How can I get pregnant?

A few days ago, a female patient came to the TCM gynecological gynecology clinic of Women and Children’s Hospital in Fuyang City, saying that she had just come to a regular leave and vaginal bleeding.The first reaction of the inpatient Bao Manman asked him to test the pregnancy first, but the female patient said that she did not have the same room after menstruation, thinking that "there is no possibility of pregnancy" and refused to test pregnancy.

"This time, menstruation is clean and not in the same room, but there is a possibility of pregnancy before." I repeatedly persuaded, but the patient still resolutely refused.Bao Mang can only give the other party gynecological examination first. As a result, the cervix was obvious, the palace body had tenderness, and the tenderness in the right attachment area was obvious. The doctor once again proposed that the patient had to test, but the patient still resolutely refused.

In the end, Bao Mang can only tell patients that if he refuses to test pregnancy, all consequences and responsibility have been responsible, and you need to sign.The test results of Yang "returned to the outpatient clinic, and said incrediblely," Doctor, how can I get pregnant? "

After seeing the test sheet, Bao Manman told the patient: "You are not only pregnant, but also may be an ectopic pregnancy." And immediately opened a emergency color Doppler ultrasound for her.The average quality is slightly high, and the ectopic pregnancy is considered; 2. Pelvic effusion ".Bao Mang was included in the hospital ward and underwent emergency surgery that night.

For patients with menstrual disorders, the regular examination of gynecologists is pregnancy testing.For patients with a menstrual period, they usually do not question the choice of doctors, but for patients who have just passed the holiday, they usually ask, how can I get pregnant?

In fact, the menstruation that patients have just come are only the symptoms of vaginal bleeding.So, under what circumstances, vaginal bleeding is related to pregnancy?

1. Extrace The pregnancy: Generally manifested as after menopause or the menstrual period has just expired, vaginal bleeding, and the amount of bleeding is less than menstrual flow. Patients usually after bleeding, or ectopic pregnancy rupture, lower abdominal pain, anal swelling, etc.Essence

2. Breakfast abortion: It is manifested as postmenopausal vaginal hemorrhage, and the amount of bleeding is significantly less than the menstrual flow. When the threatened influx is further developed and vaginal bleeding increases, it may develop to inevitably abortion, completely abortion, and incomplete abortion.

3. Pregnancy Nourishing cell disease: It mainly includes hydatidal tires, nourishing cell tumors, etc. This type of disease can also occur irregular vaginal bleeding, the amount of amount is uncertain, and HCG is mostly positive.

In addition, in clinical work, there are many reports that occur in the pregnancy of patients with ring, surrounding menstruation, and lactating patients, and there are many reports on pregnancy after ligation.

In this regard, Bao Manman believes that for menstrual disorders, you must not be lucky to take a shortcut and bypass the "pregnancy test" link.

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