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“Headline creation challenge”01

Erwa and Sanwa opened their eyes, and looked at Song Zhaoyi, with doubts, and did not understand why Song Zhaoyi lifted their quilt.

"Get up." Song Zhaoyi said.

Erwa didn’t move: "Only seven o’clock, mother."

"Your dad has already made a good meal." Song Zhaoyi said with a smile.

Sanwa rolled over and sat up: "Mother, my clothes, give me, give me."

Since Sanwa celebrated his four -year -old birthday last year, Song Zhaoyi talked to Da Wa, self -reliance, and he was not allowed to help Sanwa wear clothes in the future.Otherwise, Sanwa cares like a waste.

Several children don’t want a waste brother, no matter how Sanwa asked for a few brothers, they no longer help Sanwa.

Song Zhaoyi threw his clothes to Sanwa, and when Sanwa was worn, she took a shot to organize his clothes.Then he took a few children to go downstairs.

Going downstairs, Sanwa didn’t go to wash his face and washing his hands. He asked, "Brother, is my dad made a meal for this time?"

"A better than last year, it is a normal level." Zhong Dawa commented carefully, "Breakfast will be made by my father in the future."

Zhong Jianguo’s hand shook, and the spoon in his hand almost fell into the steel cooker: "Big baby, don’t scare dad."

"Dad, I also like to eat your meals."

Zhong Jianguo put down the bowl and wiped his face: "Mr. Xiao Song, do you think it is appropriate?"

"Do you think it is appropriate?" Song Zhaoyi asked with a smile.

Zhong Jianguo wanted to say that it was very inappropriate, but thought of his stupid things that he did yesterday, and his words were inherently: "It’s appropriate." After speaking, he glanced at the big baby and the more., Lao Tzu has to beat you two sooner or later.

Song Zhaoyi smiled.

The next morning, Song Zhaoyi did not let Zhong Jianguo cook.

She kicked Zhong Jianguo, and Zhong Jianguo grabbed her leg, which was reflected.When he fell, Song Zhaoyi was really angry, and he couldn’t wait to grab the flowers of Zhong Jianguo’s face.When she saw that Zhong Jianguo turned in from the window, he was out of breath.

Zhong Jianguo took the initiative to make breakfast. It was rare to stir -fry the salty people who had not fried dishes.Song Zhaoyi wanted to be angry with him, and couldn’t get angry.

Having said that, Song Zhaoyi cried, and it really scared Zhong Jianguo.Although Zhong Jianguo knew that Song Zhaoyi was not such a coquettish person, crying was also her intention, but after this, Song Zhaoyi or Zhong Jianguo, Zhong Jianguo never dared to fight back.

So far away.

Song Zhaoyi returned to school and continued to teach students English, but did not teach according to textbooks.

The students also found that not only Song Zhaoyi, but also when the Chinese and math teachers did not follow the textbook.There are many content that they have never heard, and even in the third grade textbooks.

The students were curious and asked the teachers of various subjects.The reason given by the teacher is that learning cannot be limited to the content of books, but also know how to do it.

Mathematics and English teachers said that, there is no problem.

The Chinese teacher said the same?

Students do n’t believe it, and told their parents at home that the school not only changed the lecture, but also taught a lot of knowledge points in the book.As a result, the parents said, "The teacher wants to give you all the things he knows, and you will give me a good job".

The students are honest.

Teachers continued to teach in accordance with the rewriting lessons.

On May 28th, it was also the fifth day of the lunar calendar.

The good news was shared with everyone, Song Zhaoyi finished the letter, and it was confiscated, and it was placed on the table as before.

At 5:30 in the afternoon, Dawa returned with his brother and brother, and Zhong Jianguo returned.

When I entered the door, I heard that the baby was thinking about the letter. Zhong Jianguo glanced at him, and it was his big brother’s handwriting, and said, "Back a loud, read from the head."

"I’m almost finished." Zhong Dawa simply gave him the letter, "Look at it yourself."

Zhong Jianguo took it over and looked at two pieces of paper. He wrote densely. People who were tired for a day were too lazy to watch, so he asked Song Zhaoyi: "What is it?"

Song Zhaoyi said on the same day, "On the day we went back to bury your dad, I told the elder brother that he asked his elder brother to go to my cousin’s ex -husband, and told the person there, we gave her fifty dollars a month,do you remember?"

