How long can You Siming eat for contraception?

Taking You Siming for 7 days can produce the actual effect of contraceptive measures.Generally, you should pay attention to some matters when taking You Siming.You shouldn’t eat too much.If you eat too much, it may cause other impacts.After orally, you should pay attention to drink plenty of water to give full play to the great practical role of the medicine and usually reduce the use of contraceptives.Because emergency contraception has a certain harm to the human body, it will also stimulate your uterus and reducing the amount of use is beneficial to improve your physical and mental health.

1. After eating You Siming, you should pay attention to the medical care of your own body. During this period, you do not have to carry out strong fitness exercise. Excessive exercise may cause bleeding. And if you eat You SimingAmong them, that can give full play to the greater practical effect of You Siming, and it will be able to develop sexual life after seven days. If you develop sexual life early, it is likely to cause pregnancy and may cause other impacts.

2. Usually you can use condoms to replace emergency contraception. Because condoms can reduce the impact on the human body, it can also promote the orgasm of sexual life. It can also avoid virus attacks or sexually transmitted diseases.Symptoms are also likely to cause arterial thrombosis, and more likely to cause dizziness. Therefore, reducing consumption contraceptive pills is good for improving your physical and mental health.

3. Usually, before taking contraceptives, you should maintain your own health. If the physical fitness is unhealthy or there is a gynecological disease, it is not suitable for application. After taking You Siming, you should also medical care.Vomiting or uncomfortable diseases should be properly handled. Because eating You Siming has certain side effects, it should usually reduce applications, so that it can reduce the irritation to the human body.

You Siming can have the actual effect of contraceptive measures for seven days. Because You Siming belongs to the man -sex drugs, and you should take care measures in this link.In the link, you should pay attention to excessive excessive exercise, so that you can avoid affecting the human body. You can usually use condom alternatives. You must avoid virus attacks and improve the quality of sexual life.

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