How long can I get out of pregnancy, how do I know that I am pregnant?

7 -day pregnancy: less accuracy rate

We all know that there is a process of changes in the HCG concentration after pregnancy. From the concentration of blood HCG and urine HCG, it can determine whether women are pregnant.It is not displayed in 7 days of pregnancy, at least 9 days to be accaling.How long can I test it when I am pregnant? You can tell you for sure that at least 9 days of pregnancy can be measured.

10 -day pregnancy: can be detected by blood

Many women are tested by self -testing of self -testing through early pregnancy test strips, pregnancy test sticks, etc. This is a very convenient way to test, but it is not accurate to start testing about 10 days of pregnancy, but if passed the blood test, in pregnancy, in pregnancy, in pregnancyIt can be measured accurately in 10 days.How do you know that you are pregnant? You can use a blood test for ten days after the same room.

Twenty -day pregnancy test: can be tested by pregnancy test paper, pregnancy test sticks, and urine detection

The pregnancy test stick, pregnancy test paper, etc. are all comparative methods and can be tested independently. If you want to test whether you are pregnant through these methods, you can test it after 20 days in the same room.

And everyone knows that B -ultrasound is also one of the ways to detect pregnancy and whether they are pregnant, but for women who are 20 days of pregnancy, there is still no way to measure B -ultrasound at this time. The best test time for B -ultrasound is 45 days after pregnancy.

How do you know that you are pregnant?

What are the symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy? This is also a question that is more concerned about pregnant couples. If you have the following symptoms, then you may be pregnant.

1. I feel that I don’t sleep enough

On TV, we see that women who are pregnant are always drowsiness. In fact, this is one of the symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy, because there will be a lot of lutein secretion in the pregnant human body, which will make people feel exhausted.

2. frequent urination

Frequent urination is also one of the early symptoms of pregnancy. When pregnancy, it will inevitably increase the uterus, which is compressed to the bladder, resulting in frequent urination.

3. Suddenly rising body temperature

Many pregnant mothers will test the basal body temperature every day. If the body temperature rises, then you may be pregnant.

4. Can harm joy and nausea

Pregnancy is one of the most obvious symptoms of pregnancy. Many women are pregnant and vomiting after pregnancy. Even if it is a taste that I liked before, I asked after pregnancy that it might cause vomiting.To a large extent related to physical fitness.

5. Want to eat sour and sweet things

Everyone knows the meaning of "sour girls". After pregnancy, they may like spicy or sour things after pregnancy. This is normal and one of the symptoms of early pregnancy. Of course, "Sour Sour Girl" is notIt must be completely seen whether it is a boy or a girl.

6. Breasts can swell

Many female friends will feel that they have breast pain after pregnancy, and they are similar to the symptoms of breast development. Breast pain is normal after pregnancy, because the body needs to adapt to a large number of hormones after pregnancy. This is the main cause of breast pain.

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