How do you find that you are pregnant?The wonderful experience shared by netizens, the TV dare not act like this

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Women’s pregnancy is a major event for the whole family. Naturally, the sooner you know, the more you can prepare. In the early stages of pregnancy, because the symptoms are not obvious, many women often do not realize it, and then ignore the status quo of their pregnancy.

Both friends who often watch TV series know that no matter which TV series is, once the plot of women’s pregnancy involves women, when a woman is eating, she smells the smell of the meal, and she can’t help but run out of "vomiting".stand up.

After seeing the family members of the surrounding family, they looked at each other, guessing that the woman must be pregnant. After the woman went to the hospital for examination, it was really fulfilled …

Such scenes are common in TV series, and the imagination of the screenwriters is really limited.In fact, women find that the way to get pregnant is not as single vomiting alone. On the contrary, the mother of Baoma finds that she is pregnant.

Bao Ma: Go to the hospital for examination and find pregnancy

The mother -in -law found that she was pregnant in about 4 months of pregnancy.It turned out that the Baoma was fat and the menstrual cycle was unstable. Before pregnancy, there was obvious fat on the waist and abdomen.

And the discontinuation, vomiting, and obesity of pregnancy, she thought it was the result of too much diet recently. Later, her body became more and more uncomfortable. She went to the hospital to check her body, but was checked to get pregnant.Essence

I have to say that the mother’s heart is too big, and I have not found it for so long. Therefore, it is recommended that you always pay attention to your physical health. Once there are abnormalities, you should go to the hospital in time.

Bao Ma 2: Dreaming of her pregnancy

The mother -in -law had a dream while sleeping the night before, dreaming that she was on a bridge, and there were many small snakes on the bridge. Among them, there was a pink snake that was different from other people.Essence

The next day, I was going to buy a pregnancy test stick when I passed by the pharmacy. As a result, I was really pregnant. It seems that the baby dream is sometimes not superstitious.

Bao Ma 3: I always win money with friends

The process of this Baoma found that the process of pregnancy was very interesting. Before playing cards with friends, they lost each time, but for a while, Baoma always won when playing cards. This made friends very surprised and envious of her good.Luck, another friend said jokingly: Are you pregnant?Good luck is coming.

Later, the mother’s herself was really pregnant.I have to say that I found that my pregnancy experience is really wonderful, and it is estimated that even the TV series dare not perform like this.

In fact, the symbol of successful pregnancy is to be in bed successfully, and from the moment of bed, the reaction of early pregnancy has begun. Some careful mothers can feel the symptoms of fertilized eggs in bed.

1) Tired, drowsiness

If women are usually energetic and suddenly feel very tired for a while, and are accompanied by drowsiness, it may be caused by fertilized eggs and release lutein in the body.

2) Frequent toilet

After the fertilized eggs are successfully bed in the uterus, the fluffy gonadotropin will be secreted, which will stimulate the bladder and cause frequent urination. Therefore, the frequency of pregnant women will increase the frequency of going to the toilet.

3) chest tingling

In the early stages of pregnancy, women’s breasts will become softer, but they will also feel like "tingling" and "swelling". This is because hormones are secreted after pregnancy, and the body is not adapted.The uncomfortable feeling will disappear.

Generally speaking, it can be tested in 4-5 days before the arrival of menstruation, but for the more accurate results, it is recommended to test it more accurate when the menstruation is delayed 7-10 days.

In addition, in order to make the test results more realistic, it is best to go to the hospital to draw blood or do B -ultrasound. This result is the most authentic.

Today’s topic: How did you find that you were pregnant?

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