How can women accurately determine whether they are pregnant?How long can it be measured?

How long can a woman be measured? Generally speaking, women can be measured for pregnancy from a week to 10 days after real pregnancy.Once the sperm of men and women’s eggs are combined into fertilized eggs, the fertilized eggs are about 7-10 days after the endometrium bed, and the placenta of pregnant women will secrete a human chorionic gonadotropin.

How do women judge whether they are pregnant

Generally, 10–14 days after pregnancy are more obvious.Generally speaking, about 18 days after the normal husband and wife live, you can determine whether you are pregnant by detecting urine, especially to detect morning urine. After the sex life of the husband and wife, the earliest week, the latest about 3, about 3One week, you can measure whether you are pregnant.

Gynecological diseases and other menstruation will cause menstruation or delay.

Therefore, you cannot rely on this to judge whether you are pregnant; there are symptoms of nausea and vomiting, many women in the early stages of pregnancy have often changed due to the significant changes in progesterone levels in the body, often appearing nausea, vomiting, acidic, and oily.Women who smell unpleasant smells will vomit. For women with vomiting of pregnancy, they need to be hospitalized; breast pain occurs.

Many women will show changes in breast bloating, tenderness, itching, obvious nipples, deepening of nipples, and areolas after pregnancy after pregnancy. This is related to the increase in hormones in pregnant women’s body.But most of them do not need to be treated specially.In addition, pregnant women often have different performances such as frequent urination and pain in lower abdomen.

If the menstruation of women has always been regular, about 6 weeks after the last menstruation, the regular menstruation has not yet been ruled out, especially if women still have nausea, vomiting, fatigue, drowsiness during this periodA series of symptoms such as anorexia and picky eaters can basically be determined that it is pregnant, but there are exceptions. It is necessary to eventually go to a regular hospital for gynecological examination to be diagnosed if you are really pregnant.

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