How did the fetus develop in the stomach of the pregnant mother?Take a look at these 3D pictures!

From fertilization to childbirth, what is this process?Let ’s show you a 3D picture from pregnancy to landing. The fetus in the stomach of the pregnant mother develops a 3D picture per week. Come and see!

Week 1 of pregnancy:

This week, the "baby" exists in the form of sperm and eggs in the body of both husband and wife.


Ovarian releases eggs

Week 2 of pregnancy:

The life of the eggs in the fallopian tube is 12-36 hours.

The life of the eggs in the fallopian tube is 12-36 hours.

During this period, almost 300 million sperm worked hard to become the lucky one who found and entered the egg.

In fact, there are only a few sperm that can reach the eggs, and in the end, only one sperm can break through many obstacles and form fertilized eggs with the eggs.The course of fetal life began.

Week 3 of pregnancy:

Fertilized egg bed

Week 4:

Fertilized eggs develop into embryo

Week 5 of pregnancy:

Fetal heart development

Week 6 of pregnancy:

Fetal brain development

Week 7 of pregnancy:

The facial features of the fetus develop

Week 8 of pregnancy:

Other organs of the fetus continue to develop

Week 9:

Fetal formation

In the 9th week, the fetus’s small hands and feet grew very fast.The fetus at this stage seems to be a villain.Both fingers and toes have been developed, but they are even together.

At this time, the fetal eyes are only covered by eyelids, and they cannot be opened, and their noses have taken shape.

Week 10 of pregnancy:

Fetal genital development


Female baby

Week 11:

The main organs of the fetus in this period of time have developed, and they have begun to work.

In the 10th week of the fetus, there were already small hands, and this week’s pink nails began to have it. He also began to grow hair, and his heart began to supply blood to all internal organs.

Week 12 of pregnancy:

The fetus of this time is frown, smiles, loves to move her arms, loves to play fingers and toes, and loves the thumbs.Will yawn.

Week 13 of pregnancy:

The fetus at this time period has been completely formed. If you go to the B -ultrasound, you can see that his basic outline can be seen in the B ultrasound.

The organs of the fetus have not grown well at this time period

Week 14 of pregnancy:

The fetus’s head was sporadic.At 14 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can eat more black sesame seeds.

Week 15 of pregnancy:

The skin of the fetus is still very thin. The skin is beginning to be covered by the fetal hair. Don’t underestimate these small hair, they can keep the baby warm.

Week 16 of pregnancy:

After the development of the first 15 weeks, the fetus’s arms and legs were developed, and the joints began to move.

Fetal leg development is complete

If you are a second -born mother, you can feel your baby move this week.

Week 17 of pregnancy:

During this period, the fetus’s eyes were still closed, but it has become even greater.The eyelashes and eyebrows of the fetus are longer.

Week 18 of pregnancy:

Babies at 18 weeks of pregnancy have begun to enter the scattered world. Every day, she keeps turning around, turning around, tabbing, and hands -on!It doesn’t stop for a moment.

Week 19:

19 weeks of pregnancy

The fetus at 19 weeks of pregnancy can dexterous cheating, fork legs, kicking, leaning, and rolling.

Week 20:

The fetus at 20 weeks is closed to support the eyes, "listening to the mother".At this time, the fetus cannot open its eyes.

Week 21:

21 weeks of pregnancy

The fetal eyes at 21 weeks of pregnancy began to turn around, but the eyelids were still closed.

Week 22:

The 22 weeks of pregnancy have sweat glands, and the skin is not as transparent as before.

Week 23:

The 23 weeks of pregnancy can distinguish the sounds from outside the uterus and the inside of the pregnant woman’s body.

You can clearly see the baby’s gender when the fetus is 5-6 months.

Week 24:

If the pregnant mother strokes her belly or speaks to the fetus, the fetus will respond in its way.

For example, the fetus can poke the uterus with a small hand, and the pregnant mother will feel itching.

Week 25 of pregnancy:

The 25 weeks of pregnancy can open their eyes.

Week 26:

The eyes and hearing system of the fetus at 26 weeks of pregnancy have also been completely formed. At this stage, the fetus is becoming more and more sensitive to the outside world.

Week 27 of pregnancy:

His eyes were opened at 27 weeks of pregnancy, and now he opened it for a while and closed for a while, very active.

Week 28:

The fetal lungs of 28 weeks of pregnancy can already breathe.

Week 29:

29 weeks of pregnancy

When the pregnant woman is 29 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus can be given to the fetus, so that the baby can listen to music and read some books for the baby.

Week 30 of pregnancy:

The fetal hair of 30 weeks of pregnancy will disappear, but there is a black hair, which is quite dense.At this time, the fetus will slowly turn the head down, and he will kick the ribs of the pregnant mother with a small foot at any time.

Week 31 of pregnancy:

31 weeks of pregnancy

The fetus at 31 weeks of pregnancy continues to develop.

Week 32:

The internal organs of the fetus at 32 weeks of pregnancy are gradually developing and mature, and toenails have not been fully grown before.

Week 33 of pregnancy:

33 weeks of pregnancy

The fetal skin of 33 weeks was red before, and now it slowly turns into pink.

Week 34 of pregnancy:

The fetal immune system at 34 weeks is developing.

It may have stayed in the backward posture, but it is different from entering the pot. He has to maintain this posture for 1-2 weeks.

34 weeks of pregnancy

Week 35 of pregnancy:

The fetal digestive system of 35 weeks of pregnancy has basically developed, and the lungs have become mature.His little arms and legs became plump.

Week 36 of pregnancy:

Most of the fetus at 36 weeks of pregnancy adopt a downward posture.He may be in the basin, and the baby will work hard to prepare for birth.

Week 37 of pregnancy:

The fetus at 37 weeks of pregnancy has been spent in the stomach of the pregnant mother, and he can come out to see the outside world at any time.

Week 38 of pregnancy:

38 weeks of pregnancy fetus

The fetus at 38 weeks of pregnancy has matured, and the body has been developed.

Week 39 of pregnancy:

38 weeks of pregnancy

The fetal lungs at 39 weeks of pregnancy are also mature, and the umbilical cord is now about 51 cm.

Week 40:

After a long wait, the baby came to this world.

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