How can expectant mothers alleviate stomach discomfort and acid reflux during pregnancy?Methods here

Anti -acid is that the food that has been digested in the stomach is half -gathered back from the esophagus and entered the oral pharyngeal.

Most of the expectant mothers who are pregnant have this feeling, and they have early pregnancy and late pregnancy.Anti -acid and hormone levels, slow gastrointestinal peristalsis, increased uterus increase in the third trimester, upper diaphragm lifting, and compressing the stomach.

Although acid reflux during pregnancy is a physiological phenomenon and cannot be completely eliminated, as long as you learn the following tricks, it will greatly alleviate acid and discomfort.

First of all, expectant mothers should stay away from spicy, cold or easy -to -produce foods.For example, peppers, vinegar and other seasonings, and citrus, pineapple and other sour fruits, starch foods such as sweet potatoes and potatoes (easy to produce acids).Hot pot, spicy and hot, ice cream also temporarily say Byebye ~

Do not stick to caffeine or carbonated diet for the time being, such as coffee, strong tea, chocolate, cola, Sprite, etc.

Secondly, a small amount of meals, chewing slowly, and "eating soft rice".7 minutes per meal to avoid lying or bending down immediately after meals.Sleep half an hour after lunch and 3 hours after dinner.

In addition, the prospective mother’s shirt should also be loose, especially underwear, which cannot be too tight.

Pay attention to the sleeping posture. When the expectant mother sleeps, the pillow is more pillow, allowing the head to lift the head for 10-15cm can effectively reduce the esophageal reflux.

When the mother -in -law is sour and uncomfortable, you can eat a few raw peanuts (better when the empty stomach), which is very effective for reducing gastric acid

In addition, you can also eat alkaline foods to neutralize gastric acid to relieve discomfort, such as raw carrots, steamed buns, bread slices, soda biscuits, bananas, apples, pears, etc.

Drinking hot milk after breakfast or dinner can also effectively protect the gastric mucosa. The effect is very good ~

Specific mothers usually drink more millet porridge, which can neutralize gastric acid and protect gastric mucosa.

If the above methods cannot alleviate the symptoms of anti -acid, stomach discomfort, or the heavier symptoms, we must be alert to diseases such as reflux esophagitis, gastric duodenal ulcers or chronic gastritis. Go to the hospital to see.

Under the guidance of a doctor, expectant mothers can use some acidic suppression agents and gastric mucosal protective agents such as omeprazole, sulfur and aluminum sulfur aluminum, and the general effect is very good, and it will not affect the fetus.

In addition, when the expectant mother coughs and constipation, the intra -abdomen is up, which will also aggravate acid reflux.Therefore, it is also important to prevent colds and constipation ~

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