His wife is 6 months of pregnancy, husband betrayed, Xinhuan came to the stage to tear his predecessor: marriage without emotional marriage is immoral moral

Between husband and wife, emotional loyalty is the first.

If you ca n’t do loyalty to each other, there is no basis for getting along. Under normal circumstances, if one party ’s betrayal is found, the first reaction is shame and guilt.

But the man below was different. He had a disdainful smile on his face. When his wife was 6 months pregnant, he even condissed Xinhuan forced his wife to give up. His wife’s repeated endurance became his arrogant reason.

At the mediation site, the consistent calm observers couldn’t stand it, and the anger sent a soul torture on the spot: Are you blushing?Don’t you be ashamed?why did you do this?

Ms. Jiang and her husband, Mr. Tu, are free to fall in love. She likes her husband’s handsomeness and ability. When the two are just married, the relationship is very good.

After the marriage, the two had a daughter. The in -laws always suggested that Ms. Jiang regenerates a son. The husband also said that he was stable at his work. In this case, Ms. Jiang was pregnant with Erbao.She quit her job and concentrate on raising her fetus at home.

Since she is pregnant, she finds that her husband is getting home late and later, and even a rest day, she will make excuses to go out.

One night, her husband was taking a bath, and his mobile phone received a text message. Ms. Jiang saw the text message: "Husband, my stomach hurts, when will you come back?"

Ms. Jiang was strange, who would call his husband? Can this be called casually?She turned over the chat history and found that it was not the wrong message, but that the two had always been called when they chatted.

When the husband came out, he did not admit that the two quarreled, and the husband said, "You just have me."

Ms. Jiang was stunned. The child in her stomach was only six months old. She could already feel the fetal movement. Where would she be willing to give up her child, but the reality made her feel sad. Ms. Jiang cried all night and shouted helplessly, "Who will saveSave me, save my marriage? "

Heart sadness, marriage is the promise of two people. Her husband’s emotional betrayal has become a person’s torment. This is just the beginning. After a day, Ms. Jiang received a call from Xinhuan. The woman asked her directly on the phone: "You youWhen to give up? "

The question is, how could that woman know Ms. Jiang’s phone?What role does Mr. Tu play in the middle?

During the inquiry, Mr. Tu admitted that the phone was given by him.

Mr. Tu means that the two women communicate directly, which is better than him in the middle.

This is the most rogue justified that I have heard. He has no shame, and even complacent, holding a high attitude to let the two women solve the problem. He doesn’t care at all. His wife is already an older mother.There may be life -threatening for mothers and children.

Ms. Jiang, who received the phone call, suddenly felt her heartbeat accelerated, and she was so angry that she still kept emotional restraint. To the woman, "I was like you six years ago, and she also fell in love with him deeply.The man who entrusts a lifetime has changed his heart now, but you can guarantee that he will not dislike you six years later, but he likes the other girl? We are a husband and wife, the child will be protected by the law, and your child will be different.It’s. "

Ms. Jiang’s frankness said that she cried the other party. The woman admitted that she had a failed marriage and was attracted by Mr. Tu’s charm. Mr. Tu had promised to give her a home, but she couldn’t do it.

It seems that such communication is still effective, but can two people without bottom lines, can you expect the other party’s commitment to count?

It didn’t take long for Mr. Tu to move out of the house. The light and the other person lived with the other person, which made Ms. Jiang collapse. She called her husband, and her husband was even too lazy to make excuses, but all admitted.

When the matter progressed here, Ms. Jiang also found that the marriage lost its meaning and proposed a divorce. Mr. Tu said that buying a house is his down payment, and the expenses of the family are also herself.She came to "Emotional Mediation" and asked herself a fair.

What is incredible is that Xinhuan also came to the scene.

She heard that Ms. Jiang persuaded her husband to be too selfish. She had to consider for two children. She went directly to the stage to tear: "Marriage without emotion is immoral. You have nothing to do with me.","

Her words rose the observer at the scene, and Mr. Tu had always smiled with disdain on his face. A medievagers directly took place: "Why do you have no feelings for your wife who is pregnant?Come? Xinhuan is also a woman, do you have no shame? Is such a man so ruthless, really worth your rely on? "

Another observer can’t sit still. He said: "Husband is not just a title, but also responsibility and responsibility. Your superiority is that he has a stable job and income, but he did not think about what his wife gave up her job.She has a love for home and children, not the reason you can hurt at will. "

On Mr. Tu, let us see the coolness of human nature.

Guarding the pregnant wife is the obligation of her husband. He not only did not do it, but also hurt each other unscrupulously.

He believes that he has a house and a car, and a woman is willing to like himself. It is very face -to -face, but ignores that his happiness is based on the pain of his wife.

But things have developed to such a situation, which is also a dilemma for Jiang Girls.

I chose to adhere to marriage so that in the face of her husband’s infidelity, I lived in unhappy all day, and did not know how to guide the children.

If you give up your marriage, after the birth of Erbao is a child of a single -parent family, you must put down the job when you hold your child.

Netizens have supported them.Some people say, "This is the first time to see this, you must not ask the child to give him the child, and let him take the child to see how romantic romance."The greatest interest, finding a job by yourself, self -reliance is the king. It is undeniable that there will be problems in the marriage, and you need to reflect seriously. "Some people said," This man laughed well, is shameless, womenThe generosity of men, in exchange for men’s ruthlessness, there is really no need to be soft -hearted and strive for their own interests. "

Everyone says that it is really important for women to choose the right person.

Some women believe that marrying people must find rich in -laws, so that they can live a comfortable life after marriage. The fact is that if there is a problem with the character, the more money, the more reverse.

In contrast, when marrying, finding a man who is reliable to do things is more important than anything. Perhaps it is a bit difficult to have a life when you just get married, but as long as the two parties work together, the marriage will be better and better.

I also want to tell Ms. Jiang here, let go!You can never wake up a person who pretends to sleep. The man changes his heart and no longer has the value of nostalgia. What you need to do is to take care of yourself and arrange the child properly. Since the man has admitted his emotional betrayal, then hold evidence with evidenceMaintain your own rights.

Sometimes the best punishment for the person who makes mistakes is to make yourself better.

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