How do you know if I am pregnant?

Recently, many pregnant sisters are asking HOT mothers, how can I know that I am pregnant for the first time?Is there any symptoms to tell yourself?Therefore, today HOT mothers write another "Secret Diary" about the symptoms of early pregnancy to tell you how to judge the anxious sisters:

If you are usually energetic, your physical strength will become extremely poor, such as:

If you walk a few grits, you will be tired;

You want to rest for a while, you want to rest;

I can’t sleep in the morning, I can’t afford it …

So it is very likely that you are pregnant

Therefore, it is not only time to make you feel physical strength. In fact, you will feel tired at once after fertilizing eggs, and it is obvious.If you feel this, you have to be alert if you are pregnant!

If you have read a secret diary of the previous article on the HOT mother: "How to" prepare for pregnancy "can hit it in one blow?"In the case, then you will not be unfamiliar with" basic body temperature measurement ":

Q: What is "basic body temperature"?

Simply put, we wake up every morning, without turning over and not getting up or doing any body temperature.

Q: Why should I test this?

In fact, our girl’s body is wonderful. In many ways, it is interlinked and capable. For example, our physiological cycle can actually be known by measuring "basic body temperature" every day.Is it wonderful?

Q: How to measure?

It is enough to reflect your physical condition, but it is something that the old -fashioned mercury thermometer cannot do. Only the digital thermometer can do it!

With this digital temperatureometer, you put it on your bedside, and open your eyes every morning (try to keep at almost the same time, usually 8 o’clock).The first thing that can’t be sat in bed) The first thing is to measure your "basic body temperature" and make a record (this is very important, otherwise you have no reference value every day)

The basic body temperature of a normal ovulation girl should have a regular "parabolic" (as shown below):

At the beginning of the first day of menstruation, the basic body temperature during menstruation (generally 7 days) will be below 36.5 (blue horizontal line). After the menstrual passage, your body begins to enter your "ovulation period". GenerallyAt the time of the day, and in these 7 days, you will find that one day your basic body temperature will have an unprecedented minimum value (such as 36.1 or 36.0), then this day is your "ovulation day"!

remember!The ovulation period is 7 days, but the ovulation date is only 1 day (that is, 24 hours), so the probability of this day of pregnancy is the highest in you this month!

After the minimum value of the "ovulation day", the basic physical temperature will suddenly rise by about 0.3-0.5 the next day, and then continue to climb until the "basic high temperature" of 36.5 or more, and then maintain the 12-16 days of 12-16 days.For a long time (the best situation is 14 days, it proves that your egg is very good)

When the basic body temperature returned to the low temperature zone (below 36.5) at once, it was proved that your aunt was going to be a guest today. Please be prepared for "reception".

So, if your cycle is 28 days

Then, your basal body temperature should be:

(Calculated from the first day of menstruation)

The low temperature of the first 14 days

High temperature after 14 days

Generally speaking, if you insist on measuring 2-3 months, you can find the rules of your body.Then you can know how much your ovulation day is!

However, some girls ask me: "Why is my basic body temperature not parabolic?" (As shown below)

Hmm … If you have no problem with your measurement, then there is a problem with your base temperature!

If your base temperature is as shown above, there is no big fluctuation, or suddenly, no regular, and every month.

Well, you are likely not to ovulate normally!

At this time, you must go to the hospital to check your body and see where there is something wrong!

However, if your base temperature is more than 16 days, or even 21 days, it is in the high temperature area, and it reaches 36.8 or more (36.8-37.2) (of course, to exclude you is the possibility of a fever).Based on the test, you can see if there are two bars!(As shown below)

If your base temperature lasts in the high temperature area (above 36.5) for 16 or even 21 days, and at 7-10 days of the basic high temperature, the basic body temperature will suddenly rise by 0.2-0.5.The average basic high temperature before was 36.7, and the sudden high temperature rose to 37.0 on the 7th-10th day) Congratulations, you may be pregnant!

Because if you have a successful pregnancy, then the 7-10 days after your ovulation day is, that is, the "fertilized egg" in your body in the day of your uterus, and after bed, your basal body temperature will last another oneStep!

So when your basal body temperature is about 7-10 days after your ovulation day, so that the basic body temperature of the high temperature area, suddenly a step (0.2-0.5)The average base is high (excluding the possibility of fever), so congratulations, you are likely to be a mother!

Knock on the blackboard, and the focus: Basic body temperature refers to "must be the body temperature without any big move before the morning!" Many quasi -hot moms will ask the hot mom. I obviously increase the body temperature. I measure it many times a day!Every time it is different, there are also rising, why not get pregnant?