"Remember." Zhong Jianguo, "Let’s give her fifty a year. You call Dasao to give so much money a month. My stepmother’s son will definitely be excited. After all, the days of rural areas are not abundant.If you can’t, you will come and ask.

"Once they find my stepmother, they will be scolded with Zhao Yin’s personality. They may be able to fight. By then they will fight. Dasao feels that this kind of thing is very unpredictable.Did she really find her brother? "

Song Zhaoyi: "She didn’t find it. Your elder brother went to find his elder brother. The elder family’s family supported the elder brother to do so. He went to Zhao Yin’s village to release the news that afternoon.

"In February and March, it was the time when the rural areas were not connected. It is estimated that the family’s life was not good. I went to Binhai last month to find Zhao Yin. The elder brother listened to Zhao Yin’s neighbor and said that the family had no money.Jack of food stamps. Zhao Yin opened his mouth and scolded others, and did not know where to come from. "

"Speak like this?" Zhong Jianguo was stunned.

Song Zhaoyu’s pouting: "Write in the letter, look at it yourself, on the second page."

Zhong Jianguo quickly pulled out the second page and looked at it with a closer look. He was almost drooling: "The brother pulled his grandma to my stepmother’s house?"

"Yes." Song Zhao said, "The old lady is seventy -eight this year. Without illness, the legs and feet are not good. They cannot help do things at home, and they cannot take care of their children.

Zhong Jianguo was afraid of leaking, and looked at it one by one: "This brother is lacking enough. My own grandma, let others raise it."

"Can you drive Zhao Yin out, do you think this old lady is a bullied master?" Song Zhaoyi laughed, "Maybe it was the old lady’s own idea."

Zhong Jianguo said: "This family is enough. My stepmother has been married to my dad for more than 20 years. I have n’t been in and going to and go for so many years.

"No one in the downturn, there is a distant relative of Fu in the mountains. This kind of thing is normal." Song Zhao said, "Besides, she can tell her two sons, she doesn’t have so much money. Or her money gets money.Keeping a wife for victory. No matter which reason is, she is better than opening her mouth. She speaks unpleasantly, so she can’t blame others to be ugly. "

Self -reliance disagreed: "Mother, what you said is wrong, the grandmother’s son who had born before, should not go to that grandma."

"My cousin’s two sons don’t go to her. When she retires, she may come to our house if she is idle." Song Zhao said.

Self -dumb: "But-"

"Don’t, so. Most people live tightly." Song Zhao said, "If they are rich, Zhao Yin gives people money, and people may not have it.

"It’s not good to have a good life. I have a chance to make my family better, even if this opportunity is slim, people want to try it. Not to mention that person is not an outsider without blood relationships."Life is forced. "


Zhong Jianguo: "Your mother is right. In fact, normal people see that their previous children are not doing well, and they will help. Even if they give two pounds of food tickets. Unfortunately, my stepmother is not a normal person, and it is too bad to do things.By the way, the elder brother said that when he wrote to us, the old lady was still my stepmother. What did she eat? "

"My cousin only has that house, even if I don’t want to go home, I have to go home."

Zhong Dawa didn’t believe it: "Grandma dare not? Aunt said that Grandpa was killed by grandma."

Speaking of his father, Song Zhaoyi didn’t want to laugh. After all, he disrespectful to the dead, but when he thought of what he did, Song Zhaoyi also respected: "If your grandfather drinks the mouse medicine directly, the police have no evidence, and you can’t catch your grandmother to catch it.Get up, your grandmother has to be fame to death.

"But your grandfather drank the medicine, and regretted it again. He told others that he didn’t want to die. The big thing for life and death was like a child’s drama, and they would only say that he was dead."Your dad, dare to say that your grandpa was forced by your grandma? "

"Your grandpa’s death, your grandma has responsibility, and you can’t blame her." Zhong Jianguo, "Your grandpa has money, his legs can walk, and you are not happy.Comfort yourself deliciously. "

Dawa nodded: "Dad is right, grandpa is really stupid."

"Let’s reply to the elder brother." Zhong Jianguo said, "Remember to tell the elder brother, do n’t care about his stepmother, she has children and daughters, and she is beaten with blood. She has her children to help her out."

Song Zhaoyi nodded: "Is there anything else to explain?"

"No." Zhong Jianguo said, and suddenly thought, "Should the boss of the elder brother go to junior high school?"

