How long is the green tea shelf life, can I still drink green tea for three years at home?What are the requirements for green tea storage

How long is the green tea shelf life, can I still drink green tea for three years at home?What are the requirements for green tea storage

A previous old tea guest shared such an article: relatives and friends gave a lot of green tea, West Lake Longjing and Western Maojian.Putting it at home, I haven’t disassembled the packaging. Now it has been two or three years later, can I still drink it?

Speaking of which, I can’t help but want to ask how long the shelf life of Green Tea is?

Everyone’s opinions are different. There is no complete and uniform standard for the shelf life of green tea, but it is roughly 12 months -18 months.

Because the shelf life is relative to the tea collection time, but today’s tea transactions have experienced a variety of channels from picking, processing to the final circulation.Disaster.

So, ignoring these details, we might as well talk about how green tea stores better.

Green tea focuses on a fresh, and it is easy to change color and taste when the storage conditions are unfavorable.Therefore, the green tea you bought should be operated in accordance with the following methods.

1. Low temperature refrigerated

To avoid the above situation, the most critical point is low -temperature refrigeration.Because green tea is not fermented tea, under high temperature conditions, oxidation will occur after contacting the air, causing the tea itself to show darkness and darkness. The tea soup not only has no aroma, but also very faint.

Therefore, the tea you bought can be placed in the refrigerator for short -term storage. It is better to put it directly in the freezer in the long run.

2. Do a good seal

So how can tea prevent skewers?In fact, it is mainly related to sealing.The packaging of green tea on the market mainly includes iron cans, porcelain cans, special bags, etc. The sealing effects achieved by different packaging are also different.For family storage, a three -layer packaging method can be used.

First seal it with a food bag for a food, put a layer of iron can be wrapped outside.Then use the plastic wrap to seal the outside of the iron can for the second time.After such a set of operations, it is not easy to taste with other food even if it is put in the refrigerator.

3. Avoid light and moisture -proof

We have already learned about green tea to avoid oxidation at low temperature. In fact, strong light will also affect the quality of green tea.Green tea is placed near the direct sunlight, and oxidation and darkening will occur in 10 days and a half months.Although it does not affect drinking, it is inevitable that there is a lack of beauty.

More importantly, tea cannot be placed in places where it is easy to get in touch.Many people like to put them on the cabinet. They do not know that tea has a strong adsorption ability. At this time, it is easy to recover.

Good tea needs to be stored more carefully. These two types of tea are often repurchased by old tea guests, so try it.

1. Qingchi chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum tea is considered to be traditional tea.There are many types of chrysanthemums in our country, and the variety is more than 3,000. If it is said that the best chrysanthemum tea is the best, Qingchi chrysanthemum produced in Kaifeng Yuejia Lake must be on the list.It was used as tribute tea during the Northern Song Dynasty. Until now, planting and processing technologies are more skilled and better quality.

In addition to the superior geographical conditions, Qingchi chrysanthemum has been artificially cultivated, cultivated, and picked by artificially for a long time. After that, advanced low -temperature baking technology is adopted. Each production process is strictly controlled., Flower fragrance, taste, etc.

The finished products of Qingchi chrysanthemums look very attractive, with golden color, layered layers, and full of petals.When you want to drink, take a brewing and wait for a few minutes. Open the lid, the chrysanthemum fragrance overflows, taste a sip, fresh and sweet, the lips and teeth are full of chrysanthemums.A cup of belly, the whole person is physically and mentally happy.

2. Black tea

Black tea is full of fermented tea, which is gentle and suitable for most people to drink.If the most famous in black tea is Qimen black tea.

The production process of black tea is very complicated, especially during the fermentation process. If the control is not good, the quality of the tea will be affected.The finished product is tight, black and oily, exuding a special fragrance.

Black tea mouth is mellow, rich in flavor, red and bright soup, a cup of belly, the taste is vivid and sweet, the remaining taste is lasting, and the whole person is warm.When brewing black tea, be careful not to bubble for a long time. It is best to separate the tea soup to ensure that the taste is strong.

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