How long can I breastfeed after pregnancy and fever after pregnancy?

New Drug Consultation of Zhejiang Medical Women’s Hospital can consult during pregnancy or lactating women.

"Can you breastfeed it to 39 ° C? Can you breastfeed?" "Can I take Muschtan syrup at 38 weeks of pregnancy?" Yesterday, the Zhejiang Medical Women’s Hospital was officially opened for pregnancy and lactating drug consultation clinics. TwoThe clinical pharmacist who was in the clinic was quite busy.

Zheng Raihong, director of the Department of Pharmacy, said that in the past, when pregnancy and postpartum need to be used, everyone was scattered in various departments. Now there are special outpatient clinics. Pregnant moms and breastfeeding mothers can consult.History, and inform which medicines need to be used or cautious.At the current half day in the afternoon of Tuesday, the 207th clinic on the 2nd floor of the outpatient clinic is limited to 15.

Pregnant women mistakenly take luteal ketone to protect the fetus

"Doctor, I am 8 weeks pregnant, and I have symptoms of bleeding. Why is there no effect after taking the fetal medicine?" As soon as I opened the clinic, Ms. Wang took a box of medicine to ask.Sun Dongli, a clinical pharmacist who was in the clinic, took the medicine box and watched "Anginelone" on it, and he knew that there was a problem.

"Many early pregnancy women who have symptoms of threatened abortion know that eating progesterone can be kept.Anti -fetal. Pregnant women may have teratogenic effects on the fetus, which is a disabled medicine during pregnancy and lactation. "Sun Yaoshi asked again. It turned out that Ms. Wang went to the pharmacy and listened to the shopkeeper’s recommendation to buy it."This medicine is a prescription medicine. Ms. Wang takes her own medicine. It is easy to have problems."

In addition to the expectant mothers who are pregnant, there are many lactating women to ask.Sun Yaoshi said that during this time, there were many people who had a cold and fever. Some mothers had a high fever to 39 degrees Celsius. They were afraid that after taking the medicine, it would affect the child, so she stood up.In fact, those who come to ask, we all suggest that they take drugs with simple ingredients to reduce fever. For example, it is relatively safer to acetaminol."Some mothers have taken Sanli Pain to consult. In fact, this composite drug contains the ingredients of bi’an for bibitin, which can be excreted through milk. Be careful when taking medicine."

New outpatient answers six categories of medication questions

"Usually, among the women who come to the gynecological clinic, there are the problems of medication for medication. In addition, many people in gynecology, obstetrics, gynecological and cancer, family planning, reproductive genetic consultation clinics, and postpartum clinics also ask how to use medicine." Zheng Zheng. "Zheng Zheng." Zheng Zheng. "Zheng Zheng." Zheng Zheng. "Zheng Zheng." Zheng Zheng. "Zheng Zheng." ZhengDirector Rainbow said that after a special drug consultation clinic, expectant mothers and lactating women can directly register for consultation.There are currently 6 clinical pharmaceutical experts in the clinic, and one of them is a clinical pharmacist with clinical physicians.Regarding the interaction between pharmacology, adaptation, adverse reactions, drugs and medicine between food, pharmacists will explain it carefully.

"Drugs are like a double -edged sword, and the point of" no medicine can be used without medication ".Common diseases such as fever. "

Director Zheng Honghong said that the newly prescribed drug consultation clinic mainly answered six questions: the impact and risk of drugs on the fetus during pregnancy; the risk of medication in the early pregnancy (may not know that you are pregnant);The risk of medication at the time; the choice of common diseases (cholecosis, pregnancy diabetes, etc.) during pregnancy during pregnancy; some problems related to medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding during pregnancy and lactation.

Colds are safer to take cephalosporin drugs during pregnancy

Director Zheng Honghong said that women with pregnancy and lactation are different from ordinary people.For example, ordinary people have high blood pressure, and commonly used anti -suppression medicine Katapley, pregnant women cannot take it. This medicine can cause fetal kidney problems.The antiviral drugs that treat chronic hepatitis B can be secreted by milk, and it is not suitable for use during breastfeeding. If treatment is being treated, breastfeeding should be stopped.

So, a cold fever during pregnancy, can you use antibiotics?Director Zheng Raihong suggested that at this time, it is best to go to the hospital to confirm the diagnosis.Sometimes "hard carrying" can make the disease worse and affect the health of the fetus.If you have been diagnosed with bacterial infections, take antibiotics in time, which is roughly safer as penicillin and cephalosporins, except for patients with allergies.

Many pregnant women choose to take Chinese medicines, but not all Chinese medicines must be safe. Many commonly used cold -cold Chinese medicines are disabled by pregnant women, such as compound licorice oral solution, antiviral oral solution, gramcin dysentery capsules, beef and poison tablets, etc.

Zheng Yunhong suggested that almost all drugs will exist in breast milk. If the new mother really needs to take medicine during breastfeeding, it is best to adjust the medication and breastfeeding time as much as possible.If the medication is used immediately after breastfeeding, or before the baby is used for a long sleep, the amount of medication that the baby may be exposed to the minimum can be minimized."Generally, after 5 drugs are eliminated (consulting pharmacists), breastfeeding is breastfeeding.

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