Song Zhaoyi: "Like our own self -reliance, earlier than self -standing school, this year is only in the fourth grade."

"I saw her higher than her independence, and I thought she had twelve or thirteen years old." Zhong Jianguo.

Song Zhaoyi glanced at him: "The year you joined the army, your elder brother got married. You have only been a soldier for twelve years."

"I didn’t count the time again." Zhong Jianguo was a little uncomfortable, "Don’t say, write a letter quickly."

The big baby turned his head and asked, "What is the name of Dad?"

"Want to cover up." Four words were spit out.

Zhong Jianguo suddenly turned his head: "Zhong Jiansheng, what do you say, say it again?!"

"I’m hungry." The even more than Song Zhaoyi, "Mother, write a letter again, let’s cook first."

Song Zhaoyi thought about: "Also. Is it eaten with bean noodles or steamed buns?"

"Bean noodles." Zhong Dawa said, "Put a few tomatoes and eggs, especially delicious."

Song Zhaoyi nodded: "That’s right. So, Zhong Dawa, you and the self -reliance and one noodle, help you roll the noodles."

"Mother …" Dawa was unwilling. "Ma Zhenxing said that the face is the girl’s life.

Song Zhaoyi: "Then we eat steamed buns to eat cold tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. And there is no oil without oil."

Get out of the big baby: "He Noodles."

"I don’t want to go." Zhong Dawa did not bomb.

Zhong Jianguo laughed and said, "If you don’t say it yourself, you will cook if you put less, who knows you will face it?"

Zhong Dawa thought: "It seems yes."

"Nonsense!" Zhong Jianguo glanced at him, "Hurry up. Don’t say what you have learned in the future." What did you learn? "

Zhong Dawa murmured: "I dare not say anymore."

Song Zhaoyi rubbed the head of the baby, and said, "Erwa, Sanwa, let’s pick tomatoes."

"Mother, I want to eat a red tomato first." Sanwa said, "I’m hungry too."

Song Zhaoyi glanced at him: "I remember that there are only two red tomatoes in the tomato land, and the second baby, do you want to eat one?"

"Can you?" Erwa asked.

Zhong Jianguo followed: "Yes. But I also have to ask you, what do you put in the noodles later?"

"Put, put green vegetables." Zhong Erwa said, "Mother, let’s put amaranth. There are a lot of amaranth beside the fence wall.

Song Zhaoyi looked back at the back: "Skill, don’t let your brother hear it."

Erwa quickly asked: "Mother agrees?"

Song Zhaoyi took off the two red tomatoes in the tomato land and handed it to the second baby: "Wash it again."

"Mother, do you still put eggs in the noodles?" Erwa reminded her, "Without tomatoes, eggs are not put, brother will be angry."

Song Zhaoyi: "One person with a poached egg."

Big baby doesn’t like to eat noodles. If you make tomato egg noodles, he can eat a large bowl.

With good noodles, Zhong Dawa went out to call Song Zhaoyi, telling her to see the hardness of the face.Because the noodles of the noodles need to be harder.

At the door, Dawa saw Sanwa holding a big tomato in his hand, and there was one in Erwa’s hand, all of them ate … Suddenly, the cheeks were bulging and shouted, "Mother, they ate the tomatoes."

"The mother gave it." The younger brother sold the same in unison and sold Song Zhaoyi.

Zhong Dawa didn’t believe: "Mother, isn’t it true?"

"It’s true." Zhong Jianguo, "Your mother is so bad. I told you before, you still don’t believe me."

The big baby looked at Zhong Jianguo: "Is Dad very happy?"

"No, no." Zhong Jianguo did not dare to make his son hairy, "Your mother said as compensation, and then give you a cold dish."

Zhong Dawa: "Is it a cold dish without refueling?"

Zhong Jianguo held: "Song Zhaoyi, don’t laugh, your son is angry."

You have to stop joking.Song Zhaoyi: "Shoot cucumber?"

Zhong Dawa snorted: "No! You roll noodles."

"Okay." Song Zhaoyi smiled, and went to the kitchen to drive himself and even more. He shouted Zhong Jianguo in peeling garlic.

Zhong Jianguo was sitting next to the soil stove and watching her bending over and rolling. I didn’t understand her: "What are you pictures?"

