How long can I test it?If there is no "harmful joy", one of the 4 pregnancy tests, then congratulations

For women during pregnancy, how long can I detect after pregnancy, it is a topic that many unborn mothers are very concerned. Sometimes it may be some "harmful" features that psychological factors have heard of it. I feel that I have it.But there is no middle, but some unborn mothers have not noticed the characteristics of "harming joy", but there are still many pregnancy, so what ways can be used to test? If you satisfy one in these 4 ways, then congratulations.You.

Many expectant mothers share some of their "harm" reactions when they share their early pregnancy, but some expectant mothers said that they cannot agree because they have no feeling, but the six major characteristics of "harming joy" can beUnderstand in advance, after all, after pregnancy, the body will definitely change how or not, sometimes it may be ignored by yourself.① Menstruation stops, and menstruation is normal for 7 days. If about 10 days, check that the monthly delay is delayed, the less accurate women may be ignored;Frequent urination, this symptom should be relatively small in the early stage, and basically it must be felt until the later stage; ④ The basic body temperature changes. After the menstruation is delayed, the basal body temperature has not changed, and it may be pregnant., Emotional and sensitive to odor.

When you have some signs of pregnancy or you don’t feel much, if menstruation is delayed for more than 7 days, you can use these 4 ways to test whether you are pregnant.① Early pregnancy test strip test, generally 2 red bars are measured when menstruation delayed 5 to 7 days; ②B super check, this is accurate for testing whether pregnancy is accurate, menstruation can be checked for about 7 days. ③After testing the basal temperature, after menstruation delayed, the basal body temperature continuously measured for more than 7 days, and it may be pregnant if it is found that the high temperature may be pregnant.The longer the pregnancy time, the longer the delay of menstruation, the most accurate results for the above detection. Of course, the easiest is the two bars on one side of the early pregnancy test you.

Basically, whether the pregnancy is about 7 to 10 days after menstruation delayed, you will know whether you are pregnant. Sometimes pregnancy is actually a fate of luck and baby. ThereforeToo nervous, relaxing is the best way to prepare for pregnancy.

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