His wife had a divorce in June. She had to get a fetus and her husband was out of the house. Husband: What should I do?

In fact, couples have stepped back to the sky.

Ms. Yu and her husband Mr. Qiao have been married for three years, and Ms. Yu is still with a child. It has been six months. The husband and wife had a good relationship, but she suddenly had to divorce and insisted on getting the fetus and let her husband let her husbandGo out of the house.

Subsequently, the mediation officer who learned about things directly said to Mr. Qiao that since she is going to divorce, then you leave with her!

So, what is going on?

Mr. Qiao is a honest and honest man. He and his wife met in the game. After the two met, they determined the relationship. After a while, they decided to get married. After the marriage, Mr. Qiao’s mother was particularly good to daughter -in -law.Therefore, Mr. Qiao’s husband and wife lived well.

But all this changed completely after the wife was pregnant.

It turned out that after Ms. Yu, the wife, after pregnancy, her temperament changed greatly. Even because of one thing, she questioned that her husband Mr. Qiao was derailed. Then, there was a scene.Essence

So, is Mr. Qiao really derailed?

Later, Mr. Qiao told the mediators that this was a misunderstanding.

It turned out that before knowing his wife, Mr. Qiao also had a female netizen who had known him for a long time in the game, and the other party had always had a good opinion of Mr. Qiao, and Ms. Yu was very confused about this.

Seeing this, Mr. Qiao broke the contact directly with the other party.

I do n’t know, by accident, Mr. Qiao was pulled into a game group by a game friend, and the female netizen who had n’t been in contact for a long time was also in the group. After that, the other party added Mr. Qiao ’s friend. At that time, his wife was pregnant.Great changes, Mr. Qiao has no one to complain, so he adds the other party.

After adding, Mr. Qiao accidentally complained about "his wife’s pregnancy has changed greatly", but after that, he never contacted the other party again., Husband Mr. Qiao is derailed.

Some people may say that when Ms. Yu is pregnant, her husband, Mr. Qiao, should be given courtesy, but in fact, Mr. Qiao does do that, but his wife treats her husband’s courtesy as a reason to play a temper and work at home.

At that time, because of pregnancy, his wife was often overwhelmed. He always disliked Mr. Qiao clumsy. In order not to affect his wife’s emotions, he simply invited his mother to take care of his wife.He also had a lot of temper and accusing his mother for being unpalatable.

What makes Mr. Qiao’s mother even more angry is that her daughter -in -law actually fought with Mr. Qiao in front of her, and because Ms. Yu had a big belly, Mr. Qiao could only let his wife scold for no reason.

In this regard, Mr. Qiao’s mother had complained about daughter -in -law, but Mr. Qiao still argued seriously for his wife. "Mom, she is pregnant, you should pay more, okay?"

What Mr. Qiao didn’t expect was that a complaint in his mother’s back was heard by his wife. Later, his wife played the question and just shouted at the mother -in -law. Is your son’s goldenness?Why can’t I say it?

Regarding the scolding of her daughter -in -law, Mr. Qiao’s mother had tears in the eye socket on the spot, but because her daughter -in -law was pregnant, she could only sigh and leave.

After that, Mr. Qiao could only quit his job and take care of his wife at home, and his mother with a heart disease was also returned to his hometown by him.

I do n’t know, Mr. Qiao ’s concession is not the wife’ s consideration, but the “torture” that has intensified.

For example, his wife asked Mr. Qiao to eat synchronously with her, that is, what she could not eat during pregnancy, Mr. Qiao could not eat.

What’s more, Ms. Yu also requested that the two went to the toilet simultaneously.

Mr. Qiao said that his wife always got up to the toilet in the middle of the night, and then squatted for four or fifty minutes. At this time, he had to squat with his wife aside. In the words of his wife, I was uncomfortable. Don’t think aboutIt’s easy to feel.

However, Mr. Qiao’s weight was too fat, and he couldn’t stand it for a long time, but his wife Ms. Yu did not have a little pain, and even thought that her husband should do so.

Obviously, such a day, Mr. Qiao was suffering, but he couldn’t complain with his wife, and he happened to meet his previous female netizens asking him about the situation, so he complained about or two.

But what he did not expect was that his wife regarded this as his derailed iron certificate.

Immediately afterwards, the mediator asked, what should I do if you divorce and the car house bought by the man?

In this regard, Ms. Yu said straightforwardly that it must be mine, and all his savings must be hit to my card.

Obviously, Ms. Yu believes that the husband of "derailment" must go out of the house.

But in fact, Mr. Qiao was not derailed, but because he was too smooth to his wife, so that his wife had a "work" capital. At present, the mediator saw Ms. Yu who had to divorce.I simply no longer persuaded, and directly said that since your wife is going to divorce, then you will leave with her.

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