"It’s just two tomatoes." Song Zhao said, "Erwa and Sanwa are not greedy, and they take the initiative to say that they want to eat. They must have specially wanted to eat. Besides, they will grow out in a few days. Then make tomato egg noodles."

Zhong Jianguo: "Are you afraid that Dawa is angry with you?"

"Your son is not so careful." Song Zhao said, "Speaking of being serious, a few children are big at eyes. Have you ever considered what they will learn in the future?"

Zhong Jianguo: "What do you want to learn, I have no opinion."


"Don’t you tell them what majors in the university, what do they know?" Song Zhaoyi glanced at him in vain, "I can go out to see if I can pick up the book and pick it up."

Zhong Jianguo: "I don’t necessarily be able to pick it up. After the revolution has begun for several years, the books in the school should be made into fertilizers."

"Then you have to try it." Song Zhao said, "If you don’t try it, even if you can’t pick it up, it is a bit unwilling."

Zhong Jianguo: "It is called Liu Ye with you, and she can also take the opportunity to see Liu Ping. By the way, Liu Ping is about to give birth?"

"There are more than two months." Song Zhao said, "Just after the three volts, the weather started to cool."

Zhong Jianguo: "Can you pick up this day, don’t you get a man?"

Song Zhaoyi laughed, "If she can have a son out, she will really become the ancestors of the Jin family."

"What do you say?" Zhong Jianguo asked.

Song Zhaoyi: "The eldest sister told me that Jin Lihui’s two brothers gave birth to a daughter. Liu Ping himself married and regenerated the grandson. Jin Lihui’s parents had to treat her as a baby."

"It is possible. Like my sister -in -law, marrying my brother can be considered as a marriage. I couldn’t give me a son for my elder brother. When talking to my elder brother, I could feel the lack of confidence." Zhong Jianguo said, sighed,"Unfortunately, people like me can’t find a lantern. Those who want a daughter who wants a daughter, no one wants to give birth."

"Blame me?" Song Zhaoyi asked.

Zhong Jianguo: "I don’t satisfy myself."

"I know it is very clear." Song Zhaoyi glanced, "I can tell you clearly, you dare to shoot in bed, we will divorce."

Zhong Jianguo’s face changed: "Just say it casually, why are you serious?"

"I’m not taking it seriously? I’m afraid you think I will compromise." Song Zhaoyi said the truth.

Zhong Jianguo coughed and covered his embarrassment: "Teacher Song, can I ask you a question? Why do you hate girls so much?"

"I don’t hate children." Song Zhao said, "I already said when we met for the first time, I just hate living children."

Zhong Jianguo remembered: "As the saying goes, the daughter is a little cotton jacket. You don’t want a girl?"

"Do girls like Liu Ping?" Song Zhaoyi asked.

Zhong Jianguo stunned: "No! I believe you, and I believe I will not get the child like that."

"What if your daughter likes to stand or be more born?" Song Zhaoyi asked again.

Zhong Jianguo suffocated: "… is impossible?"

"Even you are not sure?" Song Zhao said, "Liu Ping can see you, isn’t it normal for your daughter to see your adopted son? So, Comrade Zhong Jianguo, don’t think about it."

Zhong Jianguo wanted to cry: "What kind of life is this?"

"It’s not enough to be condemned." Song Zhaodao spread out the cut noodles, "Burn fire, I cook noodles."

Zhong Jianguo gave her the garlic clove: "How many are so enough?"

"Enough." Song Zhaoyi then made a cold cucumber on the corner of the chopping board.

Song Zhaoyi was an action school. The next day, she went to find Duan Da next door and asked her when she went to the sea to visit Liu Ping.

Duan Dadu learned that she wanted to go to the garbage dump again, so she told her that she would go.

On Sunday, on Sunday, the two arrived in Yongcheng by the fishermen’s boat.

At 12 o’clock, the two met at the dock.

Song Zhaoyu was very happy, Duan Dadu’s expression was stunned.

The two looked at each other and said nothing.When I arrived on the island, I went back to each family, made a good meal, and had a good meal.

Song Zhaoyi sorted out the thirteen books she found.Duan Dazhen took the needle line to make clothes for children.

"What happened to Liu Ping?" Song Zhaoyi wiped the dust on the book before asking.

Duan Dazhen sighed: "Xiao Jin didn’t go to work today, I went to Liu Ping’s house, and the two hadn’t got up yet. Do you talk about it?"

