Her husband went abroad to work for 3 years and dreamed that his wife was pregnant.

Jiang Liang is a rural person. The conditions at home are not very good. Fortunately, his hometown is closer to Japan and South Korea. There are many opportunities to work.So Jiang Liang chose to work abroad after marriage.

Why go abroad after marriage?Because of this before, Jiang Liang never thought about going abroad, but because he borrowed a lot of money at home and bought a house, there was a problem of children going to school in the future, so Jiang Liang could not help but only go abroad to work.

This shadow and 3 years have passed. He signed a 5 -year contract, but he was very unstable recently. He dreamed that his wife was pregnant and called his wife.But calling my mother, the mother said that everything was good at home, and the wife often went back to see her.

Jiang Liang didn’t know if this was the sixth sense. He strongly felt that his wife had something to hide from him. He was not assured that he worked hard outside, but made a wedding dress for others.Even in the end, the bamboo basket was empty, and the more he thought about it, so he decided to take a few days off and return to China.

However, this is also the reason that the second half of Jiang Liang has had an important impact.He looked back and looked at it, covering it.

The wife is not pregnant, but there is an additional baby at home!Looking at her husband who suddenly appeared at home, the wife was obviously chaotic. Later, she gave up the struggle and told Jiang Liang the truth.This child was discovered when his wife went to the hospital to check the body.The child’s parents do not know who it is, and there is no news when the alarm is alarm.In the past six months, his wife has been taking care of him, so his wife has feelings for the child.

However, the wife has been tangled or not to say to Jiang Liang, and what should be said, so she hides Jiang Liang from the house.Now Jiang Liang knows everything, but she is relieved, and she feels like a negative feeling.But now it is Jiang Liang’s headache.

Is this child adopted?I am not unable to give birth, but I raise two children. This pressure is too great, and after this incident is passed, there is no way to be a person at home. If you explain to others, the child is picked up, and the child grows up.What do you think in your heart?Jiang Liang is very entangled in his heart. Everyone helps him out of his mind. What should I do?

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