How long can I have a pregnancy in six weeks to prepare for pregnancy?1

Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

Natural abortion occurs in about six weeks of pregnancy, which may be a biochemical pregnancy, and the embryo occurs naturally; it may also be that the embryo itself is not developing well, and the abortion caused by tire stop occurs.The biochemical abortion and fetal abortion are also different for the next pregnancy and pregnancy.

Clinically, "biochemical" and "fetal stop" are two different concepts. The specific differences are as follows:

1. Biochemical abortion

Biochemical abortion occurs in the early pregnancy, and most of them will have a small amount of vaginal bleeding, but unlike brown secretions in the early pregnancy, it is a bright red bleeding, and the careful pregnant women may find that there will be a slightly larger small blood clot when going to the toilet to go to the toilet.If it falls out, it may be the biochemical embryo, which flows off by itself.

2. Abortion of tires

If the fetal stop, it is generally not bleeding for the time being. I have a friend who has had a fetal stop. The B -ultrasound of 8 weeks of pregnancy showed that there was a fetal heart. It was not until the 12 -week birth check.There is no expression, including bleeding and abdominal pain.

That is, the fetal stop may be developed by the developed embryo, and even some of the fetal heart, and there may still be fetal stops.

However, it should be noted that if the developed embryo is too long in the uterus of the pregnant woman, pregnant women will be harmful.Therefore, in the early pregnancy, you should take a check -up. If the doctor diagnose "fetal stop", you need to follow the doctor’s advice as soon as possible.

1. Biochemical abortion

Generally occurs within 5 weeks of pregnancy. It is obviously tested with pregnancy test paper, showing that the "two bars" have been upgraded successfully, but if the B -ultrasound is not to see the pregnancy sac, there is bleeding during the period, just like another menstruation. This kind of menstruation. This kind of menstruation.The situation can generally continue to be a baby next month.

2. Tire stopping caused by abnormal embryo

Although there are pregnancy sacs, most embryos are problems, abnormal development, and survival of the fittest, which will occur or stop in the early pregnancy. After the fetal stop occurs, the drug should be aborted in accordance with the doctor’s advice.After abortion, it is best to be a small confinement. Generally, it is recommended to have a baby after half a year. Pay attention to conditioning the body and prepare for pregnancy.

Jingma said: Whether it is biochemical or fetal stop, you can’t put too much pressure on yourself again, adjust your mentality, and try to relax as much as possible, and will help you get pregnant again.Finally, I wish everyone a good pregnancy as soon as possible!

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