"Is this matter?" Song Zhaoyi was a little speechless. "I thought the Jin family bullied Liu Ping, and you were unhappy when you saw his daughter."

Duan Dadu: "She is about to give birth, Xiao Jin dare not bully her. I am unhappy because I count Liu Ping two sentences. She said she would call me in the future.Don’t pass it. Is this a person? "

"Your girl is not something." Song Zhao said.

Duan Dadu stunned: "Xiao Song, you are really ugly."

"I cooperate with you." Song Zhao said, "You said that these aren’t you wanting me to help you scold Liu Ping? I scold, you feel bad again."

Duan Dazhen opened his mouth: "I feel bad for her." He paused, "I just countd on her good."

"I know." Song Zhao said, "But everyone has everyone’s living law, she will live if she wants to live. You are a mother, and you can’t interfere with too much. Then again, her houseNo land, do you ask her to get up? I can save a breakfast asleep on the bed. "

Duan Dadu: "After nine o’clock, I have eaten all my neighbors, and she is still sleeping.

"Life is not for others." Song Zhaoyi shouted upstairs.

Run self -reliance: "What’s wrong? Mother."

"Take it." Song Zhaoyi pointed at the book, "Check the dictionary you don’t know."

Listen: "Thank you mother."

"Silly child, thank you." Song Zhaoyi laughed, "Don’t say to outsiders, remember to remind a few younger brothers."

Self -reliance: "We know." I ran upstairs and shouted while running.

Duan Dazhen glanced at himself, and looked at Song Zhaoyu, and felt that Song Zhaoyi would raise children than she: "Is it really me?"

"Want to hear the truth?" Song Zhaoyi asked.

Duan Dazhen nodded.

Song Zhaoyi: "I think as long as your girlfriend is not wronged, she goes to heaven, she enters the ground, you don’t need to care about it, you do n’t see it."

"But I can’t help it." Duan Dadao said.

Song Zhaoyi nodded: "I understand. You have to think about it, how many years can you care about her?" Looking at her hand, "I did it for Liu Ping’s children?"

"Yeah." Duan Dadao said, "However, I left my heart and told Liu Ping to find the cloth that her mother -in -law wanted. My cloth ticket was not taken out.","

Song Zhaoyi: "Why is Liu Ping so obedient this time?"

"Liu Ping was unwilling at the beginning. Her mother -in -law told her that the child wanted to wear old clothes." Duan Dadao said, "I told her that the child should not only wear old clothes, otherwise, others will think her daughter -in -law’s daughter, evenI ca n’t get a ticket. She went to her mother -in -law to ask for a ticket. "

Song Zhaoyi laughed: "In the future, Liu Ping sleeps again, and you say, walking more and walking, he would not work hard when there was a child. Anyway, she was a nurse.Can’t sleep all day long. "

"Yeah, why didn’t I think of it?" Duan Dadu was happy, "I went to tell her clearly."

Song Zhaoyi couldn’t help but help: "You go too frequently, you don’t say anything, your girlfriend will be annoying."

"Then, then I will go again after a while." Duan Dazhen said on this, only a week after a week.On June 6th, on the day of Mang, I ran to Yongcheng again.


Duan Dazhen walked early. When she was carrying the bag out, Zhong Jianguo hadn’t gone to the camp.Standing under the corridor and seeing Duan Dadu’s back, Zhong Jianguo couldn’t help asking: "Do you go to Yicheng or Hangcheng last weekend?"

"Yongcheng. What’s wrong?" Song Zhaoyi came out, looked at his fingers, shook his head and sighed, and returned from Yingcheng last time. Duan Dadu said to her, "Liu Ping is best to have a son, if it wasThere was a girl, and the couple quarreled every day. Liu Ye followed, and was ten years old instantly. "

Zhong Jianguo pulled the corner of his mouth: "It’s also she wants to worry. Change to me-"

"You have to have a daughter first." Song Zhaoyi interrupted his words.

Zhong Jianguo stunned: "You don’t give birth."

"Yeah, mother, I want to ask too." The big baby who was ready to go back fold again. "Aunt Liu Ping and Uncle Xiao Jin have children as soon as they get married. You have been married to my dad for many years, why are there no children?"

Song Zhaoyi: "Are you not a child?"

Zhong Dawa shook her head and nodded again: "I mean a very small and small child. Just like, just like a child in the forest’s sister."

