How can I get pregnant quickly?Don’t worry, please take the two recipes of menstruation for menstruation

Friend Xiaohui has not been pregnant for three years. Facing the "spontaneous" from all directions, in order to take care of face, he has always claimed that he still wants to play more for another two years, but it will be 30 years old. Xiaohui himself also himself.Some anxious, want to give birth to the child before the end of the best childbirth age.In fact, she had irregular menstruation before marriage. After marriage, she also looked for Chinese medicine to condition, but because of her work, I did n’t have time to boil Chinese medicine, and the taste of Chinese medicine was too difficult to drink.It was also easy to diarrhea. The whole person lost a lot, and finally gave up.

After a deep chat with Xiaohui, I learned about her problem. I told her that irregular menstruation can not only take drug treatment, but also start with diet in life to perform appropriate conditioning.EssenceSome Chinese herbal medicines can be eaten alone or as ingredients, and they can be eaten with normal food. They will be much smaller for the side effects of the body.

Women with poor gastrointestinal digestion can drink porridge, but don’t just drink white rice porridge, but have no nutrition to the body.For women with menstrual disorders, they can be eaten frequently.Prepare,.In addition, prepare again.Put the rice in the pot and cook until it is cooked, then put the materials prepared above into the pot together and stir well.

This porridge has a good effect on women’s irregular menstruation and blood stasis and abdominal pain.The best porridge is to avoid using an iron pot.Do not add other ingredients except the materials introduced above.

Women with poor appetite can eat cold dishes, especially in summer, cold dishes will be more refreshing and easy to import.Women with menstrual disorders can taste.Need, and a little, and a little.Wash the ingredients and simmer for a minute in the boiling water. After removing, cut into pieces.The prepared scent of fragrance must also be cut into pieces, then mix with Malan head, and then add the previously prepared condiments to stir all.

This side dish has the effect of clearing heat and cooling blood, and has a good conditioning effect on women’s menstruation.

Frankly speaking, irregular menstruation can indeed affect pregnancy, but many people misunderstand the purpose of treating irregular menstruation. They feel that the treatment of irregular menstruation is for pregnancy. If it is not for pregnancy, most people choose to drag a drag.Drag, or directly ignore it.In fact, the most important role in treating irregular menstruation should be healthy.In addition to your health, you must be healthy.It will also be carrying too much pressure in the heart, which will also become a factor in irregular menstruation, aggravate irregular menstruation, and make pregnancy more difficult.

So let go of the pressure to get pregnant quickly and face irregular menstruation.Find the real cause of irregular menstruation and apply the right medicine.At the same time, we need to pay attention to conditioning in daily life.Just be a healthy person, do things that normal people will do, and always prepare for pregnancy.For example, paying attention to rest, regular work, and not allowing yourself to be overworked; balanced diet, eating more fresh vegetables, fruits, high -protein and low -fat foods; more physical exercise can be yoga, jogging, swimming and so on.For women with relatively strong mental stress, exercise can also help you release stress, enhance physical fitness, and provide a stronger living environment for future babies.

Xiao Hui thought about it, thinking that he did not have too much about menstruation at the beginning, and he was too anxious to want a child in the later period. He was too stressful to know that he could not eat hot tofu.It means that the focus will now be focused on irregular conditioning menstruation, and it will also be prepared to welcome a new life at any time.Let us bless her for pregnancy!

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