How long can I test after pregnancy?What are the reactions in the early stages of pregnancy?

Some sisters are urgently looking forward to their children’s arrival, so the day after the same room, they will buy test strips or test sticks to test whether they are pregnant.Here I remind everyone that you must reach a certain number of days before you are pregnant.In order to allow sisters to better understand this knowledge, please read the details of the following details.

How long can I test after pregnancy?Usually one week to ten days can be detected

Generally, 10–14 days after pregnancy are more obvious.Generally speaking, about 18 days after the normal husband and wife live, you can determine whether you are pregnant by detecting urine, especially to detect morning urine. After the sex life of the husband and wife, the earliest week, the latest about 3, about 3One week, you can measure whether you are pregnant.

Test after pregnancy. If the results displayed, a purple -red line appears. Compared with the C line signing above, if it appears on it, it means that there is no pregnancy. If two purple -red lines appear in the test areaC -line C and detection line T line indicates pregnancy.Detective line color rendering intensity at different pregnancy stages changes with the changes in the HCG concentration.However, if there is no purple -red line in the test area or only one purple -red line shows that the test results are invalid, and one need to buy one to detect it.

So, what are the reactions in the early stages of pregnancy?But this phenomenon is not just menstruation!

Women cannot stop judging whether they are pregnant by menstruation alone; because many times, if women are too tired, too nervous, gynecological diseases, etc., menstruation will cause menstruation to stop or delay.

Most of the pregnant women will experience nausea and vomiting symptoms. Many women in the early stages of pregnancy are often disgusting, vomiting, sour, and oily due to the significant changes in the level of progesterone levels in the body.Smells will vomit more than women who are sick in pregnancy; breast pain occurs.

Generally speaking, the results of the pregnancy test strip and the pregnancy test stick can be measured. If you still feel that it is not insurance, go to the local early pregnancy examination.Sisters who want to get pregnant should relax and don’t give yourself too much psychological burden!What happened to giving birth is still good ~ I wish you good pregnancy!

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