How do pregnant mothers find that she is pregnant?What are the strange reactions when you find pregnancy?

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How do pregnant mothers find that she is pregnant?

When you see greasy things, you are nauseous

I used to be nauseous about greasy things. What roast ducks, roast chicken, chicken chop, I still like to eat, but in those days, I suddenly felt nauseous when I saw this kind of thing.Saying that I am sexually turned, an experienced Bao mother said, "Are you pregnant?" After reminding her, I used the pregnancy test stick to test, and it really was a double bar.

Frequent urine

I was an frequent urine at first, especially I liked to get up to the toilet at night, and was awakened by urine every night. She said that she was so pregnant with my big nephew. I have no contraception recently.To buy a pregnancy test stick to test, the test is also a double bar.

Often sleepy

Many netizens said that in those few days, they were often sleepy and weak, and they always felt that they couldn’t sleep enough. They couldn’t even get up in the morning. Even in the summer, they would feel a little cold.After testing, I was pregnant.

For a long time

Some pregnant mothers prepared for a long time in order to conceive their children. They used the pregnancy test stick to test.

What are the strange reactions after you find that you are pregnant?

Amnesty world

My girlfriend is particularly righteous. What delicious she usually eats will always bring some of them to friends.To put it, she really has a kind of mother -in -law. When she encounters happy things, she "reward! Reward! Reward!" Those friends followed a lot of light.Recently, she was preparing for pregnancy and measured her double bars. She immediately sent a message in our girlfriend group: "Friends, see what this is?" She sent a picture of her pregnancy test stick.Rubbing a meal, celebrate the upcoming son/daughter, I treat it! "After watching it, I felt like a spring breeze. This joy was about to spread to 800 miles away.

Is it fraud this time?

I have a friend who has worked hard for a long time before. I used a box of pregnancy inspection sticks. I didn’t see my stomach of my belly, but I did not have the double bars that I dreamed of.She was anxious to go to the hospital to check if she had a problem with the uterus, but just on the morning when she was going to the hospital, the test was actually a double bar. She was shocked.I was going to go to the hospital with a desperate manner. Now that I am in my mood, I am shocked and happy. I went to the hospital to check it.

How did you find that you are pregnant?What is reactions after pregnancy?


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