"Da Wa, do you want a younger brother or a sister?" Zhong Jianguo asked.

Zhong Dawa blurted: "Brother."

"When I didn’t ask." Zhong Jianguo finished speaking and walked out with a coat.

Zhong Dawa blinked, so unknown: "What happened to Dad?"

"He wants a daughter." Song Zhao said, "I want to give you a younger brother, we have different differences, we have no children."

Self -reliance: "You can have two."

"I don’t want to have two." Song Zhaoyi thought, I didn’t even want to give birth.

Da Wa: "That’s difficult to do this." Without waiting for Song Zhaoyi to speak, he said, "Anyway, I don’t want my sister."

"I don’t want my sister either." Erwa followed, "Mother, you told your dad, don’t think about your sister."

Sanwa suddenly said: "Think of it."

"Zhong Xiangnan!" Dawa stared at him, "You want your sister, take care of it."

Sanwa shook his head: "We can give my sister to others while the father is not at home."

"Yes." Erwa thought about it, "This method is good."

Self -standing and looking at each other, we all see the helplessness in each other’s eyes.

Song Zhaoyi wants to laugh without speech: "Think too much. You will not have a sister in your life."

"That’s good." Zhong Dawa waved his hand, "Departure."

Song Zhaoyu’s ear was clean, but he couldn’t help thinking. It was impossible for someone to say in front of the baby that she couldn’t have a child.The more you think about it, the more you feel this, you can’t help but scold, which is so shameless.

Subsequently, Song Zhaoyi hugged the needle line to go to Ma’s house to find Zhou Shufen, and asked Zhou Shufen to help her inquire. Whoever had to talk about her behind.

When Zhou Shufen heard the intention of Song Zhaoyi, he opened his mouth and asked, "I also want to know why your stomach has never moved."

Song Zhaoyi immediately felt poor breathing: "I don’t want to give birth. Too many children, I don’t want to be exhausted."

"There are a lot of children in your family." Zhou Shufen understood, "But you don’t want to be your own child?"

Song Zhaoyi: "They are big baby."

"I said they were born." Zhou Shufen said.

Song Zhaoyi: "Why do I have to be born?"

"Dear with you." Zhou Shufen blurted out.

Song Zhaoyi laughed: "Your family revitalizes with you, do you have a big baby to kiss me?"

Zhou Shufen took a deep breath and took a deep breath: "I won’t help you inquire."

"Then I go to buy a cloth and make new clothes for a few children." Song Zhao said, "After doing it, let the baby put on new clothes to go to your home to revitalize and play."

Zhou Shufen’s handmade is not good, not because she is lazy, nor because she is not attentive when she makes clothes, but because her hand is stupid. No matter what she does, she is not as good as Song Zhaoyi’s clothes.

Children love to show up, Zhou Shufen dare not imagine that her family Ma Zhenxing saw that the baby had new clothes. He did not, what would he make trouble at that time: "I am afraid of you."

"Don’t say that." Song Zhaoyi laughed, "I didn’t force you again."

Zhou Shufen looked at her: "Teacher Song, do you know your true face?"

"I know from the beginning." Song Zhao said, "He likes me."

Zhou Shufen was silent and could only breathe.

Song Zhaoyi knew it asks: "What’s wrong with you?"

"I finally understand why you stay at home." Zhou Shufen said, "Because no one wants to chat with you."

Song Zhaoyi smiled and said, "You said it was reversed. It’s not speculative half a sentence. I’m too lazy to talk to them."

Zhou Shufen did not like to go out to the door, and understand Song Zhaoyi.But now she doesn’t want Song Zhaoyi to know this, so she deliberately said, "I don’t think you need to check who is behind it to say that you can’t give birth to a child, you will have one out and block their mouths."

"I have said it doesn’t want to give birth." Song Zhaoyi reminded her.

Zhou Shufen: "Then who you can find out this time will have the next time. As long as you don’t have a child for a day, this rumor will not disappear."

"Lao Zhong is the head of the group. There are not many people who dare to say his daughter -in -law on this island." Song Zhao said, "I probably know who it is, just uncertain."

Zhou Shufen was curious: "Who? Such a broken mouth."

"I feel like a mother in the forest." Song Zhao said, "When that woman is different. When I am too lazy to perfuse her, I expose her lies. I guess she hates me and helplessly to me.Over the mouth addiction. "

Zhou Shufen: "Mom in the forest? Chen Dazhen, I don’t know, but she feels uncomfortable to me."