So remember that the body temperature is only meaningful to "basic body temperature"!The body temperature of us in the day is different. Generally speaking, it will start to rise in the afternoon, and it will be the highest until 8 pm, and those body temperature does not make any sense to you unless you have a fever.Therefore, remember that only the basic body temperature is meaningful. At other time, the body temperature has no reference value!

If you pay attention enough, you will also find another small secret of your body at this time:

That is, the 7-10th day after your ovulation day, your left or right abdomen will have a kind of needle-like feeling. You will not hurt, but you will have a slight tingling sensation.It was the feeling of fertilized eggs in bed.(Some will also have blood with blood)

So when you are 7-10 days after the ovulation day, there is a tingling sensation like a micro-needle (excluding the possibility of cramps) on the left or right side of your abdomen, then when the fertilized egg is bed, the body gives your body, and your body gives your body.The signal you sent!

All girls know that on the eve of the aunt, your lower abdomen will have a tenderness, but not every small abdomen bloating and pain will usher in your aunt!

What does that mean?

In fact, every time our girls come to menstruation, there will be a pain or pain in the lower abdomen."And" thickening ".Every time we come to menstruation, our endometrium will become thinner with the discharge of blood; and before the menstruation is over until the next menstruation comes, our endometrium will begin to thickened a little.And when it is thickened to the end, it will make our lower abdomen slightly painful or uncomfortable.That’s right, it is the culprit that makes you dysmenorrhea!

So when many girls have this feeling, they know that the aunt is coming again in the past two days.Some girls who are preparing for pregnancy will also be lost at this time …

But not, in fact, you still have this feeling in the early stage of pregnancy, and it may be stronger than ever!


Because the thickening of the endometrium was born under the stimulation of estrogen.The "sex hormone" of our girls has six items, namely follicle -generated hormones (FSH), luteal generic hormone (LH), estradiol (E2), progesterone (P), testosterone (T), prolactin (PRL PRL), But there are only two "carrying the handle", which is "estradiol (commonly known as estrogen)" and "progesterone (commonly known as progesterone)".In other words, in fact, our body every month is a contest between progesterone and estrogen.When estrogen wins (that is, we are not pregnant), then your aunt will come to see you this month; but if progesterone is victorious (you are pregnant), then your aunt will go out to "travel around the world"After 10 months, I have no time to see you.

And in the process of competing with your estrogen and your progesterone, your endometrium is also busy thickening.But no matter who they are victory, the endometrium is struggling, but in the end, it finds that there is a "fertilized egg" small drama in your body, it knows: "Oh ~~~ Then I can’t get thinner!"Because it will be a "copper wall iron wall" that protects your baby.

Therefore, in the ten days when you just conceived, your uterine endometrium is still diligent and thickened as before, but the difference is that if you have menstruation, then she will become thinner.It will be thickened to your body and tells it: "Enough, brother, your thickness is enough to protect your baby, thank you! You can rest!" It will stop.

Therefore, when your lower abdomen still has pain, don’t be discouraged, because that is not necessarily coming to aunt, or you may be pregnant and you don’t know yourself!

For more than ten or even twenty days after you conceive, you will have a "false cold" symptom.But this cold and peaceful colds are not the same.You will have symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose (especially when you get up in the morning), but you will not cough, sore throat or fever.This is the symptom of "pseudo -cold" caused by hormone changes in early pregnancy.

There are many girls around HOT Mom who thought they were going to have a cold at this time, and immediately went to take a cold medicine, but finally found that she was pregnant, and began to worry about whether the baby would be malformed;The baby flowed directly because of a cold medicine.

So remember!IntersectionIntersectionCold symptoms at the beginning of pregnancy, but that is not really a cold. You do n’t have to control it. The symptoms will disappear for a week.So at this time, don’t take medicine!HOT Mom reminds you: Once you start preparing for pregnancy, don’t take medicine anymore!Especially cold medicine!Cold medicine is a drug that seriously affects your baby’s health or causes malformations or even directly harm your baby’s life!All drugs must be used under the advice of the doctor, and you must not use it without authorization!

After pregnancy, because of severe changes in hormones, it will make you gentle and quiet, and it will become like a thunderbolt. This is also the same as that we are easy to lose your temper or mood before the physiological period. It is all hormones.If you think you "Why is your temper so bad recently?" Then you have to see if the aunt is coming, or he hasn’t come!

This is a "event" that everyone knows.So I put it at the end, because all the symptoms I mentioned above will happen before you discovered that "aunt" did not come.

So when you have the above symptoms, plus this "aunt disappears", then the hot mother can tell you with certainty, you must be pregnant!Hurry up and get a pregnancy test stick to check it out!

