How long can a woman get pregnant?Can I do a flow of people as I just tested?

Can I do a flow of people as soon as I have tested? I often consult online: "Hello, doctors. I checked the pregnancy test stick and I was pregnant. I have just started my career and do not plan to have children, so I want to choose the flow of people.Can you be pregnant? ", Now the fast lifestyle, work and career pressure, so that many people cannot make a decision to raise new lives.I have to choose to give up, but I don’t know about relevant knowledge.In order to prevent female friends from missing unnecessary damage because of missing the best time period.To this end, we specially invited Dr. Zhu Jing of Jinan Harmony Gynecological Hospital to explain to everyone.

Zhu Jing said that there is a strict time limit for painless people, and it is not possible to do it at any time.Clear the painless people’s time -consolidation time, help control the time of surgery and reduce damage to the body.

How long does it take to be suitable for people? Zhu Jing introduced that in general, women are suitable for abortion surgery at about 35-55 days of pregnancy.

Because the carcass has not been formed during this time, the uterus is not too large, the uterine wall muscles are thicker, and the embryo is easy to suck out. Therefore, the surgery time is short, the amount of bleeding is small, and the body recovers after the abortion.

If the pregnancy month is large, the fetal bones have formed, the uterine volume becomes larger, the uterine wall becomes thinner, and the operation will be difficult, and the surgery time is long, the amount of bleeding is more, the postoperative recovery time is prolonged, and the pain of pregnant women is also greater.

Warm reminder: In addition to grasping the flow of people, pre -operation examination is equally important! Preoperative examination can not only detect other diseases, but also prevent infection in abortion, because abortion surgery must pass the cervix of women. At this time, if there is inflammation, if there is inflammationIt may bring bacteria into the women’s uterus, which will cause inflammation to expand, so the pre -abortion examination is essential.

Although dear female friends are a small surgery, to ensure that the surgery is completed safely, the subject should pay attention to choose a regular professional and qualified hospitals to ensure that the abortion surgery can be completed safely.

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