the mother -in -law was cutting fruits.At this time, the husband who should work overtime at the company is also here.Not only is he, beside him, there is also a woman who looks twenty -seven or eight years old who is sitting next to her and holding her wrist.

The two were chatting with my mother -in -law: How did you deal with Axu and Tang family?Suddenly, her mother -in -law asked her. When she heard her name, the hand that I was about to open the door shrank again, and stood at the door and listened.I didn’t seem to hesitate yet, what are you waiting for?You see that she has been married for 8 years, and the sow will also be cubs.She fell well, and there was no reaction to spend so much money to see a doctor.

Every time she said that she still talked with me, and when she mentioned the child, her mother -in -law was a little excited.It can be seen that her opinion on me is greater than I think.For the urge to endure the outbreak, I want to hear what my husband says, everything must be cautious.Now that the Tang family and I are still legal couples. If she let her know about me and Xiaoxin, I sue me to derail in my marriage. I can’t get anything to divorce at that time.My husband’s words made me cold from head to feet.You can hurry up. Xiaoxin is pregnant now. He can’t wait for you to get married with Tang Jia, and it is better to give people a careful name.

It wasn’t my mother -in -law’s words that made me froze again. I looked at the woman next to my husband through the glass window. It really had a slightly bulging belly. This would not be the swollen husband.I have 10,000 questions in my heart. I know the physical condition of my husband the most. How can this be possible?Before my husband and my husband, I had never been in the hospital, so I went to the hospital for an examination. When I got the results, I went alone.When I got the results of the inspection, I was also hit by a lot of blows.The doctor said that my husband’s infertility is 95%.Because I know that my father -in -law and my mother -in -law have always wanted their children. If I told my husband this news, he would definitely have a great psychological burden, but it was even more important.So I concealed him.

I hid the results of the inspection, but just told him that everything was normal, thinking that he would relax, even if there was only a 5%probability, but if he was lucky, he might be going.But 8 years of marriage, my husband and I have not succeeded at one time. What a careful woman is?I had my husband so soon, and I sneered in my heart.I am afraid that my husband does n’t know what he is in his body.I threw the carefully prepared abalone and sea ginseng porridge with the thermos bottle into the trash.Several nurses around me left quickly. I always dare to love and hate, and never drag water.

Since my husband betrayed me first, I naturally have nothing to get angry.I found a marriage certificate when I took a taxi.Seeing that I laughed so naively 8 years ago, my heart was bitter, and it really couldn’t reach the scouring of time.Model couples also have a day of divorce. Is it derailed?I will let you pay the price.Since he is not benevolent, don’t blame me from being unreasonable. Isn’t he afraid that I will let him go to the house?I let him have nothing.

I sorted everything in the division of property in my family. The houses and cars were bought by my husband and me after marriage. Naturally, it is a common property and a common deposit.Everything will have nothing to do with him.After looking at my husband’s room, I hesitated for a while and decided to open him secretly.Since he and I have been sleeping in the room, I have a little anger, and I have never entered his room.

But today I saw the fact that he was derailed. I couldn’t help thinking of the abnormalities in my family during this time.During this time, things in the family often appear inexplicably in where they dare not appear.Due to my obsessive -compulsive disorder, my husband never threw things.In this way, I can’t help but have another speculation.My husband took someone back and entered my husband’s room. I rolled carefully and found some spiders.Silk trace.There are several wave -shaped hair on his sheets, which is the same as the woman he had just seen in the hospital.I do n’t know when it started, and the two were carrying me at home. Dogs and men, men and women, I scolded it fiercely, and it was difficult to suppress the anger in the bottom of my heart.

The date came to the house, and I really didn’t take me at all. Okay, I would like to see the things about your two dogs and women.I made a phone call to make a invisible camera installed in the living room and the bedroom to finish it all.When I was about to go out, I received a call from my husband: Tang Jia, my mother just called it. Today, my dad was discharged from the hospital for me to get my dad’s medical expenses in the past.I can’t open overtime in the company now, or you can help me.I sneered in my heart, this must be the idea of my mother -in -law, and I did not forget to let me pay for them before divorce.

Okay, I passed by, and I promised that I did not expose my husband’s lies.When I arrived at the hospital, my mother -in -law had been waiting at the payment office early.After all, Mom hadn’t torn her face, and I still shouted. My mother -in -law looked at me from head to toe. Her face was full of indifference, and her mouth came with a word: I still know that I am your mother.

Your dad is almost discharged from the hospital. You have come to see him once. If you have n’t called you today, will you not even come today. I laughed in my heart why I came now because of you, is n’t it all because of you?Besides, how can I meet your family if I have n’t been here.But I just think about these words. Although I do not deal with him, he is also an elder.In addition, the ugliness of the family is unswerving. I don’t want to be busy with him here for a while without time. I don’t want to quarrel. It does not mean that I will whisper.

Looking at a disc’s bill in his hand, I didn’t have a salty sentence: Isn’t it to checkout?Let’s take it, why do you say that you are also your mother -in -law, so you talk to your elders.In this case, don’t blame me for being fierce.

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