How do I know that I am pregnant fastest?

1. How do I know that I am pregnant fastest?

On the long way to prepare for pregnancy, it may not be smooth sailing. Even after various efforts, there is still a certain probability factor in truly successful pregnancy. To put it plainly, it is to look at luck and fate.

After ovulation day, I started to wait for the time after 2 weeks. This is the most torment.

Once I was not pregnant, my aunt arrived as scheduled, but I entered the next pregnancy happiness happily.

Before the lottery, there may be various signs that indicate that you may be pregnant.

1. All kinds of discomfort

Such as dizziness, nausea, no appetite, sleepy, backache, etc.

But if you just suspect that you are pregnant with these factors, the chance of fraud is quite high.

One is that these symptoms are actually very subjective, and it is psychological factors.Unless you really spit out something, something such as dizziness, nausea, no one can feel except the parties.

Second, because the symptoms such as dizziness and backache are similar to the symptoms before menstruation, so it cannot be explained at all.

2. Bed bleeding

After the fertilized eggs (about 7-10 days of ovulation), some people’s vagina will appear red or pink blood stains.

Of course, because this situation does not happen, and this bleeding and the early menstrual bleeding are indeed very close (the difference of 0.3-0.5 degrees), and it is difficult to distinguish, so it is not possible to treat this symptom as a certaintyEvidence of pregnancy.

Sometimes, you are surprised to find that there is some blood in those days, and it may be just that the aunt will come in advance.

3. Cold in bed

Similarly, after the fertilized eggs (about 7-10 days of ovulation), the body temperature drops suddenly one day, and then the body temperature will rise significantly the next day. This sudden low temperature is to cool the bed in bed.

But because the cooling range is actually small, and there are too many factors that affect the accuracy of the thermometer, it is not too certain.

However, if you are really pregnant, you will continue to have a low fever after being expected to come to the date of the aunt.And if the body temperature drops suddenly on the first day of the original menstruation, usually within half a day to a day, the aunt will come as scheduled.

4. Ovulation test strip

The ovulation test strip can be more pregnant than the pregnancy test stick/early pregnancy test strip!

Similarly, after the fertilized eggs (about 7-10 days of ovulation), if the ovulation test strip appears strong, it means that you may be pregnant.

Notice!It must be strong yang, and weak yang is not counted.

Qiangyang is the test line as deep as the opposite line, or deeper than the comparison line.

If you are anxious, you can use ovulation test strips on the seventh day after the ovulation day. Compared with finding that the ovulation test strip is gradually deepening, it is very playful!

5. Pregnancy test stick/early pregnancy test strip

The method and principle of the test strip of the pregnancy test and early pregnancy test strips are exactly the same.

The former is more high -end, with plastic rods, handheld, bigger and clearer vision.

Early pregnancy test strips are cheaper, and continuous testing is fine.

Therefore, you can start testing with early pregnancy test strips from 7-10 days of ovulation. If you find that the early pregnancy test strip can see the weak yang, the weak yang gradually deepen to the strong yang, you can use the pregnancy test stick to confirm.

Introduce several brands of products.

David, a particularly popular brand, generally rarely measures pregnancy before menstruation, but it is not easy to scam.

Jin Xiuer, the test strip is very sensitive. If you are pregnant, you can see the results earlier than other brands; the disadvantage is that it is too sensitive and easy to scam.

Core Lan, a very high -end imported brand, can be used without urine cups. The results are displayed through blue cross instead of traditional two -way bars.The earliest can be found in 2-4 days before the arrival of menstruation. Although it is ashamed, as long as Qiangyang is basically not fraud.Some hospitals abroad use Corelan to confirm whether they are pregnant.

Ca Lan also has a more advanced product, electronic pregnancy test stick. You don’t have to stare at both eyes of the test strip. The pregnancy test stick will clearly tell you "pregnancy" or "not pregnant".

If there are several types of symptoms, if there are several at the same time, then it is basically sure that you are pregnant.

Of course, more accurate, you also need to go to the hospital to confirm the official confirmation.

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