When I first learned that I was pregnant

Always be so surprised and happy

Can follow

It’s at a loss and overwhelmed

Worried about the way to be pregnant in October

I don’t know what to do

It’s also full of worry

Worry about your baby, okay?

Don’t worry too much

Let’s take a look at what you need to pay attention to!

I just used the pregnancy test stick to test myself "two bars"

It will make you happy and excited

Then, I started to be at a loss

Want to know what should I do next?

Of course, most people know that you should go to the hospital to confirm first.

(HOT mother recommends that you decide to go directly to the hospital for production, and it is better to be a professional three maternal and child hospitals. This can ensure the unity of your report and help your future inspection.)

That’s right!

Don’t think of your two bars, you will ignore it anymore.Instead

In addition to determining that you are pregnant, it is more important to see the indicator of blood tests. See if your HUMAN Chorionic Gonadotropin) and progesterone are met for the standards.

Don’t underestimate these two indicators.

These two indexes are very important indicators for early pregnancy!

HCG is a kind of glycoprotein secreted by pregnancy nourishing cells. When normal fertilized eggs are bed, that is, on the 6th day after ovulation, HCG is secreted when the fertilized egg nourishing layer is formed.HCG is one of the most important indicators of early pregnancy diagnosis.And look at its double value, you can know whether the quality of the embryo is excellent. If you double the ideal (that is, more than double the 48-72 hours), it means that the baby is very good!If there is no doubling, or doubling it is not ideal, then you will obediently listen to the doctor’s advice.

And progesterone is the best child to know whether the pregnant mother can be good. If the progesterone is higher than 25 (with the three maternal hospital indexes as the parameter), it is the best, but generally there will be no big problems more than 20, but if there is a big problem, but if it isBelow 20, doctors will basically let you take progesterone tablets to keep your fetus

After the first blood test, HOT mothers will suggest that you can check the blood again after 2-3 days, see the HCG double, and see if the progesterone is elevated or decreased (the symptom of a threatened abortion must be on the doctor. You need to be a doctor in a doctor.Suggestion is recommended).

This is the most important and only way to ensure whether the baby is good before being seen by the B -ultrasound, so don’t care about it.

When you know that you are pregnant and start

Your diet will start to adjust

However, the hot mother actually recommends that the original diet can be maintained. It is best to maintain it.

Don’t overeating, because your weight growth during pregnancy is best to control at 20-25 pounds, so that you can control your baby not to be too fat, but also help you to give birth in the future. More importantly, you can reduce other diseases during pregnancy.The risk is conducive to your postpartum recovery.So pregnancy is not a dream!As long as you have a balanced nutrition and proper control!(How to control the weight of pregnancy, you can read the secret diary of the HOT mother’s weight control during pregnancy "

About daily diet:

Not all ingredients can be eaten, such as fungus, amaranth, hawthorn and other ingredients are not very good for!

And all ingredients with blood circulation cannot be eaten!

All cold things cannot be eaten, such as ice cream, sashimi, sushi, ice drink, etc.


MSG will cause zinc deficiency in the fetus. Except for the chefs that can be proud of their own burning things, there is no benefit.

So try to eat home dishes at home!And tell the kitchen people what can eat and what can not eat, this is very important!

About drinks:

Unfortunately, tell you that from the beginning of your pregnancy to the end of breastfeeding, you basically do not eat other beverages except boiled water, milk and yogurt.

Especially: coffee, alcohol, tea, cola, cocoa containing caffeine and alcoholic beverages, because caffeine and alcohol can have an irreversible impact on the fetus, which will seriously affect his development, remember!

Can the juice drink?You can drink a little bit, but don’t drink too much. You can eat fruits as much as possible!Because once the fruits are destroyed, the nutritional component is also destroyed, so the most left is sugar, and too much sugar intake will cause your gestational diabetes. ThereforeIt is more beneficial to eating fruits (of course most fruits can still eat, but not all fruits can be eaten. You also need to go to the app to check it to be more insurance)

Can that milk tea drink?You really drink it occasionally, but after all, it is not a healthy drink, so you ca n’t eat and drink when you are pregnant.

Do not make up for daily diet.The HOT mother during pregnancy is that it is best not to eat it. Once most of the supplements have the effect of promoting blood circulation and not suitable for pregnant women; second, as long as you are nutritionally balanced every day, it is enough to absorb you and your baby. Surgery nutrition will only give you only the nutritional nutrition.The body causes burden and absorb too much fat, causing your excess nutrition and even fat.(Don’t listen to those aunts and mothers feel that pregnant women should eat more, otherwise the baby’s nutrition is not enough. You must know that when you are pregnant, the nutrition in your body will be provided to your baby for the first time, even if your nutrition is not enough, then your nutrition is not enough, then your nutrition is not enough, then your nutrition is not enough, then your nutrition is not enough, then your nutrition is not enough, then your nutrition is not enough, then your nutrition is not enough, then your nutrition is not enough, then your nutrition is not enough, then your nutrition is not enough.The baby will also absorb your own nutrition to supplement yourself. That is to say, as long as you eat a balanced diet, then your baby can keep up with it anyway, even if you can’t keep upDon’t worry about your baby. This is also a great place for "mother love".)

