How does 24 rabbits surpass 10 billion in Australia?Great uterine in turns to conceive, not to stop for a year

Not long ago, we told you about "winding grass into the United States by mistake, sweeping the entire Europe", "wild boar becomes an American hating the extreme" incident., Constantly spread and migrate.And we transfer or spread this species from one place to another place, and the development of it is called "foreign species".In recent years, with the frequent close activities of countries around the world, the invasion of species has also shown an upward trend.Even the country "Australia", who loves small animals, was extremely troubled by rabbits, and the "Rabbit War" became out of control.

Australian rabbit’s flooding source: All disasters caused by colonists

In the world, "Australia" is a highly developed capitalist country, and it is also the only country in the world covered with a complete land. It covers an area of about 76 million square kilometers. Therefore, Australia is also called "Australia".The Australian land is great, and the species resources are very rich, countless, and Australians are famous for small animals.However, it is such a country full of love, but he hates rabbits. Some people even want rabbits to completely disappear in Australia overnight.What did the "Mr. Rabbit" do and make the Australians so resentful?

Australians have not been invaded by rabbits for three or five years, but for nearly two centuries.Although Australia’s land area is very vast, people are scarce.In the early 18th century, British colonists took the lead in entering Australian immigrants. These colonists occupied most of Australia’s fertile land, so that indigenous residents who lived in Australia had to migrate to other places, and land and resources were slowly occupied by colonists.At that time, a British colonial, he was a senior officer. In order to satisfy his desire to hunt, the officer entrusted a few layers of relationships and let people bring 24 bunny from the United Kingdom.I never expected that the officer had not had time to hunt. Due to the sudden fire of the farm, the hare flooding, they became the source of the Australian hare flooding, and it was also the most typical invasion of Australia.

What kind of varieties are the "hare" brought into Australia by British colonists and why do they breed so fast?

It is worth mentioning that the hareg brought to the Australian rabbit is not what we call the rabbits. After a period of time, the wild rabbits brought by the British colonists are pure wild rabbits in nature, and and and and and and and and.The rabbit is completely two varieties.Batliers are a kind of rabbit different from the cave rabbits. In other words, except for rabbits, hau is the general term for all rabbit familys.Batliers like to move in the morning and evening, have no place to live in groups, and are suitable for living life. Generally, the pregnancy period of the hare is basically about 40 days. Their breeding speed is very fast and can be called "rocket -style" breeding.It is worth mentioning that the mother -in -law has two uterus, which can be conceived like a shift. This special reproductive structure makes the female wild rabbit a mammalian of uninterrupted pregnancy.As long as the mother wild rabbit wants to conceive, they will reproduce anytime, anywhere, and they will not stop for a year.Each female rabbit can have at least 20 cubs a year.

In group life, the hare implementation is "one -husband polygam" and each male rabbit has his own "three wives and four concubines".At the time of the estrus, the sexual desire of the Gong wild rabbit is much stronger than that of other mammals. For example, the original wife was just conceived, and then the "room" would continue to conceive. There are many descendants of a male wild rabbit.According to incomplete statistics, in the 19th century, Australian rabbits have reached 10 billion.Australia’s vast pastures and bushes have become the breeding paradise for rabbits. They can not only survive here for a long time, but also eat fresh and rich "food".

The hare becoming the "uninvited guest" in the farmland, it is the forest "harming the beast"

Tens of billions of martial arts have caused the Australian people to suffer it. These hare not only destroyed crops, reduced the farming production in Australia, and caused local farmers to suffer. They also continued to eat lawn and even tear the cable.Australia’s animal husbandry is also deeply affected. The number of tens of billions of hare eating pastoral grass per year is equivalent to the existence of billions of sheep flocks. The entire Australian economic loss is difficult to estimate.In addition, the hare is still the "harm" in the forest. As the number of reproduction continues to increase, it has become an unstoppable invaders in the forest, occupying the territory of other animals, and grabbing the food of other animals.Among them, the kangaroo animals with a docile personality have to be said that the large -scale reproduction of the rabbit is almost forcing the kangaroos to the road.