"It seems that your intuition is also quite accurate." Song Zhaoyi stood up, "Help me inquire."

Zhou Shufen stood up quickly: "You go back now?"

"Do I not go back at your home?" Song Zhaoyi asked.

Zhou Shufen stunned and sat back: "Slowly, don’t send it."

"I’m looking for you something, it’s over, don’t go home? Stay to stay with you." Song Zhaoyi realized that she had previously told the truth and explained, "I don’t have this habit.If you make new clothes, do it for your children. By the way, remember to give it, there is no extra cloth in our family. "

"I know." Zhou Shufen waved his hand and motioned for her to go quickly. "I don’t know how the Captain Zhong can stand you."

Song Zhaoyi smiled and said, "I want to know. I ask him back and tell you all the time."

Zhou Shufen opened her mouth and couldn’t believe that she could say such words.I was afraid she would take it seriously, and quickly chased it out: "Don’t ask, I don’t want to know."

"Okay, listen to you." Song Zhaoyi agreed to simply.

Zhou Shufen suddenly felt like he was.But I wanted to explain, Song Zhaoyi had come to the gate.

Song Zhaoyi returned home, took out these good soles these days, and started sewing from self -reliant shoes.At more than two o’clock in the afternoon, the five pairs of sandals were made.

At more than six o’clock, Zhong Jianguo returned. As soon as he entered the door, he saw five children sitting up.

"Yes." Erwa stretched out his feet, "Dad, my shoes are the best?"

Zhong Jianguo nodded: "Yes. However, why do I look at your five shoes exactly the same, is it that I read it wrong?"


Erwa’s face changed slightly, staring at Zhong Jianguo: "I hate you!"

"I don’t hate you, a good son." Zhong Jianguo rubbed his head, and when the second baby returned to God, he drilled into the house.

Song Zhaoyi was rubbing his buns in the room, hearing footsteps, and laughed: "Make your son angry, be happy?"

"General." Zhong Jianguo looked at the color of the steamed buns wrong, "add corn noodles?"

Song Zhaoyu slightly pushed the head: "Go to wash your hands and help me do it."

"Why not let the independence and the big baby help you?" Zhong Jianguo couldn’t help whispering.

Song Zhaoyi waited for him to come back and said, "How can I call my child to cook every day. Anyway, I am fine in the afternoon."

"No white noodles?" Zhong Jianguo asked.

Song Zhaoyi: "There are still a lot. Several children said that adding a little corn noodles inside the white noodles is delicious, so I changed ten pounds of corn noodles with others. Are you coming back recently on time, is it the old Jiang?"

"Lao Jiang’s body is very good." Zhong Jianguo, "A little change on it, we estimate that Lao Jiang may be busy adjusting the deployment."

Song Zhaoyi said: "It’s all tossing on the island, what’s the use?"

"I’m not reconciled." Zhong Jianguo took a noodle, "How to rub?"

Song Zhaoyi: "I rub slowly, you follow me."

Zhong Jianguo nodded.

Song Zhaoyi rubbed a semi -circular, and Zhong Jianguo rubbed a cylinder.

"Are you intentionally?" Song Zhaoyi frowned.

Zhong Jianguo nodded: "Yes."

Song Zhaoyi held up and couldn’t believe it: "What did you just say? Zhong Jianguo, let me listen again."

"I deliberately." Zhong Jianguo laughed, "You teach me once, I promise to do well."

Song Zhaoyi froze, realizing what he said, and laughed, "Okay." The words fell, and people had stood up.

Zhong Jianguo stepped up subconsciously and retreated again and again: "Just kidding, kidding, don’t take it seriously."

"I just take it seriously." Song Zhaoyi reached out and grabbed his arm.

Zhong Jianguo’s conditional reflex wanted to block it, and his hand stretched to half of his hand: "You are making shoes again today, and steamed buns. It’s tiring. You tell me what to do, and you don’t have to teach me."

Song Zhaoyi stared at him, his eyes were burning, "Really not needed? There is only one chance, the leader of the bell."

"No more parents who like to make trouble again."

Song Zhaoyi and Zhong Jianguo looked back at the same way, and saw Dawa standing at the door, old -fashioned.

