How high is the chance of pregnancy during ovulation?Grasp this time, maybe "victory"

In women’s physiological cycle, people generally only understand the menstrual period, that is, the period of menstruation lasts. In addition, there are important ovulation and safety periods.The ovulation period is the process of discharging ovaries together with egg cells and ovarian granules around the ovulation. It is also the best period for women to conceive. For women without pregnancy, this is also a dangerous period.Safety period.

The ovulation period is a special physiological period. When preparing for pregnancy, finding the ovulation period is more effective. Women without pregnancy should strengthen preventive measures during this period to avoid conception.Zhang Qiushi, director of the Gynecology Department of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, gave women to women to teach everyone to judge the specific time of ovulation through the special performance of the ovulation period.

【Cervical mucus change】

In the menstrual cycle, with the change of endocrine and the impact of hormone levels, the vaginal mucus secretions will increase, leucorrhea will become thin, humid, and large. Women can obviously feel the humidity of the perineum. At this time, cervical mucus can beThe ovulation period is most intuitive.Director Zhang Qiushi said, "Women can observe their cervix. When the brushes and thin degrees of cervical mucus reaches the thinnest and the best drawings are the best, it is often a sign of ovulation."

[Basic body temperature changes]

After 8 hours of sleep, the body temperature measured before waking up without any activity is called the base temperature.Director Zhang Qiushi introduced that the body temperature will change significantly during female ovulation. Through the basic body temperature measurement method, you can find the ovulation period.The specific measurement method is: lying quietly on the bed after waking up in the morning, sandwiching the thermometer prepared in advance to the armpit, and accurately recorded the measured body temperature value. When the foundation temperature suddenly rises by 0.5 degrees Celsius during a certain period of timeAt that time, it indicates that the body will ovulate.

【Nipple Tears】

The ovulation period is a sensitive period for female breasts, and in daily life, it will feel slightly tingling due to friction of the nipples.This is because the nipples and breast ducts are sensitive to estrogen. Under the act of estrogen during ovulation, the shape and color of the nipples are a bit sensitive.

【Increased sexual desire】

Some women will be reflected in sexual desires because of the severe changes in the ovulation during ovulation. Director Zhang Qiushi reminds that not all women have changes in this area, which may have a greater relationship with their own psychological factors and personal environmental factors.

Through the special performance of women’s bodies, it can be judged by ovulation. For couples who plan to get pregnant, during this period, the same room can increase the chance of pregnancy.So how high is the chance of pregnancy?Is it 100 %?Director Zhang Qiushi replied that the relative probability of pregnancy during ovulation is high, especially the highest chance of conception within 48 hours of eggs.During this period, there are no other infertility reasons, and theoretically, you can successfully conceive.

"Both husband and wife plan to ask for children, and need to prepare accordingly in the early stage. According to the special performance of women, the law of ovulation is judged, such as observing the changes in women’s leucorrhea and cervical mucus secretions.Appropriately increase the number of times in the same room after ovulation, which can increase the chance of pregnancy. "

Of course, the success rate of pregnancy during ovulation is not 100 %.Whether the life of husband and wife and whether there are two places in the case of two places will affect the success rate of pregnancy.Director Zhang Qiushi added, "If there is no separation between the two places and no contraceptive measures for more than 1 year, they may not be pregnant, and they may be infertility in clinical diagnosis."

Director Zhang Qiushi also reminded that the hormone levels in women’s body during ovulation have changed a lot. You need to pay attention to a few issues:

1. Diet reduces too irritating foods to avoid changes in hormone levels and affect ovulation.

2. Some women will have the phenomenon of ovulation bleeding. Pay attention to personal hygiene and avoid infection.

3. Pay attention to the personal hygiene of the husband and wife when ovulation during ovulation, and take the safety measures for family planning.

This article guides the doctor:

Zhang Qiushi, the Director of the Gynecology of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, the director of the obstetrics and gynecology and research department, the chief physician, the professor, the master’s degree instructor, the doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, the post -doctoral medical, and the Kenpo Medical Center of the University of Urm University in Germany.

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