Some residents of Australian town said: "These hares are too bad. They are born with good at piercing holes.One hundred days bone, and a large number of agricultural machines cannot work in these soft soils. "

"This is simply the kingdom of hare. They are unscrupulous crazy reproduction, occupying our homeland, and destroying our agricultural land. It is really abominable. Their breeding speed makes us a headache.It’s terrible. "

For the Australian people, the hare has become the "devil" in their eyes. The vegetation has been eaten in large quantities by the hare.Many docile small animals are extinct because of their lack of food and their homeless returns.

Turching the brains, and various hard measures are not available: the hare has flooded into disaster

Some netizens can’t help asking: "Is there no natural enemy in Australian hare? Didn’t the Australian people take effective hard measures?" In fact, the Australian people have been racking their brains to find countermeasures for the problem of flooding of rabbits.

1. Introduce the natural enemies of hare

In order to be able to get these wild rabbits all the way, the Australian people even tried to introduce the natural enemies of hare, such as wolves, wild dogs, and so on.After thinking that these natural enemies were introduced to Australia, the number of hare will continue to decrease. I did not expect that the results were completely different from imagination.These so -called "natural enemies" animals have attached their sights on cattle and herds. They are very sensitive to them, and they are very fast and are good at playing holes.It is extremely difficult, and the hare is not enough for these "natural enemies" to stuff the teeth.So soon they rebelled and fell to the cattle and herds. This was really "attracting wolves into the room" to move their feet.

2. Use the virus to spread to control the breeding speed of the rabbit

In order to quickly eliminate the wild rabbit in a short period of time, the Australian people thought of using the "virus transmission" method to exhaust the web.This virus is called "mucus virus". Anyone infection in infection will undoubtedly die. The Australian government thinks that mosquito uses mosquitoes to spread this virus.It is worth mentioning that the "mucus virus" has no harm to the human body and other animals, and only hau is intolerable.In just a few years, the number of Australian wild rabbits was controlled, and the reduction rate accounted for about 90 %.However, the good times are not long. Although this kind of virus has moved most of the rabbits to the road of death, there are still a small number of wild rabbits alive, and the surviving wild rabbit has begun to produce antibodies on this virus. After entering the 1980s and 1990sThe number of bunny breeding in Australia has begun to recover again, which makes the Australian people feel helpless.

3. Bombing with chemical weapons to eliminate wild rabbits

Since the virus could not destroy the hare, the Australian government thought of the bombing method. At that time, the army had to use the army and began to use the air force to invest a large number of poisonous drugs through the bombing machine to launch a battle of chemical weapons.Unexpectedly, this method was only temporary. It could not be completely sold at all, and it was impossible to stop the rabbit from being reproduced, and other animals were easily injured by mistake.

Why do Australians do n’t need to “eat” the problem of hare?The procedures for exporting are more cumbersome

Some netizens can’t help asking: "Why not solve the way to eat, the braised buns are very good."In addition, Australians have been used to eating beef and mutton for a long time. For them, the rabbit’s taste is very "earthy", and the meat is very small. There are many bones. Even if they cook and remove the earthy smell, they are very laborious to eat.

Has the Australian government formulated some export policies?First of all, it is not easy to capture the hare. They are good at playing holes, fast running speed, relying on artificial capture time and effort, increasing a lot of costs; second, export procedures are also very cumbersome, and many countries have promulgated wild wildly.Animal trade ban, so for the Australian government, the rabbit is flooding like a "hot potato".

However, in our country, one -third of the Sichuan rabbits are imported. Sichuan people love rabbit meat very much.Sichuan people can make rabbit ingredients into dozens of dishes. From a personal point of view, they can recruit some chefs in Sichuan in Australia.Cheng Chengnu, let tourists all over the world taste.

The picture shows the spicy rabbit head

However, for the time being, the number of bunny Australia needs to be quickly controlled. After all, our ecological environment is limited. Once the Rabbit completely breaks our ecological environment, the balance of the food chain will be completely cut off.Unpredictable.Therefore, countries around the world should unite and help Australia to solve this long -lost problem. After all, the earth is our only homeland to protect the ecological environment. We are responsible for it!

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