There was a trace of uncomfortable face on Zhong Jianguo’s face, and he said seriously: "We are not making trouble."

Big baby glanced at his dad, isn’t he a child?

Zhong Jianguo wanted to say, you go.Suddenly realized that he and Song Zhaoyi were blocked.The face suddenly became red, and subconsciously pulled Song Zhaoyi to his side.

Song Zhaoyi stunned.


The head of the head was stunned on Zhong Jianguo’s chin.

Zhong Dawa glanced at the two and shook his head: "Lie and hurt your mouth. People, you can’t do bad things."

"Zhong Jianqiang!" Zhong Jianguo rubbed his chin and gritted his teeth.

Zhong Dawa turned back: "Believe. Because you are a father, you are tall, you are strong, you can beat who you want to beat." Then, he ran to the kitchen with a ghostly face.

Song Zhaoyi rubbed his head and sighed, "Rubbing the buns, the sky is almost dark."

"This skin boy is almost the sky." Zhong Jianguo pointed to the direction of the kitchen. "You don’t care about him?"

Song Zhaoyi: "I remember when we were just married, Da Wa was afraid of you, why not be afraid now?"

In the past, the days were bad. Zhong Jianguo couldn’t get happy. There was no smile all day long. It was gloomy. For a while, he was busy dealing with the old Jiang.Strange.

Later, Song Zhaoyi came to Zhong’s house. The family was lively every day. The smile on Zhong Jianguo’s face was more than a day, and the distance between the children was also close. In the past two years, it was strange for him to be afraid of him.

Zhong Jianguo knew why, he didn’t talk about Song Zhaoyi, he could guess: "Because you have you to protect him."

Song Zhaoyi stunned, but he didn’t expect that he would say that, and he didn’t respond for a while. "You really … when the two of us met for the first time, if you responded so fast, I would never dare to lie to you."

"How can I compare with now." Zhong Jianguo, "At that time, there was no Song Zhaoyi taught me."

Song Zhaoyi stepped on his feet: "Smoles the oil cavity!"

"Mother is right." Dawa came out with an enamel tank and passed by Zhong Jianguo, and quickly said, "Dad, the water is hot, you don’t want to touch me." The potential, you hit me, I pour the hot water, I pour you hot waterOn the body.

Zhong Jianguo’s hand paused: "The heart of the villain. Who is rare to touch you." Wait for Zhong Dawa to cross him, stretched his long arms, and slapped on the big baby’s ass.

The big baby stunned for a moment and almost fell.Hold the door frame subconsciously, hold the body firmly, and ask if you look back, "Are you still my dad?"

"Hou Dad." Song Zhaoyi took over, "Don’t be angry, later to help you clean him up."

Zhong Dawa was happy on his face, and his eyes turned: "Mother, it’s hot today, calling his father to sleep in a bench, a leak on the chair, and cool."

"This idea is good." Song Zhao said, "Then do what you say."

Zhong Jianguo looked at his son, and looked at his daughter -in -law again: "One sing and one, talk about cross talk?"

"I didn’t make a joke with you." Song Zhaoyi looked at him. "Dawa almost fell. Once he fell, it was either on the door or the threshold.

Zhong Jianguo glanced out, and saw that the child hadn’t come over, and said loudly, "I’m wrong, listen to you, sleeping the chair tonight." Then he whispered, "Don’t stun the door at night."There are no mosquitoes on the top, and sleeping overnight can be killed. "

"That’s right." Song Zhao said, "Save you to play with your children regardless of the occasion and place in the future."

Zhong Jianguo’s face slightly changed: "Are you serious?"

"Do you see me like a joke?" Song Zhao said, "Before the sky is not dark, you can borrow a mosquito net." After that, he went to the kitchen with a drawer of steamed buns.

Zhong Jianguo quickly followed: "The mosquito net is not Chinese cabbage. How can you borrow it? Teacher Song, can you remember it first, wait for the sky to be hot?"

Song Zhaoyi thought: "It’s not impossible."

Zhong Jianguo is happy: "Thank you Mr. Xiao Song."

"Don’t be happy too early." Song Zhaoyi told him about what Zhou Shufen asked him. At the end, he asked again, "If others say that my body is wrong, what will you do?" What would you do? "

Zhong Jianguo wanted to say, then gave birth to one.But he knew that Song Zhaoyi was more serious than just now: "What do you want me to say? What do I say?"

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