How is menstruation formed?Why do you come every month?

This is a special period. Unbelievable, nearly 300 million women around the world are experiencing the same thing. This is the menstrual period once a month.Reality, but why is this cycle so common?How is the initial cycle formed?

Why is menstrual phenomenon?

Menstruation will last for two to seven days, and cycles occur every 28. The menstrual phenomenon will appear repeatedly. Women’s life will have about 450 menstruation in their lives.Under the appearance, all this is regulated by human hormones. Hormones are precisely controlled the internal operation of the body. In these 28 days of controlling the menstrual period, this internal mechanism contains two ovaries.Tens of thousands of tiny bags are called follicles.Each follicle contains an oval cell, that is, fertilized egg cells. In adolescence, ovarian contains more than 400,000 egg cells. However, an egg cells are usually released every month. It is this egg cell that determines whether women are conceived or menstrual.

How to generate the menstrual cycle?

Next, let’s take a look at how this cycle is produced. When the adolescence is tide every month, the brain sagging in the brain will secrete hormones and releases two substances in the blood, promoting follicle hormones (FSH) and luteal promoting luteum.Givein (LH), when they reach the ovaries, will promote the development and maturity of follicles in the ovaries, and further promote the secretion of estrogen. With the growth of egg cells, the secretion of estrogen will also reach its peak. At the same time, Promote the release of the pituitary gesture to promote lutein. As a result, only one of the ovaries developed mature, and the follicles were ruptured and discharged eggs under the action of hormones. This is the phenomenon of ovulation.

Ovulation usually occurs 10-16 days before menstruation, and small eggs will move along the falling egg tube. Only when the eggs and sperm combination will conceive. This needs to occur within 24 hours after ovulation. Otherwise, it means the end of the egg mission.The window of the monthly conception will also be closed.At the same time, the empty follicles began to release progesterone to stimulate the endometrium, producing blood and nutrients, and preparing for the bed and growth of fertilized eggs.

If the fertilized eggs do not go to bed, a few days later, the progesterone and estrogen of the body have fallen sharply, stimulating the uterine to stop supplementing nutrients. The endometrium starts to degenerate necrosis, gradually fall off, and the endometrium that is blood and fall off leaves the body to form menstruation.

The process of uterine cleaning inside useless substances often lasts a week, and then a new cycle will begin again.Soon the ovaries begin to secrete estrogen, and the endometrium starts to thicken. Prepare or fall off again for the fertilized bed. The hormone controls the entire activity process for a long time. By transporting the ideal amount at a accurate time, with the cycle of cycle cycle, the cycle cycleGo forward, every day, every week, a milestone in this surrogacy or menstruation.

There are differences in menstrual cycle

Although this process looks as precise as clocks, it will still be different. After all, every woman and their bodies are unique, and the time of menstruation every month varies from person to person.

The stage of ovulation is different, and even the long period of time has each length.In addition, for different women, the first tide and menopause of their lives are different.

In other words, the difference between the menstrual period of different individuals is normal. Appreciate these differences, and learn about the process of the physiological cycle, allowing women to be more calm and autonomous, let women understand and master their bodies, so that they can understand from this small cycle.Things to be used in a more complex life cycle.

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