How can I be sure that I am pregnant?In addition to doing B -ultrasound, there are three commonly used methods!

Whether you want a child or not, pregnancy is a big deal for women.

So, what methods can help women know if they are pregnant more accurately?

1. pregnancy test stick

This is the most common and most common pregnancy test.Many women determine whether they are pregnant by testing the pregnancy test.After women are pregnant, hormone HCG will secrete hormone, and this will also spread throughout the body with the flow of blood.Therefore, women can use the pregnancy test stick to monitor whether the urine contains HCG to determine whether they are pregnant.

2. Basic body temperature

Generally speaking, after women are pregnant, their physical temperature will rise slightly, about 0.3-0.5 degrees, and this phenomenon will also appear in women’s ovulation period.Women who prepare for pregnancy can continue to monitor their body temperature with the thermometer. If the body temperature increases during ovulation, and about ten days after the physiological period, the body temperature is still not recovering, it is likely to be pregnant.Women are best to go to the hospital for a review to accurately determine whether they are really pregnant.

3. B ultrasound

If a aunt does not come, it is the most secure way to go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound. One is to infer whether he is pregnant, and the other is to determine that the menstruation is not found when other factors are found.B -ultrasound is the most reliable method of pregnancy. If pregnant women are pregnant, there will be a circular halo in the uterus projected on the ultrasonic screen, so that 100 % can be determined and women are pregnant.

4. Blood HCG detection

This principle is the same as the pregnancy test stick. It mainly detects whether women contain HCG, but the relative pregnancy test sticks are more accurate and more reliable.The detection of blood HCG can be done in about 20 days in the same room, and the accuracy of the detection of blood HCG is more than 99%. It can be seen that it is a very stable pregnancy measurement method.At the same time, the detection of blood HCG can also provide a basis for the diagnosis of diseases such as ectopic pregnancy, hydatidal fetus and other diseases.

There are a large part of women in life. Because they fail to find the fact that they are pregnant early, some bad habits such as staying up late have not changed early. When they really find that they are pregnant, these bad habits have had a negative impact on children. Therefore, mastering, masteringThese pregnancy test methods are extremely important for women. On the one hand, they can be aware of their physical changes on the one hand. On the other hand, they can know whether they are pregnant, and then they can take some rational measures early.

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