However, you have to continue eating folic acid, and stop until you get three months pregnant, because at that time, the baby’s neural tube has grown well, and it is meaningless to eat it again.

HOT has mentioned above that it should not be used at will, especially cold medicines and antibiotics.Once you are pregnant, if you are sick, you must go to the doctor regardless of the size, and inform the doctor that you are pregnant, then the doctor will prescribe medicines that pregnant women can eat according to your situation.IntersectionOtherwise, you are not just yourself, but also your baby in your belly!

HOT Mom reminds you:

Starting from your baby in the stomach, she started to work with you

So if you want your baby to have good habits after birth, your good schedule will be developed during pregnancy

Going up early and getting up early, not only can you be good, but you can also make your baby develop a good habit of work and rest. If you are born in the future, you don’t need to spend too much time to deliberately correct it.

So, if you were a night owl before, you can no longer be wild!

Jian Xiao card:

Generally, after your first B -ultrasound is determined to be in the palace pregnancy, you can take your B -ultrasound to go to the neighborhood committee where your hukou is located (foreign hukou to the counterpart committee where you live) to apply for a small card (foreign hukou registeredYou need to apply for a standard permit)

When you build a small card, you need to bring your marriage certificate, hukou book, ID card, one inch of photos, etc. to the neighborhood committee to register (Specific material HOT mom recommends that you can call before you go before you go, they will tell you, they will tell you,What documents you need to bring according to your personal situation will save you a few times back and forth.)

After the neighborhood committee is registered, they will inform you that you will go to the hospital in the opposite area for early pregnancy examination.After the inspection, you can get your "small card" (full name: the handling of the periopec in the siege). The small card is mainly used for information registration.

Jianda card:

With a small card, you can go to the hospital you want to produce a big card (usually three months of pregnancy can be processed). The big card is the check certificate and medical records you used in the future.It is required that each pregnant woman who comes to the hospital needs to be handled (of course, some hospitals can apply for a large card without a small card. You also need to consult first. Each hospital is different.)

(HOT mothers are more recommended to produce by pregnant mothers to maternal and children’s hospitals, because in the incident of having children, they will be relatively professional than comprehensive hospitals, and the department is more detailed.Patients with infectious diseases will make pregnant mothers be scared every time they check; from the perspective of superstition, there are many newborns, less injuries and yang. Of course, this is only recommended. In the endThe specific situation of our decisions, after all, consider comprehensive objective factors such as economic capabilities, environment, and distance)

After the production inspection is completed, it is naturally every checkup.The production inspection is very, very, very important!

Do not think that the checkup is only a waste of time or waste of money.You need to know that the baby’s condition can only be known through the checkup.There is also your physical condition, which is also an important inspection item at every checkup.It can find whether you or your baby is abnormal in the early pregnancy; you can see whether the baby grows healthy in the second trimester; it can find whether the baby has signs of premature birth, or whether your body has a sudden condition.

Therefore, you must listen to the doctor’s suggestion and strictly accurately check in his regulations. That is not only responsible for your baby, but also to you, but also responsible for you.

Many pregnant mothers will have a lot of emotions during pregnancy, such as feeling that they are not ready; or feel that the child has limited his freedom; or feel that it is very difficult to be during pregnancy.As a result, it was gloomy and even hysteria all day.Among them, there are also some pregnant mothers who are troubled by "prenatal depression" due to changes in hormones.

In this mood, the hot mother can understand.

But every time you feel uncomfortable, I also hope that you can think of HOT Mom today:

Every baby is an angel sent to you from heaven. There is only one mother and child relationship once, and will not be again in the next life!

Although the mother is very hard in October, only the mother has the qualification to "share the heartbeat" with her baby!Such an honor can only be owned by you, and such a blending is also that anyone in the world cannot replace you!

Please cherish this fate, protect your children, and love yourself even more!

And more importantly, your mood and cheerful and lively during your pregnancy will also affect your baby’s future personality

So you have to keep yourself the best state during pregnancy and be the happiest yourself!

In the end, HOT mother wishes every sister who wants the baby to be "good" as scheduled, and they can give birth to their baby healthy and beautiful!Remember to come back and report to goodbye!

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