How can I judge that I am pregnant in the early stages of pregnancy?

I remember when I was pregnant before I was pregnant, I always felt uncomfortable, and I was particularly easy to feel tired. There was a faint pain in the lower abdomen, and my aunt had not been postponed.Later, when I went to the toilet, there was a phenomenon of bleeding, and I thought my menstruation was irregular.Running to buy Yiyu Mother Herbal Ointment, it still has not changed for more than a week.It is still continuing to bleed, coupled with the symptoms of frequent urination and urination, and thought he was sick, so he hurriedly ran the hospital for examination, only to find that he had been pregnant for more than a month.The novice pregnant mother must not understand that in fact, the pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last menstruation.So unknowingly became pregnant for a month [cover your face] [cover your face].I think of the situation with my aunt, but it is still a bit different.

1. Fart

The uterus has gradually become bigger to adapt to the development of the fetus in the later period. Therefore, it will press the intestine and fart, and it will be stinky.

2. frequent urination

The uterus compresses the bladder, which makes the bladder size smaller and reduced urine storage.

3. Easy fatigue

Pregnant mothers will feel particularly easy to get tired, and often do n’t do anything, and they are already tired.If you have a menstruation after the same room, and then feel particularly easy to fatigue. Under the premise of considering other factors, you can consider whether you are pregnant.

4. Grancoloa

In the influence of the pregnancy hormone in the receptor, the mood of pregnant mothers will become poor, and I always want to get angry inexplicably. This is very similar to the aunt.

5. The chest becomes larger

This is also the effect of progesterone. In addition to the bigger chest, there will also be tingling, and it is hard to feel.

6. Loss appetite

This is also the effect of progesterone. Pregnant mothers generally have loss of appetite and nausea and vomiting.The editor is just the opposite. There is no discomfort. Instead, the appetite is super good, eats a lot of food, and is hungry quickly. There is no pregnancy reaction. Is it too different?

7. Rise body temperature

The influence of hormones such as internal progesterone, the body temperature of pregnant mothers will increase, and it is difficult to fall, and it is particularly obvious when sleeping.Therefore, when this happens and has no other symptoms of discomfort, first consider whether you are pregnant, do not use the medicine blindly to prevent the baby in the body.

8. Auntie is not postponed

After two weeks of postponed aunt, the chance of pregnancy is very high.Or some pregnant mothers have a small amount of bleeding as me, especially after exercise and after eating spicy food, this is not irregular menstruation, but because of low progesterone or other reasons.

Basically, some will be very similar to the situation of the aunt, so pregnant mothers must pay attention to it, do not use the medicine random, you can also buy a pregnancy test stick for testing. What are the cases in time?It’s all pregnant!

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