How do I know that I am pregnant?There are 5 signals in the fertilized egg in bed, one of them is also worthy of congratulations

For many women who do not experience, only when they are pregnant, they will only be aware of it when their menstruation is delayed for many days.

However, the menstrual cycle of many people is irregular, because life and eating habits have caused menstruation to be on time, so they are not accurate to judge whether pregnancy is delayed with menstruation.

In fact, pregnancy will not only have a delay in menstruation. When the fertilized eggs are successfully bed, other changes will occur in women’s bodies.

When there are eggs in the ovaries, and then fertilized eggs are formed, it takes about 6-7 days to go to the uterus.

About 3–4 days after bed, the weak positive can be measured with early pregnancy test strips.That is, about 11 days after the same room is in the same room, you can test whether you are pregnant.

There are 5 signals in the fertilized egg in bed, one of them is also worthy of congratulations

1. Easy to be sleepy

Women often feel tired and sleepy after pregnancy, and do not want to continue to sleep all day.Because after pregnancy, the body secretes a lutein, which causes women’s body to be tired.

If women who are preparing for pregnancy are also very energetic before, after eliminating other reasons, they suddenly have often suffering from sleepy. I want to sleep. Pay attention to check whether it is pregnant.

2. frequent urination

After the fertilized eggs are bed in a woman’s uterus, women’s body begins to secrete more fluffy gonadotropin. The most direct impact of this hormone secretion is to stimulate the bladder and cause women to always want to go to the toilet.Therefore, women in the first day of pregnancy often have frequent urination.

Therefore, if women who are preparing for pregnancy, if you find that you often urinate frequently these days, you will go to the toilet for a while. Congratulations to you may be successful.

3. Increased waist and abdomen cramps

After the fertilized eggs are successful, many women will feel the inexplicable cramps in the waist and abdomen, which will also appear during menstruation.

However, if it is not menstrual period, it is obvious that there are cramps in the lower abdomen or back, indicating that it may be a signal of fertilized eggs in bed.

Because after the fertilized eggs are bed in women’s body, it will begin to promote hormone secretion in the body, which increases the cramps in the waist and abdomen.Therefore, women during pregnancy can also pay attention to whether this signal appears.

4. Blood color appears on the underwear

After the fertilized egg is successfully bed in the uterus, a phenomenon of bed bleeding will appear.Therefore, many women have vaginal bleeding after pregnancy. This is actually the so -called fertilized egg bleeding.

If it was not for women during the menstrual period, a small amount of red or pink blood wire appeared on the underwear. Note that it may be a signal of successful pregnancy.This phenomenon is also normal, don’t worry too much.

5. Breast discomfort

Women who are during pregnancy, if they find that their breasts have swelling and tingling at the beginning, they later become soft. Except for the menstrual period, this change may be changes in pregnancy.

Women will secrete a large amount of hormones in the body shortly after pregnancy. In order to adapt to this change, the body will cause chest discomfort. When adaptation, the breasts will return to the normal state before.

Women who are during pregnancy, if about 11 days after the same room, find that these changes have appeared, indicating that the signal of the fertilized egg successfully bed, indicating that she is pregnant.

At this time, be careful not to take medicine and injections. If you have any questions, please consult a professional doctor in time.Pay attention to keeping a pleasant mood in the early stages of pregnancy, and avoid severe exercise and excessive fatigue in the early stages of pregnancy.

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