How long can I take a bath after the baby is born?Settlement and cesarean section say each statement, key mothers must master

The habit of passing from the older generation is that the mother cannot comb her hair when making confinement, otherwise it will be a lot of hair loss; let alone wash your hair, take a bath, and touch the water early.Fall in the root cause.

But the reality is that this kind of statement is too absolute. Living in modern society must learn to confinement scientifically. In fact, Baoma can take a bath after giving birth to a baby, but how long can you take a bath after giving birth?

There are different time for delivery and cesarean section. Some taboos need to know

In the past, after Bao Ma had a child, there were many "confinement taboos", and what we heard the most was just the following.

1. In the past, do not let your hair, afraid of getting your hair

During pregnancy, the hormone level and normal of pregnant mothers will change greatly during normal pregnancy. This change will delay the growth of normal hair, so rarely falls off the hair during the entire pregnancy.

When pregnant women give birth to the baby, the hormone will decrease sharply, and the growth of hair is greatly shortened compared to pregnancy, and the hair will fall off a lot.

At this time, compared with the hair condition during pregnancy, the condition of hair loss seems very serious. In the past, people did not understand it.

Therefore, you can comb your hair in the confinement, and often combing your hair can promote blood circulation, thereby promoting the growth of the hair, but you need to pay attention.

2. Do not brush your teeth when confinement, and also say "give birth to a child to drop a teeth"

As the old saying, you can’t brush your teeth in confinement, otherwise you will lose a teeth if you have a child.

Because the mother just gave birth to the baby, my mother was to recover the body quickly during confinement, and at the same time she had to feed the baby. Therefore, a large amount of nutritious foods need to be supplemented every day.Enter the gap of the teeth.

It does not take long for dental plaque. Food residues will erode teeth under the action of bacteria, which eventually leads to teeth desserture and cause many dental problems such as dental caries.

Mom does not brush her teeth for a long time, her mouth will have a odor, very unhygienic, when they coax their baby, they will inevitably want to kiss him.The oral cavity is unhygienic, which directly affects the health of the baby’s body.

We all know that the illness left by the confinement is endless.It is also because of the poor living conditions in the past, especially in the winter of rural areas, poor heating conditions, inconvenient shampooing and bathing, and it is easy to catch a cold.It is easy to leave the root cause.

Bathing and shampooing, it is better for the new mother.Bathing can get rid of the fatigue of the mother, and the hot bath can promote blood circulation and avoid emotional negative.In addition, bathing can help mother promote sleep.

The survey also shows that postpartum showers will not have adverse effects on the color, quantity, odor, and bleeding amount of lochia in the maternal uterine contraction. In short, bathing in the confinement will not have the health of the new mother’s health.

Finally, you can only take a shower when taking a bath after giving birth.In addition, keep the lower body clean and dry to prevent wounds from getting dirty and cause bacterial infections.

Different births and cesarean section, after giving birth, bathing time is different

1. Make a mother

The mother -in -law’s mother is related to her postpartum physical fitness. Some women have weak and weak mothers. They are particularly bleeding from the postpartum.Essence

There is also a baby who has a baby for two or three days to restore physical strength. Such mothers can take a bath.However, it should be noted that the bathing time should not be too long to prevent fainting. It is best for 5-10 minutes. The water temperature should be kept at about 35 ~ 37 degrees.

Check whether the window is closed during bathing to prevent the wind from entering the wind. Then quickly dry the water of the body after taking the bath. After washing your hair, you should quickly blow dry your hair.

The mother who gave birth to tears or side -cutting during childbirth. If the cleaning work is not done well, the wound is easy to be infected, and it should be cleaned in time.

2. Mother cesarean section

At least the mother who produces a cesarean section must wait until the abdominal wound heals before taking a bath. In a short period of time, you can wipe the bath with warm water for a short period of time, wait for the body to recover, and then take a shower.

When the wound of the abdomen produced by a cesarean section is about to heal, the wound will be itchy. Pay special attention to avoid the wounds and wounds when bathing.When the cesarean section, the mother can only take a shower when taking a bath.

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It is hoped that pregnant mothers can be scientifically and healthy after childbirth.

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Are you a science confinement when you are confinement?

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